Rich and Good Cake Shop

I am SO SAD! I intended to buy durian swiss rolls home for my mum and mil. I went at 2.45pm and all the cakes were sold out. The aunty say one hour later. I went back one hour later, all the durian sold out. I'm so sad........ The aunty gave too much buffer time.

On my second trip, only a few flavours were left. I bought one Chocolate and one Mango flavour.

Brought them back to my family. Intended to get durian for my mum and brother and chocolate for my sister and dad. Hopefully mango suits their taste too. I will go earlier to get the durian flavour the next time.

They have tear out namecards on their box. Idea.

Two long swiss rolls. Which would you like to try first?
Mango $7.50  |  Chocolate $6.50

I like the chocolate more. The taste is very rich, very chocolaty. Can easily ask for seconds.
For the mango swiss roll, I personally feel that the mango flavour can be stronger.

On my first trip, I saw two ladies with bags full of cakes. It felt like, it seems to be a good day for swiss rolls. On my second trip, I saw a guy with a big bag full of cakes, and I felt the anxiety that the cakes would be sold out on me for a second time. These are all signs........

By the way, the auntie is the same as always, the stinky face. Haha.. But today mine stinkier. Ok la.. More of sad and sian. Sold out on me twice.. SOBs...

** Photos taken with iPhone5.

Rich and Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street Singapore 198887

MDF April 2013

Lucky me received invites from HOT FM 91.3 for me and three friends for this month's Must Drink Friday. Happy! I like winning invites =P Got TS and CF to go with me. This month's MDF was quite a rush as it starts from 7pm and ends at 9pm. Especially more rushed for us who worked till 6.30pm.

This month MDF is held at Wave House Sentosa, with an Australian theme: to go dressed in hats and slippers. It was a night of free flow of vodka from Pinnacle Vodka, soft drinks and also limited bottles of Jim Beam served throughout the evening, while stocks last.

Free flow of food too. Haha.. There was a buffet spread of appetisers (pastas and salads), fried rice, chicken (i love the chicken), fried fish, vegetable mix and beef stew. At another table, there's desserts (cake, lemongrass aloe vera ice) and fruits. Oh man. I love the Lemongrass Aloe Vera Ice. Very refreshing on such a warm evening..

There's a Kangaroo mascot walking around. Fits the Australian theme. So cute.. there's a baby kangeroo in the pouch too.

But the kangie has his eyes up on his head. He looks.... funny... Not sure whether to say that he looks arrogant or blur. lol...

Earlier in the evening, the DJs offered a quiz (which I didn't catch the question as I was busy filling up my plate oppsie) and the first few (I also didn't catch how many) who answered correctly will be given a chance to go up the flowrider for free. Wave House Sentosa also offered a 50% discount for the others interested parties who didn't get a chance at the quiz.

There were games going on throughout the evening. First was a guys' game, to finish a cup of drink with Tim Tam chocolates (bitten on both ends).

Next was for the ladies and the challenge was to move the Oreo cookie from their forehead into their mouths. A display of whose facial muscles has better control. The winner walks home with SK-II products.

Our tags. Whose fist is the biggest? Whose arm is the thinnest? Whose arm is the hairiest (hahaha)?

First 50 to reach are rewarded with a copy of Justice Crew's CD! I got my hands on one. Yay~

At the end of the party, we realised, we didn't take photo of ourselves. Haha.. The "corner" that we settled ourselves in was too dark for any decent photographs (See my Jim Beam bottles photo's quality...).

Thank you HOT FM 91.3 for inviting us and for always organising such great events every month. Thanks Wave House Sentosa for having us and for the food and drinks.

HOT FM 91.3

Wave House Sentosa
36 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore 099007
Wave Desk Hotline: +65 6238 1196


Two ladies working overtime met up to have dinner together. Selected a number of locations, and in the end, chose the one nearer to the one working later, to cut down waiting time for the complaining tummies. They chose to satisfy their tummies at Poulét, a place that caught the eye of one of the ladies, with its delicious looking photos posted online.

