Hungry Chimps

After skimming through the list of places we would like to go, we ended up in the Hungry Chimps Cafe. It was a Friday night, and most of our choices, we deemed that they would be crowded.

The Hungry Chimps Cafe is located above Play Nation. Climbing up the brightly lit set of stairs, we were welcomed with a view of empty tables. First thought was, were they open? Most of their customers came during the later part of the night, though it was already about 8pm when we reach.

We were sitting near the entrance, so we heard it throughout the night. First they ask if the guests made any reservations, if no, they would say that it's free seating, so the guests are able to choose where ever they want to sit. And another thing is that their counter is very far from the entrance and the tables, so it took them quite sometime to notice our entrance, or our waving hands.

The entrance. The cafe is located on the 2nd storey.
The door has their mascot chimp on the door. Cute.
The cover of their menu. The logo is embossed into the cover.
The walls has alot of their chimp pictures. 
Chimps Specialy Calamari Rings (Recommended) $13.00
Prepared with Fresh Squid, Deep Fried in Unique Hungry Chimps Recipe

The calamari rings came first. We ordered only the recommended dishes, marked with the chimp's head next to the dishes name. First impression, "Why the calamari rings so pale?". It is not the normal golden brown colour. Taste okay, but does not taste nice after it cooled. Better to eat them hot.

The Orient (Recommended) $14.00
Grilled Chicken Chop marinated in Oriental Spices, Brown Sauce.
Choice of Coleslaw or Garden Greens
Choice of Thick Cut Fries or Butter Rice

The chicken chop tastes quite nice. Quite like the sauce for the chicken chop. The sauce taste very familiar, just that we could not figure out what it was. Really very oriental, chinese cooking taste.

The Ocean Catch (Recommended) $14.00
White Dory Fish Fillet in Garlic Mustard Batter, Tartar Sauce
Choice of Coleslaw or Garden Greens
Choice of Thick Cut Fries or Butter Rice

The flour covering the fish, had a very bad taste to it. It's like they had used oil that had been used for too many times to fried the dory fish. What we usually say in chinese "臭油味". Disappointed.

Menu chalkboard wall in front of the cashier.
If we didn't walk over to pay via nets, we would not have seen this.

We were very full at the end of the meal. Pretty disappointed meal too. But it is a good place for big groups to hang around and chit chat, not very crowded, comfortable sofa seats, free WiFi to use.

Payment only available in cash or nets. No credit card payment available.

Hungry Chimps
64A Prinsep Street #02-01, Singapore, Singapore 188667

Pique Nique

Another place serving all day breakfast. I was first attracted to the place by the interior. From outside, we can see the seatings, and all through their full glass panels. As the restaurant is located next at the edge of the building, the full glass panels made the place look bright with the natural lightings. It is a very lovely place. Cosy looking armchairs and seatings. Makes a very nice tea place for little chats with your friends.

They have pretty cakes and cupcakes too. All displayed in the fridge at the entrance. But our tummies were filled up full, to have any space for the cakes. We shall come back for tea and cakes next time.

The menu cover is made up of typography. And names of food, of course
The logo on their napkin. Quite like the logo design. Very classy.
The interior decor gives a cosy feeling.
Interior of the place
Cappuccino $5.00 | Orange Juice $5.00

One of our main comes with a drink. Anyway, the orange juice is just what is shown. A VERY very very small cup. And it costs $5.00. A very expensive orange juice.

Farmer's Omelette $12.80

Consists of a toast, a grilled tomato, some greens and an omelette with about 3-4 types of mushrooms. The omelette taste nice. I quite like it.

Pique Nique's Big Breakfast $15.80

Consists of a toast, a grilled tomato, a sausage, two streaks of bacon, some baked beans, some greens and two eggs. You can choose from poached, omelette or scrambled. The set also comes with a coffee, tea or orange juice. The poached eggs were nicely done. Cut it and the yolk ooosh out. Nice. But the bacon and sausage are too bland. A little more time in the grill/pan would be great.

A nicely drawn heart on my cappuccino

Pique Nique
Takashimaya #B1-01/02 Ngee Ann City Tower A 391A Orchard Road
 JCube 2 Jurong East Central 1 #01-08

Barcook Bakery

We had a little snack after lunch. This Barcook Bakery outlet is located outside OG Albert Complex, with about four to five tables for dine in customers. They sell drinks to go along with their bread too.

Most of the customers buy takeaways though. The tables were empty, except for us. Maybe because it was a Friday afternoon and they buy back to their offices as their tea break snacks :)

Barcook Bakery is located outside OG Albert in Bugis.
Yam $1.40
Nice! The filling is yam with a bit of coconut shavings mixed in. Soft and a little crispy.
Mash Potato Nachos $1.50
Yum! Nacho cheese with potato in a bread.

