New words

Josie learnt a new word yesterday: bubbles

The teachers were blowing bubbles for the swing play, and somehow, she picked it up. Cool. 

Then... These few days, she started perfecting her flying kiss with sound effect "ah makk". Heh. Finally. At 16 months. It took her so long to do the flying kiss. And now it's with a muacks. 

Then... Today she was looking up at the kitchen table top and saying "cake". There were the water jugs and Latte's biscuits. I didn't know what she was saying until teabreak time. She meant biscuits, "-cuits" without the "bi-".

It will be such a wonderful day with all these new words but I was totally drained out. Her cryings for nothing. Haven't start to eat, scream and cry. Calmed down and continued eating, eat halfway scream and cry again. Night feeds increased with midnight wakings that lasted 2 hours and yet waking up so early in the morning. Before every nap or sleep, screams and cries. Crying for milk yet rejecting to drink milk. 

Sigh. Can make up your mind? Mammy very tired and bad mood with your crankiness. Don't always cry and scream like kenna tortured please. Mammy is very sad when you do that especially with all the love I showered you with. I already forsee that I will have depression when you reach your rebellious teen stage, if I don't break down before that... 

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