3 Months 18 Days

Baby is 3 months 18 day old today. Her weight gain is slowly down. Still gaining, but not as turbo speed as the past three months. She is eating well and I am glad to be recovered from the infection though my supply is not as much as before I got sick.

Reading though my mail and find it true from this read (http://www.babycenter.com/6_your-3-month-old-week-3_1495329.bc). I'm sorry to my friends, especially when I feel I need to be there by your side when incidents happen. I no longer am able to meet up as adhoc as I was previously. And I have to be home when it's her bedtime. Her nap times are important too, else she will be one cranky baby for the rest of the day.
Your life: Changing friendships 
Having a new baby brings changes in your relationships with everyone — including your friends. Sometimes old friends who have no children are as delighted by your baby as you are, and aside from a few accommodations to your schedule, things continue as they once did. But others may not be as excited about your new phase of life. Some may be envious, others bored, and still others may simply have no interest in children. You can't blame your friends entirely. You're changing, too. Interests you once shared with certain people — skydiving, nightclubbing, shopping for shoes till you dropped — may no longer mesh with your lifestyle. 
Although you can't expect everything to stay exactly the same, it helps to strive for a balance between your old way of being together and your new situation. Your friend can't expect you to abandon all thoughts of your baby, and you can't expect her to want to talk only about motherhood. Look for common ground in your activities and time together. It's great if you can sometimes go out to lunch, just the two of you, and other times have her come to your house to visit with the baby, for example. 
You may drift apart from some pals, but at the same time, your baby will bring you into the orbit of new friends. Through playgroups, mom support networks, and chance encounters, you and your partner will meet other new parents with whom you have a lot in common.

Recently some of my friends babies contracted HFMD. It is a truly scary virus. Babies suffer so much from the pain it brought. Parents suffer when they see how much pain their babies are going through yet they cannot do much to help their babies. I feel their (babies and parents) pain when their situations were shared. For me, I am willing to be the one going through the pain and not my baby.

Dear baby, please be safe, strong and healthy. Mummy loves you.

Flip: Tummy to back

Flipping from tummy to back is easy peasy now. I hope it will maintain and will get even better... 

Lucky mummy

I am very lucky to have such supportive family members.

Yesterday we celebrated my brother's birthday. I offered my carrier to them, asking if anyone wants to babywear the LO. My dad volunteered asap. I think my brother wanted too. Happy that they are into babywearing too. Next time I will introduce wrapping to them. One step at a time. 

And while having our desserts, LO got hungry. I nip her on the spot with the Ergobaby carrier. Nobody said anything and we carried on with desserts. My mom even helped cover me with LO's blankie (which wasn't really necessary). 

I had read about mummies facing negative remarks and thoughts from their family members on the online support group. I'm really glad and happy my family is very open to these. 

Of course my hubby is one very important person too. He babywears LO. Shares my pain when I had cracked and sore nipples initially. Offers to bottle feed ebm to LO (for the 'once a day to get LO used to bottle' stage). And he even lets me buy our Autumn when we already have an Ergo. 

I love them. I'm one lucky mummy. 

3 Months 11 Days - Hand Grip

Yesterday she showcased her fingers skill. She griped on to her hankerchief for a very long while. Today she held on to her toy. Good job Josie!

Babywearing - Lenny Lamb Autumn Woven Wrap

Remember I was overwhelmed with choices for babywearing (see post)? I already have an Ergobaby SSC as a gift from the hub's colleagues. That was a pricey gift.

Then I bought myself a woven wrap to kickstart 2015. It's still very new. Not broken in yet. And I'm still very newbie. It's quite warm too. But babywearing itself is a warm affair.

I had only tried two ways of wearing. Well more to come as LO grows up since some of the ways are for bigger babies with better neck control or already seated up.

100th day - First haircut

Today marks the 100th day from her birth. And we brought her to Baby Spa for her first haircut. I don't want to shave her hair, so it was only trimming. But to be honest, the skill isn't that good. And the scissors they used is so... Blunt. 

But one of the ladies there started playing with LO and she laughed. Thanks to her, I got a really nice photo. 

I doubt I will go there again. Maybe another outlet, but not this outlet for sure.

Homecooked 炸酱面

The hubs made me lunch today. He's not working today as we had to bring our LO to an important milestone at the polyclinic. Her 3 month screening and vaccinations.

It's 炸酱面. And it's DELICIOUS. Yumss..

