Uniqlo UT Pop-Up

Uniqlo UT Pop-Up: Happening on 4th and 5th May 2013 from 12pm to 10pm at 72-13 Mohd Sultan.

I had RSVP-ed via the website for the two day event. And lucky me had the confirmation and by going, I received a goodie bag and a chance to participate in the lucky draw. There's a UT Pop-Up 2013 mug and a Uniqlo notebook in a Uniqlo paper bag (I think they randomly gave out the design? I really like to get the Hello Kitty design though haha)

There are free shuttle buses to bring you to the event location. The buses are decal with UT Pop Up SIN for easy identification. The buses come every 10-minute interval between 1145AM and 830PM from two locations.
- City Hall MRT Exit B (Outside St Andrew's Cantheral)
- Somerset MRT Exit B (Public carpark beside 313@Somerset)

There is a queue to go into the place. The weather was sweating hot outside. We can't wait to get inside. When inside, we have to register at the registration counter by showing our emailer (although they didn't really read it and returned us) and our identification card.

Inside, there are loads of Uniqlo tshirt where you can choose yours to wear for the UT Camera photoshoot. UT Camera is available for download on both Google Play and Apple Store. Here's the gallery of all photos by the UT Camera: http://ut.uniqlo.com/

I see some cute tshirts.

After the phototaking, it's another queue to go up to the pop up store on level two. The host was repeating the message to take a photo at the UT Camera booth to be eligible to the discount on tshirt purchase and also that the queue to level two was for crowd control.

It's time for shopping~ There are some collections that are on sale prior to retail sales.

The photos taken at level one are made into badges. You can collect them at the Badge Collection counter next to the cashier.

The final queue at the event was for payment. Of course, if you need to try your buys, the queue for the fitting room is not short either.

There are performances by Noise Singapore artists, see the highlights section on the website for the schedule. (Sadly at the timing while we were there, it's a break time. And I was kinda feeling giddy from the crowd and shopping to stay on). Before leaving, went to say hi to CF and G. They were queuing to go level 2 lol.

**Photos taken with iPhone 5

Uniqlo UT Pop-Up

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