28th SEA Games

The 28th SEA Games is held in Singapore. Watched many exciting events on the TV and online. Singapore did really well this game. Lots of Gold medals. Really proud of them.

To join in the fun, we bought tickets to yesterday's basketball match. It cost $10, but 20% off for DBS card holders. And $1 for booking fee for each ticket (like really?). So it's $9 per ticket.

We intended to reach earlier to check out the Sea Games Carnival. But baby went for her nap a little later than expected, hence we got delayed. The place was flooded with people, fun, music and excitement. Love the atmosphere. We did not play any games as the queues were ridiculously long plus we had the little one.

So many Nila plush.. We were looking around for one. The hubbs wanna get one for the baby. He thinks she likes Nila. Haha...

The match starts at 6pm. We went for early dinner at Issho Izakaya located at Kallang Wave. It's one of the least crowded restaurants there. But it got crowded when we were leaving. Excellent service, but I was alittle disappointed with my order. The rice was a soggy for my Katsu Don. That's the only minus point.

We were on the wrong side of the mall and we rushed all the way to the OCBC Arena for the match. We missed a little. It's the Mens Basketball match between Timor-Leste and Malaysia. Great game, but missing the hype from the audience.

The hubbs bought a Nila plush toy for baby because he feels like baby likes Nila. LOL. As expected, baby was interested in it only for a few minutes before it landed on the floor.

We intended to skip the 2nd match, Womens match between Singapore and Malaysia as it was bedtime for our little one. However, we stayed on to watch the first quarter. Worth the wait. The first quarter was intense and exciting. Everyone in the hall cheered. The atmosphere was very high.

Left the match at the end of first quarter. Baby wanna go home...

Had a fun filled day today. Great time spent with my darlings.

Another 3 days to the end of the SEA games.

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