Poulét is a modern French-themed bistro offering affordable French classics to the mass public.

The restaurant features an open dining area inspired by modern alfresco setting in France. Diners will be able to view the chefs in action through an open kitchen while indulging in casual comfort.

Driven by the passion and inspiration from market ingredients and classic French cooking techniques, Poulét serves up an array of French cuisines priced at a comfortable range. Menu offerings include everything requisite to compose a complete French meal; Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches, Mains, Sides and Desserts.

[Quoted from Poulét's Facebook]

Here's what Poulét serves. There are not as many mains as expected. However, it's still quite easy to settle on one. The desserts list looks tempting too.

Even though the ladies ordered drinks from the menu, the waitress offered to serve them iced water too. Great service there.

Camomile Tea [$4.90]

Orange Juice [$4.80]

Iberico Pork Belly [$15.80] - Braised Spanish Iberico Pork Belly served with Mashed Potato, Leek Confit and Double Mustard
Sinful sounding dish. Tender thick meat with sweet tasting evenly mashed soft textured mashed potato. Not the kind of fatty oily pork belly. After the first mouthful, you will reach for the second.

Rotisserie Poulét Roti [$15.80/Half]Our restaurant's star dish deserves every thumbs up it has been give. The poultry is brined for a full day in a traditional recipe then placed in the rotisserie for a slow roast until the skin tans to a golden brown. Lastly we added oomph to the dish with our home-made Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce to create the perfect combination. 
This dish deserved being the star dish. It's really very tasty. The meat is so tender to the point that when slicing off the drumstick, it cuts through effortlessly. The poultry taste especially delicious as you cut the pieces of meat while it's being dipped in the home-made Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce. A recommended.

The ladies thought of getting desserts too. However after finishing the mains, they were both too full to order more. Next trip, for 2 pax with small appetite, try ordering one main, one side and a dessert.


201 Victoria Street #04-12 Singapore 188067
Tel: (+65) 6509 9411

Great World City
1 Kim Seng Promenade #02-K2/K3 Singapore 237994
Tel: (+65) 6733 4395

Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road Level 2 Singapore 059413
Tel: (+65) 6538 3595

Jurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2 #B1-57/58/59 Singapore 648331

Vivocity (Opening in May)
#01-175/176/177 Singapore 098585

Final Goodbye - Huang Wen Yong

Today is the funeral of Singapore television actor, our first male actor, Huang Wen Yong, who left us on Saturday at the age of 60 years old. Read from the news, he had been battling with lymphoma. In his last appearance on air late last year, his physique had slim down tremendously, in comparison to early last year.

It's real sad to learn about the departure of an admirable actor who is a friend and a teacher to alot of local celebrities and media personnel.

Reading the non-stop streaming news online, seeing the photos of his wake, his funeral, his heartbroken friends and comrades and thoughts posted by everyone online, I couldn't help but feel the sadness overwhelming me. Even though I didn't attend his funeral, by just sitting in front of my screen, the waves of sadness reached me. The tears streamed down automatically. I really like him even though I don't know him personally. He portrayed the character of his roles really well. He's like a fatherly figure on screen. His charisma is just like my father...

You will be missed T^T 一路走好

Pulled some reads online about the veteran actor, who is loved and respected by so many.

- Channel NewsAsia -
The first time I met late veteran actor Huang Wenyong was at a hotel ballroom in 2010, for a media event weeks before the Star Awards.

It was one of my first assignments as a writer for’s entertainment section, and my task for the day was to find out what celebrities had to say of their chances at an award, along with any interesting news or gossip that might turn up.

The sight of so many celebrities in one place was overwhelming, and it must have shown on my face.

“I haven’t seen you around before. Are you new?” Huang said to me, after making his way across the room.

I nodded and told him I’ve just started writing for the website.

“A writer... So why aren’t you out talking to people?” he asked, gesturing to the sea of celebrities in the ballroom.

