Singapore National Day 2013 - NDP CR3

Girlfriend invited me to join her and her son to view the NDP CR3. The third combined rehearsal of this year National Day Parade.

Dashed there after attending the Singapore Blog Awards 2013. Many people were already there, seated or waiting to get in. GF's son was super excited. Jumping on his mummy's laps to the rhythm of the music. By the way, he's 1 week away to being a one year old.

My sister is part of the parade too. But I can't see her. They all looked small and looked the same when they stand together. Even when I went down, so that I can be see nearer, I was unable to spot her too.

First time attending a combined rehearsal. I got to see how a rehearsal looked like haha.. One of the videos was not completed yet, some mic problems, and misalignment in their dance steps. Not complaining. Just going witnessing the transformation from rehearsing to the actual perfect NDP performance. These participants put in a lot of time and effort to practice and train for the actual day. In chinese, the sayings goes, 台上一分钟,台下十年工。One minute of performance on stage requires ten years of practicing backstage.

Too bad I am not lucky enough to ballot the tickets for the preview or even the actual day to give support to my sister. But nevertheless, great work.

Some of the photos taken during the NDP 2013 CR3:

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