Melt-in-the-mouth Coffee Cookies

I have saved loads of recipes from this member, Jennifer Tan, in the Fun with philip airfryer facebook group. She's a genius baker. 

Well. I finally got down to doing something easier. Lol. The others either I have problems with the ingredients or the bake ware.  

Coffee cookies. Airfried. Go try. It's YUM. At least for me. Heh. 

Only 5 ingredients. I love simplicity. 

Ingredients : 
125g salted butter ( room temp ) 
60g icing sugar 
150g potato starch 
100g cake flour 
1 tbs coffee emulco 
Almond ( for topping ) 

Instructions : 
In a mixing bowl mix butter , icing sugar n coffee emulco till well combine with a spatula. 
Add in potato starch and cake flour mix to form a soft dough. ( half way i use hand with glove )
Roll to about 1 cm thickness .
Use a cookie cutter to cut it out .
Add d almond on top. 
Transfer to the baking pan lined with baking paper. 
AF 160deg for 18mins .
After the cookies were baked, transfer to a cooling rack for cooling. 
Cooled completely before store in an air tight container .
Happy Baking 😋 😍 😄
Recipe share by : 🌻 Jennifer Tan 🌻

Luncheon meat chips

I airfried some luncheon meat chips today. The recipe had been saved for a few days but I only got down to do it today. Really yummy and crispy. I hope they will last ans stay crispy. 

The recipe is posted by a member of the facebook group, Fun cooking with Philips airfryer

A night before making the snack, remove the luncheon meat from the can and freeze it overnight. 

1. Preheat the airfryer at 180 degrees for 5 mins 
2. Use a vegetable/fruit peeler and shave the luncheon meat into paper thin slices
3. Layer the shaved luncheon meat into the basket (do not overlay or overcrowd the basket)
4. Air fry for 5 mins at 160 degrees for 3 times. 
5. After every 5 mins try to breakup the sticking luncheon meat. 
6. Divide the luncheon meat into several batches.
7. When done, cool and store into airtight container. 

** Frozen luncheon meat is to ensure that the shavings be thin. 

First kiss

After so many months of teaching and demonstrating, the baby finally learnt to kiss on our cheeks. Not the kind that's the full lips smack muacks. But she didn't turn away when asked for a kiss, and lips on cheek with a "muaack" sound. 

The daddy got the first kiss without hesitation. Mine was after several persuasion resulting from her "No". 

Happy mammy finally got her kiss. 

New words

Josie learnt a new word yesterday: bubbles

The teachers were blowing bubbles for the swing play, and somehow, she picked it up. Cool. 

Then... These few days, she started perfecting her flying kiss with sound effect "ah makk". Heh. Finally. At 16 months. It took her so long to do the flying kiss. And now it's with a muacks. 

Then... Today she was looking up at the kitchen table top and saying "cake". There were the water jugs and Latte's biscuits. I didn't know what she was saying until teabreak time. She meant biscuits, "-cuits" without the "bi-".

It will be such a wonderful day with all these new words but I was totally drained out. Her cryings for nothing. Haven't start to eat, scream and cry. Calmed down and continued eating, eat halfway scream and cry again. Night feeds increased with midnight wakings that lasted 2 hours and yet waking up so early in the morning. Before every nap or sleep, screams and cries. Crying for milk yet rejecting to drink milk. 

Sigh. Can make up your mind? Mammy very tired and bad mood with your crankiness. Don't always cry and scream like kenna tortured please. Mammy is very sad when you do that especially with all the love I showered you with. I already forsee that I will have depression when you reach your rebellious teen stage, if I don't break down before that... 

Supper for the night

I was craving donuts. Yes yes. Instagram and facebooks should be banned at night. I told the hubby about it. 

So he went on the search and came back with this instead. 

Four Leaves chocolate cake. Different shape, different texture. But still satisfiable lol. More expensive too. There isn't any donuts for sale nearby. 

Accidentally giened Latte. Again. Lol. 


This afternoon, we went to the hubby's company's event. There were food (I didn't eat much in case they realise why the hubby's wife is so HUNGRY), games for the kids, movie screening, portrait drawing and tattoo airspraying. Mostly kids stuff. 

