Falling off the bed

8 months 20 days

Baby just fell off the bed this morning. All because I fell asleep accidentally. Rolled away from me and *POM*. I jumped up and look for her. It was so loud. She rolled off papa's side of the bed, over the bolster. Sigh. 

She cried out when I reached her. Carry her back to my side to sit on the bed, patted her, sayang her. Less than a minute, she's ok.

Sigh.. Her first fall off the bed. 

Standing with support

8 months 17 days

Baby stood up with support in her cot from sitting position (I left her seated in the cot). Maybe she gotten her strength and inspiration from yesterday's playdate. Haha playdates are good.. 

And finally she pooped. Today is the 6th day from last poop. We massaged her everyday, hoping she will poop. But nothing. Yesterday we cannot tahan, hubb bought probiotics and I requested for papaya. She had papaya after dinner (baby pasta stars) and the probiotic this morning. A huge huge relief.... 

Baby Pasta Stars

A recommendation from the Westie OMG (October Mummies Group 14). HEINZ baby pasta stars for baby to try out. Something else to eat since baby hates porridge. And most purée. I gave baby mixed feeding as my elders do not believe in pure blw. And well... I'm greatly affected by them. 

I only cooked 2 small baby spoonfuls to try out. Anyway her attention span and appetite won't last that long if I cooked more. 

I gave her plain pasta and I am so glad she finished it. She was interested in eating this. Leaning forward with mouth open. Mashing the pasta with the gums and tongue. 

I will try out with added ingredients after a few more feeds. Just in case....


Baby has a date! A playdate with fellow october babies. There are Chloe jiejie (30sep), Elisa meimei (11oct) and AK didi(16oct). We went to Elisa's place. All the babies already able to stand up with support, crawl and sit up by themselves, except Josie. Baby is the biggest in size and the darkest. Haha.

^ Josie, AK, Elisa, Chloe

Baby seemed to have fun. So nice to see her interact, although she's alittle chor lor. Not that she's intentional. Just nice kicking in excitement, doing her leg lifts, while the other babies are nearby. Hair pulling too. Oops. 

At least she got to play with babies her age. Mammy always bring her to meet others, but all older than her by a few years. Nobody wanna play with her. Haha...

Looking forward to more playdates. 


8 months 13 days

I was playing with the baby when the hubbs came home. I placed her hands together and did some clapping. And then... She clapped on her own. After doing it herself, she looked at her hands. Haha. Like "what was that". 

She only clapped twice and doesn't do it any more when I wanted to get some photos. 

Baby Led Weaning - Peach

8 months 13 days

Someone posted letting their bub eat peach and loving it. I wanted to let baby try too but I was not able to find peach in my nearby supermarket. So I went a little further and bought a box of 8 for $11.45. Wow. Now I know peaches are that expensive. 

Baby seems to like it. Gagging on serveral occasions though. She ate quite a bit as compared to food. Ok. I'm a happy mama. Finally something she eats a little more and showing interest. 

The expensive peach lol

Waving with one hand

8 months 13 days

Today when we when grocery shopping, baby started waving using one hand. Waving at people walking by as I pushed her in the grocery trolley seat. Previously she waves with two hands. Haha she's so adorable.

First taste of Durian

8 months 11 days

Baby had her first taste of durian. She doesn't seem to reject it. She's all smiles and leaning forward for another mouthful. Guess she likes it? Haha

Happy Father's Day

It's the hubs and the baby's first father's day. Baby and I bought her papa a shirt. She chose the gift when we went shopping. Hubs likes it.

Happy Father's Day. 

Thank you for being such a great daddy to baby. Being there when I'm too tired and/sick to move. Playing and reading with her every night when you come back from your tired day. Bearing and changing her smelly poop diaper with me. Baby and I can't be more fortunate to have you. We love you. 