“I… er … They all look very busy,” I managed.

While many of them were busy answering questions from reporters and getting their photos taken, some were not.

Huang looked back at me again.

“Don’t be shy! Who do you want to talk to?” he said. “Let me introduce them to you.”

 - From Today Online -
The hearse is scheduled to pass by Caldecott Broadcast Centre (CBC) for his colleagues from MediaCorp to pay their last respects, and is expected to pass CBC between 215pm and 230pm. Staff present have been encouraged to applaud Huang Wen Yong has he makes his final tour of CBC.

The veteran actor will also be honoured with a Honorary TV Award for his contributions to Singapore’s television industry during the Star Awards 2013 Show 2 this Sunday, and a one-hour television special will also be produced to mark his death. It is tentatively titled Remembering Huang Wenyong and will air on April 29, 8pm on MediaCorp Channel 8.

There will also be re-runs of his past works on both Channel 8 and MediaCorp’s online portal Toggle.

Huang began his television career in 1981 with the drama, Fantastic Idea, and is still known for his iconic roles in The Awakening (1984) and Samsui Women (1986). He was last seen in It’s A Wonderful Life, which aired in January this year. He won numerous awards including the Special Achievement Award at the Star Awards in 1997 and most recently, the Top 10 Favourite Male Artist Award in 2011. AGENCIES

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4

Sorry~ Here's my long overdue post for the Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4. 
And also my camera batt was flat. Most of the photos are from my iPhone5. A little grainy.

Presented by F&N and organised by O School, the 4th edition for Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 is held on Saturday 13th April 2013 at Kallang Theatre.

Dance Delight is created by Mitsuhiro Harada a.k.a Machine. Machine started 'Osaka Dance Delight' in 1992 which created a new wave of street dance culture from Osaka and is the origin of all dance delight competitions.

This is the fourth year Dance Delight has been held in Singapore. It's a real pleasure to be invited by CK & CF to join them in this event. And of course, not forgetting to thank F&N and O School for the opportunity to be part of this spectacular dance competition.

Us at the photo booth before the start of the competition. Photo from CF.

Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4 kicked off with host, Sheikh Haikel welcoming the judging panel on stage, who showed off their dynamic dance moves individually.

Here's the judging panel for the night.

  • Machine, the creator of Dance Delights and the leader of the legendary break dance team 'Angel Dust Breakers' in Japan.
  • Ryan Tan, Singapore well known dancer in Hip-hop, Janzz, Lyrical and Contemporary.
  • Loose Joint, Jamel Brown, a Hip Hop dancer from New York with 30 years of experience
  • Madoka from Japan
  • Tony Tzar from Washington D.C. 
Scoring System (Taken off from the official website of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4)
  1. Each judge would score every crew on a total of 100.
  2. With the scores, the ranking of crews will be derived from each judge. If crews are tied in score, ranks will be taken. 
  3. Each crew's total rank will derived form the summation of ranking given by the judges.
  4. Crew with the lowest total rank score will emerge as the top crew. 
  5. In case of a tie, a vote will be done among the judges.
The evening was filled with energetic and dynamic dance moves from 22 crews of dancers from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines. And loads of laughter too, with a very entertaining host. In the 3 hour event, there's a short break in the middle. And only then do I realise, the theatre is fullhouse. The theatre is filled with loads of supporters and future promising dancers, waiting for their chance to be on that stage.

During the break, CF and I went downstairs to collect our flipbook. We recorded an "animated clip" of us having fun before the start of the event. Cute right?

We also quenched our thirst with F&N drinks. They have lots of dispenser bottles around on both levels. (Sidetrack. I saw the dispenser for sale online before, should I get one for myself too? =P )

There are F&N badges for memento & social media coverage too. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. #fnnsdd4

After the break, the event continued with the remaining crews showing off their fabulous moves.

When all the crews had their turn on stage, it's time for the panel of judges to agonise over the results. While the judges deliberate, two DJs spun music and Sheikh also "invited" dancer-audiences on stage to show off their moves.