Barcook Bakery
Hong Lim Complex, Block 531, #01-54, Upper Cross Street
OG Albert Complex, 60 Albert Street #01-03/04
OUB Centre, 1 Raffles Place #B1-09
Alexandra Retail Centre, 460 Alexandra Road #01-19
Tampines One, 10 Tampines Central 1 #B1-K7
International Plaza, 10 Anson Road #01-35


We were in Bugis area, did a quick online search for a cafe for cakes and coffee, and we found this place, Artichoke, located in the Sculpture Square.

We were seated outdoors as there are no available seats indoors. The weather was quite warm but they had fans around, so it was not that bad. It was quite dark outside, so the photos are quite grainy.

Service was normal, but maybe we were seated outside, and there are only like three tables, they did not really come check on us as often. Waited quite long to catch someone to request for sugar, which by then, my warm cappuccino got even colder. The total bill came up to a $45.90. Guess we will not go back there again. Not really suited to our tastebuds.

We are seated outside. There's no seats available indoors.
Cappuccino $4.50 | Monbana Ice Chocolate $6.50
They forgot to give me sugar and the cappuccino was not even hot.
Cookie Pie $14.00
White chocolate-Almond-Cranberry cookie with a scoop of vanilla icecream.
The cookie was hot, fresh out of the oven. Taste nice. Especially with the icecream 
Date Pudding $14.00
Muffin with shaved peanuts and some sauce.
Not really a fan. First bite, it tastes special.
Subsequent mouthfuls, hmm.. the taste was a little too overwhelming

161 Middle RoadSingapore 188978 (Inside Sculpture Square)

Fruit Paradise

It's my second fruit cake/tart session at Fruit Paradise. They have pretty cakes on sale. And they taste yummy too! Not too sweet and the fruits taste very fresh!

Mixed Fruits Cake $7.80
There's strawberry, apple, orange, mango, banana, jackfruit on it.
The cake itself is very soft and the crust is crispy. Very nice. Almost like an ice cream cake
Mango Cake $6.80
Very fresh. Very mango-ish. The mango slices/cubes eaten together with the cake, heavenly~
Crust and cake is the same as the Mixed Fruits.
Lychee Tea $6.90 (Promotion)
My choice, if I am ordering cakes, normal non flavoured tea would bring out
the taste of the cakes even better. Flavoured tea clashes with the cakes.
Fruit Paradise

The thing about this place is (of course this happens in some other places too), I am charged a ten percent service charge and yet I have to walk over to the counter to make the payment. My definition of service charge is, I am paying for the service from the moment I sit down all the way till I leave the place. I am not grumbling about walking over, I am grumbling about paying that full ten percent for that half service.

Photos filtered by Instagram

Fruit Paradise

Raffles City Shopping Centre #B1-44F, North Bridge Road
VivoCity #01-59, 1 Harbourfront Walk


We were invited to a restaurant's soft launch, InciSion, a friend's new dining place, located at Liang Seah Street.

The place was already half filled with friends and family when we reached. The place looks pretty and bright with white rectangle textured wall on one side with two strips of mirror, and a wallpaper with strips of white on the other side. We were presented with a A5 sized menu. It is a set meal kind of menu. One price for a 4 course set meal and a drink. There was about five choices to choose from for each course.

It is their first day at work with customers. So, I shall stop here with my comments and feast your eyes :)

The entrance of InciSion
The pre- appetisers

Cream of Mushroom Soup
French Onion Soup with Cheese Croutons
Lime Sherbet
I have NO idea why they serve this in the middle of the meal

Mixed Garden Green Salad
Potato and Egg Salad
There's only one quarter of an egg :(

Main Entree
Dory Fish with Mushroom Cream Sauce
Charbroiled Chicken Thigh
Ah... It's really charred. But I love the potato slices here.

Creme Brulee
Panna Cotta

Earl Grey Tea & Cappuccino
Do you see what's missing in this picture?

2 Liang Seah Street

Ikada Bakery

A sweet treat on a Friday evening. A box of 6 blueberry egg tarts. But after googling for related posts, we then realised that they are blueberry CHEESE tarts. Each tart is priced at $1.40. The tart smells nice, and eating one alone is very filling.

The Blueberry Cheese Tart $1.40

Ikada Bakery 
Block 108 Depot Road #01-09 Depot Heights Shopping Centre

Baby Spa

It seems that new parents of the recent years will bring their little ones to this baby swimming centre located in serveral shopping malls. I'm not sure if there are other companies doing this, but I often see friends posting photos their cute little ones swimming (more of kicking in the water) with an orange float around their necks. And I am honoured to experience such a session when I am invited to tag along with my GF's family.