Dumpling day 端午节

It's the day to eat dumpling 肉粽 bazhang. Haha. My favourite, and pretty unhealthy. It's made of glutinous rice, and since we had them for supper, we are going bed with a full and bloated tummy. Gosh. 

Anyway, this year we got to savour dumplings made by my sister's bestie's mother. Loads of ingredients inside. Delicious. 

Ok. Time to sleep. I'm very tired. 

Self feed puff

8 months 7 days

Baby successfully self fed herself a puff. We both think it's just a pure luck one off thing. But well, she did successfully put in and ate one today. Haha. 

28th SEA Games

The 28th SEA Games is held in Singapore. Watched many exciting events on the TV and online. Singapore did really well this game. Lots of Gold medals. Really proud of them.

To join in the fun, we bought tickets to yesterday's basketball match. It cost $10, but 20% off for DBS card holders. And $1 for booking fee for each ticket (like really?). So it's $9 per ticket.

We intended to reach earlier to check out the Sea Games Carnival. But baby went for her nap a little later than expected, hence we got delayed. The place was flooded with people, fun, music and excitement. Love the atmosphere. We did not play any games as the queues were ridiculously long plus we had the little one.

So many Nila plush.. We were looking around for one. The hubbs wanna get one for the baby. He thinks she likes Nila. Haha...

The match starts at 6pm. We went for early dinner at Issho Izakaya located at Kallang Wave. It's one of the least crowded restaurants there. But it got crowded when we were leaving. Excellent service, but I was alittle disappointed with my order. The rice was a soggy for my Katsu Don. That's the only minus point.

We were on the wrong side of the mall and we rushed all the way to the OCBC Arena for the match. We missed a little. It's the Mens Basketball match between Timor-Leste and Malaysia. Great game, but missing the hype from the audience.

The hubbs bought a Nila plush toy for baby because he feels like baby likes Nila. LOL. As expected, baby was interested in it only for a few minutes before it landed on the floor.

We intended to skip the 2nd match, Womens match between Singapore and Malaysia as it was bedtime for our little one. However, we stayed on to watch the first quarter. Worth the wait. The first quarter was intense and exciting. Everyone in the hall cheered. The atmosphere was very high.

Left the match at the end of first quarter. Baby wanna go home...

Had a fun filled day today. Great time spent with my darlings.

Another 3 days to the end of the SEA games.

Waving with two hands

8 months 3 days

Baby starts to wave her hand. Not really a hello or bye kind of wave, but a whole arm wave. Haha.. But it's a start. Keep it up darling!

Happy Meal - Hello Kitty

Sniffing and coughing, I had my 4th McDonalds Happy Meal in 4 weeks. All because I wanted to get the Hello Kitty for baby. Haha. Not that she knows what it is now. Maybe she will appreciate it more when she's older.

Happy 8 Months Old

Our dear baby, 

We treasure every single moment of these 8 months. We learn from each other and grow together every single day. Soon you will be crawling and we will be chasing after you even more than before. 

Daddy and Mammy "Love you right up to the moon — and back" (quoted from your favourite bedtime book)

High five

7 months 30 days

Excited mammy here!

Baby reacts to high five! I out my hand and high five to her. After a few repetitions, she raise (a little) and anticipated for a high five. Happy mammy. Hopefully she still remembers this tomorrow. Hahaha... 

2nd tooth

Spotted her second lower teeth today. No wonder these few days she wakes every 1 hourly at night. Tired mammy. 


7 months 28 days

Baby is pinching everywhere. My arms, my neck, my face, my tummy...

Everywhere. OUCH. It's the worst when she pinch my neck, as she ALWAYS pinch my neck when I carry her.

She's practicing her fine motor skill, which is excellent, but.. OUCH.. haha..

Confessions of a SAHM - #1

Sometimes I have problems falling asleep at night. Everyone had already went to lala land. Including the baby. Like finally. But I just can't sleep. Because...

... I miss my baby. 

I'm such a funny mammy.