Breastfeeding : Decline of BM

Ever since the painful blocked ducts from Friday, I got chills and fever on Saturday. The chills had me shivering with chattering teeth. Fever had even reached 38.8 degrees. Aching and soreness continued. They are all symptoms of matitis. Luckily after two panadols, my fever declined. And so did my supply.

Worse. LO did not seem satisfied with the feed from the affected side. And the other side's supply is slowly declining too.

Worried, I went to the GP on Sunday to get antibiotics in fear of further inflammation and decline of supply. The fever was still there. The GP seems reluctant to give me the antibiotics. But I know I need it. 

Today the supply was still bad in the morning but better in the evening. LO used to feed on only one side to be full for each feed before I fell sick. Now she needs to nurse on both to feel satisfied. I feel bad as she seems so frustrated to nurse. But I need her help to help me get over this.

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I just hope this episode ends quickly. I want to provide more for my LO. Now is just more massages and more nursing. Thank you my dear little angel, for being patient (though not all of the times haha). Mummy loves you.

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