The portrait drawing done for Josie. So cute. Made me regret not taking a video of her drawing. 

I had my arm inked too. Intially we chose this design for Josie. A unicorn, less scary for her. But it's too big on her. So... I had it done on me. Just me bein selfish and bossy. Cos I want to hear her point to my arm and say "美美" (pretty). Heh. 

I didn't manage to take much photos cos of the certain rule. But I wonder if it's still valid during events with kids especially. Haha. All the mamas just wanna take photos of their kids. Lol. 

Rolling in the sleep

She rolled off the bed again......... Hais. Ouch.

It's 3+ am.. She woke up searching for milk. And even though I was ready for her, she continued searching and rolling. The next moment I know it, *knok* and she was on the floor crying. Gosh.

I didn't want to turn on the lights to wake her up even more, so I didn't check if there's any injuries. But after I carried her, gave her a long tight hug, she calmed down and went back to sleep with some patting, she didn't even want comfort latching.


Immunization day

Josie is due for the MMR D2 vaccination today. We also opted for the Chicken Pox vaccination too. So she has two jabs in a day. 

The chicken pox vaccination has to be done in two parts. The second one will have to be at least 3 months later. And it cost $72 each, which can be paid by CDA or cash. 

My darling is my strong, brave dearie. Just a cry of complaint, as usual. You're the best! Love you my dear. 

Her measurements at 15 months 4 days 
Height 78.2 cm (50%)
Weight 10.4kg (75%)

She didn't gain weight for a while, which is a little worrying. Eat more Josie. 

Bao bao and hugs

Word of the day. Bao bao. 

She knows how to say "bao bao", which means carry 抱抱 in mandarin yesterday, but "perfected" it today. Lol. Sounded more obvious. 

The second event made me so touched and emotional. 

I was trying to make her sleep for the night. But she got whiney. So, I copied her and made crying sound while I rubbed my eyes. She got fascinated and stopped whining. Pried my hands away and looked at me with her big, round eyes. I continued to make crying sound, then.... She hugged me. 

Awwwwww.... So sweet. She hugged then looked at me, repeating thrice before I stopped "crying". Lol. 

Gosh. My little baby. She's so sweet.

Anyway, it's so difficult to take wefie with her nowadays. Keep moving and don't want to take with me. Lol. Maybe she don't like to be photobombed by me haha

Happy 15 Months Old

Another month has gone. Gosh. Baby you are growing up fast. Really. Mammy misses all your babyness. I just wish my brain can absorb and remember all my time with you. But you know mammy's forgetful tiny brain la... 

Cheeky, chatty, cheerful darling. Latest words: chou chou and mian bao. Only wants my hoodie pooh as sleeping or comfort companion. Knows to go to the room if she wants to milk or sleep/slack. Lately milk nonstop, like a newborn. Let mammy sleep a little longer at night please. 1-2hrly is quite tiring. We both are looking like pandas. 

Mammy, Daddy loves you. XOXO

Pineapple tarts

We spent our Sunday making pineapple tarts. Since we do not have the traditional pineapple tart shape mould, we just used the Pooh and Tigger cookie cutter. 

Cute huh. But the shape is alittle difficult to handle with the dough. Alittle ugly, but still cute and tasty. 

And since the first batch was such a success and we had so much pineapple paste left, we made batch 2, but in the pillow form. They taste just as nice. 

Gosh. Pineapple tarts overdose now. Lol. We made about 95 tarts in total. Woah.

