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Paris Baguette Cafe

I had always wanted to try Paris Baguette. The place was one of the to-try, highlighted by misslittlepatches. Paris Baguette is a Korean based bakery which has outlets in countries like China, California, New York, and others. A new addition in the Singapore food industry. The first outlet is in Wisma Atria.
Ying was bored from the home-work-home routine, so we arranged for dinner at Jem, the newest shopping mall in Jurong East. Our original aim was to shop with our birthday gift vouchers from Chyi. But first off, dinner. We were hungry. And I remembered the pretty cafe in Jem, so, we went. Luckily we managed to spot an empty table.

The cafe is located on the 2nd level. From the linkway between the MRT and the mall, turn right, and you will be able to spot the cafe easily.

The queue for the food is long and non-stop. Luckily it was pretty fast. Though I wasn't so lucky, as they were all too busy for me.

The Royal Pudding seems like a must-try. Everyone's raving about it. I wo…

A photo a day : Heritage building

Saw this building after having lunch at 126 dim sum. Pretty right? It's located at Lor Bachok.

Happy Birthday to Me

Received birthdat wishes from friends and family. Thank you and love you guys. I'm officially one year older. Ok.. It's pretty scary to get older these few years LOL..
*PS. I deliberately turned off the birthday notification on Facebook :P
My mummy was on her off day, so daddy called to see if we would like to have dim sum together. We brought them to 126 dim sum at sims avenue. First time going there for lunch. Pretty crowded but luckily we were able to get a table. Got a red packet from my parents. 

Dinner with the hubby at Blue Garden Korean BBQ Buffet at Link Hotel. Pretty nice place but not really the best place for korean bbq buffet. Hubby gifted me a feet bubble spa massager. Hoping to ease my lousy painful ankles. So sweet. Love you lots. 

A photo a day : puffs + k

The girls treated me to a k session today. I even had them travel all the way to the outlet near my home. Muacks. And thanks for the gifts *touched*

Fifth day of rest.

It's my third weekday at home. And I haven't been blogging much. Stayed home most of the time, so nothing interesting to blog about. Though most of the time I'm home, there's nothing much to do. Pretty boring sometimes, played Candy Crush, catch up on Running Man, slept and rest and can't go out. Feel too sick to go out. Haha.. Lousy side effects. Don't feel like going out even for meals.

Sounds like a sickie hor? Haha..

A photo a day : Homecooked dinner

It's the 2nd day at home. Cooked our dinner. I would say, not bad not bad. haha..

A photo a day : coffee at eat play love cafe

Pretty coffee cups for lunch

Eat Play Love Cafe

My last day lunch was at EatPlayLove Craft Cafe, a Thai-Western cafe. It was my second time at the cafe. A very interesting place, craft themed. The cafe has a Kids Craft Corner and has a range of easy crafts for purchase for customers to create while having their meals. They have foil art, paper puppets, DIY dolls & monsters, sock monkey kits and range of Shrink plastic for all to create your own masterpieces. The cafe is very colourful and decorated with crafts, vintage pieces and old-school snacks are on sale. These little things adds up to happy memories of our childhood.

We each ordered a set lunch which comes with a drink at $9.90 Nett. Choice of drinks includes coke, sprite, iced lemon tea, hot coffee or tea.

The coffee came in a vintage looking cup, with a touch of childhood complimented with two sugar biscuits that most of us liked while we were young.

Colleague's Basil Chicken with Rice. Comes with two fried spring rolls and a fried egg.

Colleague's Olive Rice wi…

A photo a day : meow

Kitty meowed at me. I was on my way to the bus stop. 

A photo a day : Sleepy cat

I cheated. This photo is from Saturday at Changi Village in the afternoon. The cat is sleeping so soundly and shielding its eyes from the blinding sun. Don't you feel envious?

A busy weekend

It has been a busy busy weekend. Pretty tired out even though I didn't really do much except walking here and there and eating nonstop. At the end of the day, got pretty 不舒服 haha weak.

Was surrounded by lots of balloons for the weekend. Cute eh?

Will be updating with more...

A photo a day : A toast

A toast with the minions. Chilled Moscato Rosa is the best. Happy one year old to girlfriend and son.

