Early rest for an early long day tomorrow

Prepped. Pretty flowers for tomorrow. Time to sleep. Have to wake up at 5am. Good night everyone.

Do you know dogs fart?

It's silent and it stinks badly.. Latte's fart stinks! Omg... hahaha..

Oh dear~

Feeling sick the past two weeks. And I had lost almost 2kg. Haha I couldn't even lose half that amount when I tried hard late last year.

Hopefully I be better by next week :)

Gathering at my place

Gathering with some friends at my place yesterday. I made curry chicken and outsourced the beehoon, jiam tao lo di and samosa. The combination taste not too bad. 

Latte was the center of attraction. With all his funny actions, like pestering whoever with food, falling asleep with one eye opened. 

A great long-dued gathering. 

Happy Valentine's Day

The hubby placed this cute elephant diary on my desk this morning. Love the thought, love the book, love the hubby. Happy Valentine's Day. 

No fanciful Valentine's Day dinner at crowded atas restaurant. We treated ourselves to dim sum at 126 dim sum Serangoon. To be honest, I prefer the dim sum served at the main branch in Geylang. The disappointing ones were the miniature prawn siew mai (which is smaller than the normal siew mais) and the sticky sticky har gao (the skin fell off the meat and got stuck to my chopsticks). Nevertheless... it was a filling meal.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Nacho Cheese Fillet-O-Fish

Ever since I saw the McDonald's poster at a bus stop, showing all their $5 Extra Value Meal, I have the urge to try out their new Nacho Cheese Fillet-O-Fish. And I finally tried it. After... 3 days. Haha...

This is the poster that I saw. Ever since that day, I saw TV commercials of their Everyday $5 Extra Value Meals. However, only the Double Cheeseburger kept appearing on the TV. I wonder if they have commercials for the other three $5 EVM?

With all anticipation, feeling hungry and with a little shivering from hunger and excitement to have a mouthful of cheesy taste, I have a Nachos Cheese Fillet-O-Fish in my hands.

I opened up the bread and to my disappointment, there was very little nachos cheese in it. It almost seems as if the nachos cheese got into my Fillet-O-Fish accidentally and not deliberately (It looks like there is alot of cheese, especially with the lettuce's messy arrangement, but there is really very little). Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I took a bite after another. Halfway through, I thought to myself that I should have just bought the original Fill-O-Fish. Yes. I am very disappointed. There isn't the mouth full of nacho cheese taste in any bite that I was expecting...

I will stick to the original Fillet-O-Fish next time.


I hope so too...

Latte vs Yoghurt

Haha we were eating yoghurt and Latte just hovered around wanting to eat with us too. But too bad. Human food is not for him. Have to look for dog safe yoghurt for him to eat... In future. Haha...