Finally the wait is over. The results are out.

Congratulations to all Singapore Dance Delights Vol. 04 winners!
Champion: Megamint
1st Runner-Up: Flipendemic Kru
2nd Runner-Up: Freekzy Bots

Finals Ranking (Taken off from the official website of Singapore Dance Delight Vol. 4
1. Megamint
2. Flipendemic Kru
3. Freekzy Bots
4. The Basic Fives
5. Roosevelt
6. A.O.C
7. G'DE Rellas (Tied)
7. Yes Yes Yow! (Tied)
9. Bla.Que.Neez
10. Platinum Collection
11. Le Flair
12. FSZ
13. Remixer
14. Zassy B*tch (Tied)
14. Black Jack (Tied)
16. Decada
17. Kool Kidz Kru
18. Blu Cru
19. Hybrids of Freedom
20. Hip Hop Hooray
21. Feel So Funky
22. Comradery


Singapore Dance Delight

O School

Want to cheer on Megamint and see them compete live in Osaka for the Japan Dance Delight Vol. 20? You could! F&N is sponsoring a 4D3N package to Japan for two for the winner of "F&N Fulfils Your Dreams" contest.

Here’s how to enter the contest:
  1. Simply tweet and say why you should go Japan with the Champion Team and tag #fnnsdd4.
  2. Tweet before 23:59 hours on 26 April 2013.
  3. One winner will be picked and he/she will win a 4D3N package to Japan for two.
  4. Terms and Conditions apply.

Levis 501 Interpretation - Celebrity Edition

Celebrating 140 years of the Levi’s® jean, a celebrity edition of the interpretation of Levi’s® 501® jeans is held on Saturday's afternoon at ION Orchard basement 4. The star-studded event is organised by Levi's, with 8 Days as the official magazine, and ION Orchard as the official venue. Hosted by Ivy Tan, Yes 933FM DJ, the event showcased four local celebrities, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang, Ya Hui and Ian Fang in their interpretation of Levi’s® 501®.

From past to present: The story of Levi’s® 501® jeans
When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis partnered in 1873 to patent their copper riveted waist overalls – as jeans were first referred to - for the miners and cowboys of the American West little did they know they know that their blue jeans would one day become one of the most classic fashion items of all time.

Born from the need of stronger waist overalls, the XX jean had copper rivets at the point of strain. Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis, a tailor, received the US patent for their product on May 20th, 1873 which is considered the birth date of the blue jeans, Levi’s® 501® jeans.

These first pair of blue jeans featured a cinch and buckle on the back of the waistband, which along with suspender buttons kept the pants in place no matter what kind of rough work their owner was doing. The Arcuate stitch design on the back pocket has been a feature since Levi’s® 501® jeans were first made, making it one of the oldest clothing trademarks in use today. In 1886 the Two Horse leather design was added to the back leather patch to further identify the brand. With the evolving needs of each generation, design features were altered and updated. For example, in 1922 belt loops were introduced as men started wearing their pants with belts. In 1936 the distinctive Red Tab was placed on the right back hand pocket to further differentiate Levi’s® jeans from imitators and then in 1971 the big ‘E’ in Levi’s® was changed to a small one.

No other product has been interpreted, styled or re-imagined as much as Levi’s® 501® jeans - they have shaped and influenced the fashion world as we know it today. Over the years not only have they become one of the most revered items of clothing – having been titled Time Magazine’s ‘Fashion Item of the 20th Century’ – they have

Programme Highlights:
  • Local celebrities, Felicia Chin, Tosh Zhang, Ya Hui and Ian Fang showcased their interpretation of Levi’s® 501®.
  • The celebrities each will take turns to dress up an 8 DAYS male model based on their personal style interpretation, whom has already been attired in a pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans.
  • A photo booth to take a picture of your unique style interpretation.
  • Photos of those dressed in Levi’s® 501® jeans will be entered into the Levi’s® 501® interpretation contest.
I got the chance to be part of this star-studded event as a blogger, all thanks to When I got there, there were already other bloggers who had reached, and also, camped right in front of the audience section were Ya Hui's fans. Saw some familiar faces from the previous event, Bugis Junction Food Trail. CK is also here for the event. Real happy to see someone I know.