A photo a day : Guess who?

Adorable! I soooooo want to keep for myself instead lol. Hope he likes him.

Keep Calm and Just Keep Swimming

Two weeks ago, on a Friday, I had received a not so good news.

One week ago, also on a Friday, I had received an interesting news.

Today, a Friday, I just confirmed my interesting news.

In three consecutive weeks, my life went on a a mini roller coaster. A little unbelievable on my luck, but it is an opportunity. And I'm counting on it. Hopefully everything turns out good.

Credits: Drew my shark from this tutorial:

A photo a day : My minion Tim

My minion, Tim, is doing all the typing for my blog posts today~

McDonald's Happy Meal Despicable Me 2 toy

The McDonald's queue queue queue craze is back again. Following the sale of Fairy Tales Hello Kitty at $4.60 each with every Extra Value Meal, now it's the Despicable Me 2 toy free with every Happy Meal.

And this time, McDonald's learnt from their lessons. Limiting to 3 meals per transaction and not available via Drive-Thru, McDelievery and Schools.

The thought of wanting to collect the set did not cross my mind, but seeing people posting photos of their minions, made me want to trend too.

So in the end, I went to get myself a Happy Meal for dinner. Queued for about 15 minutes, and I got the Giggling Tim. But sadly, the staff did not give me a Happy Meal box house.

And... The instructions made me confused. I really thought I was to pull the hair to make him giggle. I pulled hard and nothing happened. I though I gotten a broken toy. Then I realised..... I had to SHAKE... faint.

What about you? Are you collecting the entire set?

Email Marketing - Multiple emails at once

My current company does email marketing for clients. My job scope for some of the clients includes, designing the look and feel, creation of the edm in HTML, and blasting the edm.

There are many important things we look out for when creating and sending out to clients' databases. For example. In creation, we have to ensure that the edm show up properly in different desktop and web email clients, no misalignment. And in blasting, we have to ensure no duplicate email and not sending to recipients who have already unsubscribed.

I just checked my email inbox. And I was surprised. I had received the same email, EIGHT times. Hmm.. Did their email marketing system not check for duplicates? Not that I remember I subscribed for this deal site either.

One of the danger of such incidents can cause recipients to simply mark the email as spam, thus, endangering the reputation of the sender's email.

And me? I trashed it even before reading.. How would I even feel like reading when the momen…

Hill Top Restaurant

My dad said that my brother misses me a lot and wants to have a family dinner together since everyone is available. I'm sure that my dad is joking on the first part. haha... My sister suggested going to this Hill Top Restaurant near Jurong Birdpark for Curry Fish Head. The drive uphill in the evening is accompanied by my beloved family and a beautiful sunset.

By the way, it's free parking after 5pm on Sundays. Free Parking Rocksss. haha..

We did not make any reservations and I was worried that we may need to wait. Luckily there were tables available. Not full, but the crowd is there. Quite surprising as the location is quite far off. The waitress is very hardworking in refilling our cups with iced water. We need not ask even once for a refill. Cool! And the food came pretty fast.

Ikan Kepala Masak Merah (Fish Head with Chilli Gravy) - Medium [$33.00] - Yummy Yummy. Spicy, but shiok. Sipping the gravy like it was soup. Sour, spicy and a little sweet. Nice. Quite alot of meat too…

Singapore National Day 2013 - NDP CR3

Girlfriend invited me to join her and her son to view the NDP CR3. The third combined rehearsal of this year National Day Parade.

Dashed there after attending the Singapore Blog Awards 2013. Many people were already there, seated or waiting to get in. GF's son was super excited. Jumping on his mummy's laps to the rhythm of the music. By the way, he's 1 week away to being a one year old.

My sister is part of the parade too. But I can't see her. They all looked small and looked the same when they stand together. Even when I went down, so that I can be see nearer, I was unable to spot her too.

First time attending a combined rehearsal. I got to see how a rehearsal looked like haha.. One of the videos was not completed yet, some mic problems, and misalignment in their dance steps. Not complaining. Just going witnessing the transformation from rehearsing to the actual perfect NDP performance. These participants put in a lot of time and effort to practice and train fo…