Prep time
60 mins
Cook time
15 mins
Total time
75 mins
~45 tarts

  1. 125 g butter
  2. 420 g pineapple tart jam
  3. 200 g plain or all-purpose flour
  4. 20 g corn flour
  5. 1/4 tsp fine salt
  6. 1 large egg yolk
  7. 1/2 to 1 tbsp cold water
  8. 40 g icing sugar
  9. Egg wash (1 egg yolk and 1 tbsp water)
  1. Sift and mix flour, corn flour and salt to a large mixing bowl. 
  2. Rub cold butter into the flour with fingertips.
  3. Add egg yolk, cold water and sugar. Gently knead to a soft dough (do not over knead).
  4. Divide dough to 4 small portions. Wrap each portion in cling film, and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes to firm it up.
  5. Meanwhile, weigh and shape the pineapple jam to 6 gram balls.
  6. After 30 minutes of chilling, take out one portion of dough, at a time, from the fridge.
  7. Dust work surface and rolling pin with flour. Roll the dough to 7 mm thickness.
  8. Dust the mould with flour before cutting out the tart shells. Brush tart shells with egg wash.
  9. Space tart shell 1 cm apart on baking tray lined with parchment paper.
  10. Bake the tart shells at 180°C (356°F) middle rack for 10 minutes.
  11. After baking, place a ball of pineapple jam on the cavity of each tart shell.
  12. Return tart shells back to oven to continue baking for 5 minutes until golden.
  13. When the pineapple tarts are cooled, store them in an air-tight container.

Tonight's dinner

Today I made dinner. Nothing fantastic. But I'm proud haha..

Josie's first official class

It's the start of a new year. My facebook had been flooded with parents being excited and worried for their children's first day of school, be it N1, K1, P1, S1. Hahaha.. Amazing range huh. My turn soon. Next year maybe, and it will be N1 for her. Till then, it's play for now.

During Josie's 2nd trial of 3 classes, I signed up her for a 10 class weekly session. It's $550 for 10 classes and $60 registration fee. And they rebated my $88 for the trial. That's so awesome. I love savings. If I signed up for two terms, the savings for the classes is even more. But that's over a thousand dollars. An amount too big for this SAHM.

Exploring the gym

I'm not sure if it's because she's in a good mood, or simply because she's more used to going to class and having fun, Josie looked forward to today's class. She kept trying to peer into the gym and wanting to go in. But the gym is not opened till class time.

Trying to reach for the latch to open the door to go in

She had fun today. Busy Hi-5 ing teachers and classmates.

My happy baby

I'm really happy she had fun and learning things, at the expense of her Daddy's wallet =P

I was asking her where's Latte korkor. Haha.. She pointed downwards and said "Dog"

14 months 14 weeks

Just read an email update on baby's behaviour. It reads...

Hello from BabyCenter! 
Does your toddler sometimes hurt other children? It's not surprising – making another child yell or scream seems like great fun at this age. The good news is that your toddler doesn't mean to inflict pain on his playmates. When he pulls another child's hair, he's either fascinated by the reaction it provokes or copying someone else's behavior. The best response is to gently but firmly stop the hurtful behavior and  redirect your child's attention. The more he gets a rise out of you, the more likely he is to repeat the behavior. 


True that. Sometimes when Josie bites after nursing, or hit/scratch us, we tend to raise our voice to pain. Guess we have to learn to tolerate the pain (very very painful lor, esp the biting) before we react. Gosh. 

Kindermusic trial

Signed up for a 20 minutes Kindermusic trial with some of Josie's horsie friends. It's located in the Balestier vicinity. To be honest. I'm pretty stunned at myself. 20 minutes at such a far place. The traveling time there is much longer. Haha. 

Anyway, Josie did enjoyed herself. Mostly anyway. She still hates stuff toys. The stuffed puppet just puts her off, while she was pretty gamed for the others. Slower in reaction, but still managed it in the end. Her daddy was proud of her, seeing her interact with the teacher and reacting to some instructions. Great job Josie. 

The promotion for this open house trial is VERY attractive. If only the location is much more accessible, or let me be greedier, nearer. I didn't sign up for the classes due to the accessibility. It's a shame. Really. 

Sigh... Time to look for some other program to sign her up. And oh ya. Playgroup. I have to start doing homework. Lazy bum. 

Vocabulary in 2015

At the end of 2015, at 14 months 21 days, here's the list of words she can say. 

- Baby
- Bag
- Bear
- Bird
- Dog
- Duck
- Papa
- Meimei
- Mian bao (bread in chinese)
- Mum mum (eat)
- No
- No more
- Na (give in chinese)

Sometimes she said these words without saying it as it's meaning though.