We were in Bugis area, did a quick online search for a cafe for cakes and coffee, and we found this place, Artichoke, located in the Sculpture Square.

We were seated outdoors as there are no available seats indoors. The weather was quite warm but they had fans around, so it was not that bad. It was quite dark outside, so the photos are quite grainy.

Service was normal, but maybe we were seated outside, and there are only like three tables, they did not really come check on us as often. Waited quite long to catch someone to request for sugar, which by then, my warm cappuccino got even colder. The total bill came up to a $45.90. Guess we will not go back there again. Not really suited to our tastebuds.

We are seated outside. There's no seats available indoors.
Cappuccino $4.50 | Monbana Ice Chocolate $6.50
They forgot to give me sugar and the cappuccino was not even hot.
Cookie Pie $14.00
White chocolate-Almond-Cranberry cookie with a scoop of vanilla icecream.
The cookie was hot, fresh out of the oven. Taste nice. Especially with the icecream 
Date Pudding $14.00
Muffin with shaved peanuts and some sauce.
Not really a fan. First bite, it tastes special.
Subsequent mouthfuls, hmm.. the taste was a little too overwhelming

161 Middle RoadSingapore 188978 (Inside Sculpture Square)

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