The outlet we went to was Baby Spa, located in Plaza Singapura. There was already one baby happily playing in the pool. Her boy took the small pool next to the glass panel. There were four small pools and one big pool. Small and big water duckies and colorful balls are in the water for the babies to play. But I think they are too young to play with the toys. It is more for the parents to play and get attention from their child.

Baby Spa only allow two adults in the pool area and no photography is allowed outside the outlet. Her hubby switched with me and I was able to go in and play with her boy. I think I was more excited than the boy.

The staff came over once in a while to help her boy massage his legs, kick his legs, let the boy relax. His body was very tense, not moving or kicking around much, and his fingers were curled up into fists. He moved around more after the massage.

Floating in the water

Their package details (a leaflet I picked up from their counter):
**Ok. I need a better quality version. To be updated =P

Here's their writeup about their service.
Our BabySpa System is a warm water-based method of strengthening and stimulating babies to improve their physical growth and mental development.​

At birth, the baby's brain has little information about how to move on the floor because he has never had that experience. However, the baby already has seven months of information about how it feels to move in an aqueous environment. In this environment the neonates body is buoyant and all the babys sensory pathways are developing; vision, hearing, feeling, taste and smell sensation. If newborns dont use their natural ability, it may be lost. For this reason, it is very important that they have the opportunity to swim from the very first day of life or as soon as possible. Providing an opportunity for baby to move in the water is an ideal way to develop not only a stronger body, but a better brain.​

Baby Spa
1 Maritime Square Harbourfront Centre #03-11
68 Orchard Road Plaza Singapura #03-30
930 Yishun Ave 2 Northpoint Shopping Centre #02-52
SkyGarden Blk 23 Serangoon Central NEX Mall #4R-81
5 Changi Business Park Central 1 #02-08
Marine Parade Central Blk 86 #01-670D (opposite NTUC)

Itacho Sushi

We had a light meal at Itacho Sushi located in Plaza Singapura. A snacking session, so there were not alot of orders.

The authentic way of eating sushi. It is illustrated on the place mat paper on the table.
Salmon with Soy Sauce $0.40 (UP$0.80) | Daily Limited | Popular
Roasted Squid Leg Sushi $1.20 (UP$2.40) | Popular
Promotion pieces. Only 2 orders per person.
The salmon sushi is a little to oily and the squid sushi, springy.
Octopus Sashimi $3.60 (3 slices)
It tastes fat fat juicy juicy springy
Swordfish Sushi $3.50 | Octopus Sushi $1.20
His orders. Did not try these.
Tomato Salad $4.80
Marked as "Recommended" in the menu. Quite nice and healthy.
Blue Fin Tuna Sushi $3.20 per piece
First bite, it does not taste as nice as expected base on its price. And there's wasabi in it.

Itacho Sushi
ION Orchard #B2-18, 2 Orchard Turn  
Plaza Singapura, #02-35, 68 Orchard Road
Bugis Junction, 200 Victoria Street, B1-05
Changi Airport T3, 03-30/31
JCube  02-35, Singapore, Singapore

Kith Bistro

Kith Bistro, located at Park Mall, newly opened in June 2012, serves all day breakfast as well as main courses like pasta and sandwiches. They have seatings indoors and outdoors and we opted to sit outdoors as I felt that the airconditioning was too cold.

We sat down, without any ushering (no sign to say to wait to be seated) and no one came to us with any menu. We went in to take the menu ourselves. We walked back in to place an order, as no one came. But well, the server seems apologetic about not taking our orders at the table. The other guests don't seem to have much problems like we did. Maybe we were just unlucky.

Signboard pointing towards the cafe at the road crossing
Big Breakfast $15.50
Includes 2 pc toasts, 2 eggs, sautéed tomato & mushroom, bacon and sausage
2pc Toast + 2 eggs $8.00
Bacon $3.00
Cappuccino $4.00, Ice Chocolate $6.00

The food is quite normal. I do love the taste of the sausage and the bacon. However, I would prefer my poached eggs less solid and more juicy. The menu consists of five sheets of A4 paper on a pretty, 4 tiled designed wooden clipboard. The first sheet lists down the specials for today, next two ala carte food listing with toasts, eggs, sandwiches, salad, pastas, next the drinks and the last alcoholic drinks. Did not manage to take a photo of the menu. The morning outdoor feeling is refreshing, but hey, it's next to a road, bit of an irony.

Kith Bistro
#01-01E, Park Mall, 9 Penang Road