Ya Hui's fans, all dressed in red. The fan shirt is printed with her name. Heard from the idol herself, later in the event, the fans came as early as 9 plus in the morning. Wow... Gotta salute these fans.

On either sides of the runway were two rows of chairs. On each chair, there were Levi's paper bags filled with goodies, a $40 voucher and a voting sticker. The sticker is to be used in one of the programmes.

Before the event starts, we were given a chance to take photo with the four celebrities. Man~ Are they TALL. I feel so short and stumpy standing next to them. Heh. I didn't post the photo of me with them. The composition was not very flattering to all 5 of us =P

And finally, Ivy Tan, YES 933FM DJ and the host, kicked off the event. She's a very capable lady, able to host fluently in both English and Mandarin. She looks very different real life and in photo.

Here they are. The four celebrities are dressed in Levi’s® 501® jeans and Levi’s® apparels. The celebrities chose their own style and dressed up themselves. Yahui chose a semi casual yet funky style. I love her black jacket. Felicia chose a boyfriend look, with the shirt worn in a unique way and a mens' Levi’s® 501® jeans. Tosh is dressed hip and comfy, baggy Levi’s® 501® jeans for easy movements for his street dance moves. Ian is dressed in a smart casual look.

Sitting close to the runway, I'm not sure whether it's a good thing or a bad thing. Haha.. Can be close to the celebrities, take close ups shots, but too close till the photos didn't come out as good.

First game of the event, each celebrity is paired with an audience. The pair is given a set of arrow stickers, labelled with names of parts of the Levis 501 jeans. The first pair who finished labelling is Felicia's team.

The group photo of celebrities and contestants from the first game. Congrats to the contestants!

Next up, each celebrity will take turns to dress up an 8 DAYS male model based on their personal style interpretation. The models have already been attired in a pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans. Woah.. The guys are cute and fit =P duh ya of cos right.. they are models..

The celebrities and their masterpieces. Together with stylist, Steve, the celebrities dressed up their models. Looks good right? I like all the outfits. And they look real good on the male models. Suits their outlook, personality and the style or message the celebrities wish to convey. All the styles are suitable for different kinds of occasions.

After parading their outfits with their celebrities down the runway, the male models are sent out to the "masses", to get votes from the audience. All those with a voting sticker are able to vote for their favourite outfit by pasting the sticker on the model. That's alot of stickers.

The models are then recalled back after a period of time to allow the crew to count the number of voting stickers on them.

And we have a winner! The outfit styled by Ya Hui got the MOST votes. Congrats!

The celebrities will randomly pick a voting sticker from the male models and the owner of the voting sticker will get the tops/jumper/jacket/shirt that the male model is wearing respectively. The winner from Ya Hui's pick will get the entire outfit the male model is wearing. All prizes courtesy of Levi's. That's so cool. Too bad I wasn't lucky enough to be chosen.

Here are the celebrities with their male models and the winners. Congrats to all the winners!

The event is coming to an end. The celebrities took an official group photo with Ivy.

Headed for the photo booth when the event ended. Hee.. Got a printed photo in a paper frame as memento, though not very photogenic. Haha.. Here's what are in the Levi's goodie bag. A Pokka can drink, Uca Cassava chips, Shokubutsu shower foam and two Levis vouchers. Thanks to for the invitation and Levi's for a chance to be part of the event. Happy 140 Anniversary to Levi's~

Here's the gallery of the photos taken (hmm not chronically ordered *scratch-head*)


Log on to from April 8 to share your 501® style interpretation!
Simply upload a photo of yourself in a pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans, and include a short write-up explaining your style inspiration. The top 5 styles will each be rewarded with $300 cash & $200 Levi’s® vouchers!