3 Months Checkup and Vaccinations

Today our LO is scheduled for an appointment at the polyclinic for her 3 month screening and vaccinations. After the physical check by the doctor, he approved of her development. Good job!
  • Height: 97 percentile
  • Weight: 75 percentile
  • Head Circumference: 75 percentile
  • Rotavirus Vaccine (Dose 1)
    Oral Vaccination. Cash/Baby Bonus $90.
    Rotavirus vaccine prevents diarrhoea and vomiting caused by rotavirus. Read more on HPB website.
  • Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV13) (Dose 1)
    Injection on the thigh. Medisave $150.
    The infection causes lung infection, inflammation of the membrane or lining that protects the brain, and ear infection. Read more on HPB website.
  • 5-in-1 Vaccine (Dose 1)
    Injection on the thigh. FREE.
    The 5-in-1 injection combines vaccines against Diphtheria/Pertussis/Tetanus (DPT), Polio and Haemophilus Influenzae type B (Hib) in 1 injection. Read more on HPB website.

Our little angel cried during the injections. But brave little her stopped and calmed down within a minute after each injection. We were proud of her. Well done darling.

We have to look out for any case of fever from the injection. Hopefully she's strong enough to combat the side effect. A syrup paracetamol and syringe is given to us in case of fever.

Her next appointment is a month later. One injection and one oral vaccination.

Breastfeeding : Decline of BM

Ever since the painful blocked ducts from Friday, I got chills and fever on Saturday. The chills had me shivering with chattering teeth. Fever had even reached 38.8 degrees. Aching and soreness continued. They are all symptoms of matitis. Luckily after two panadols, my fever declined. And so did my supply.

Worse. LO did not seem satisfied with the feed from the affected side. And the other side's supply is slowly declining too.

Worried, I went to the GP on Sunday to get antibiotics in fear of further inflammation and decline of supply. The fever was still there. The GP seems reluctant to give me the antibiotics. But I know I need it. 

Today the supply was still bad in the morning but better in the evening. LO used to feed on only one side to be full for each feed before I fell sick. Now she needs to nurse on both to feel satisfied. I feel bad as she seems so frustrated to nurse. But I need her help to help me get over this.

Stock image from iStockphoto

I just hope this episode ends quickly. I want to provide more for my LO. Now is just more massages and more nursing. Thank you my dear little angel, for being patient (though not all of the times haha). Mummy loves you.

3 Months

My happy girl is 3 month old today! It's really so fast that she's already 3 month old. Often, I think back to the time in the delivery ward, she's so fragile and she was crying her first cry.

My little darling and her parents have made it this far. Let's continue to strive hard together for more milestones to come.

XOXO my little angel.

Breastfeeding : Blocked ducts

I have been breastfeeding my LO since day 1. The only times I did not give her BM was when she was in the hospital for 48hrs of phototherapy as Hubby wanted me to rest and not go to and fro the hospital. And that two incidents when the polyclinic PD asked me to give her FM two days before appointment, since her jaundice level did not go down as fast due to BM jaundice. But I stopped a day on the second incident after the results did not improve as much as expected in the first.

Breastfeeding has been quite smooth after we have gotten past the cracked nipples, soreness and shooting pain at the initial few weeks. Engorgement happened during the first week and it was very painful. With paid help from a LC at KKH, it was better and for the next 2 months plus, everything was quite smooth. Latching and pumping well. Supply was enough for LO too.

Today I woke up with blocked ducts. PAINFUL. And the more I massaged it away, the more sore it got. End up, the entire side was sore and aching. It felt bruised. It felt tortured. I know that with continued nursing, the ducts will clear, but it did not help that LO has a smaller appetite now. So I can only pump and massage. But continuous pumping means increasing supply. I shall try harder.

Ouch. x___X

Stock image from dreamstime.com

Design : Logo for The Savvy Parents

Came up with a simple logo for The Savvy Parents. It's a Facebook page by my friend and it sells brand new baby toys and accessories at discounted price.

Do check out what are offered. Everything is priced at a real good deal! https://www.facebook.com/saveonbabygear

Babywearing : Lenny Lamb Autumn Woven Wrap

Fluffmail!!! My Lenny Lamb Autumn woven wrap arrived at my doorstep this afternoon. Happy happy! Very excited to try but LO has been sleeping and feeding the afternoon away. 

Finally got to try it at night. Not too bad for my first time doing the FCC, but I look too unglamourous for photos. 

Happy happy. Even though LO fusses a little in the wrap (evening time is not a right time to try new things), but I'm sure she will love it. 

It needs a wash. The 'new' smell is pretty strong. I need more practices too before showing it off to the world. 

Happy 2015

Happy New Year! My first post in 2015. 

It has been an eventful 2014 and hopefully 2015 will be a great one for all of us! 

Photo is taken in Raffles City Shopping Centre Nursing Room Level 3