7th tooth

11 months 19 days

Today I spotted baby's 7th tooth (her bottom left) while bathing her. The reason why she has been "eating" her thumb lately. Haha slow mammy.

She's drooling again, so I guess tooth #8 is coming soon. 

It's back

Ok. It's back. The menses is back when baby is 11months 18 days. 

It doesn't feel good. I feel sick and weak. Sigh. I need my strength, energy and mood to take care of my darling. AF, please treat me nicer, thank you. I really hope my milk supply isn't affected that much. Sorry darling, you may feel alittle fustrated with milk milk these few days. 

Baby waves byebye

11 months 7 days

She has been waving since 8 months old, first with two hands, then with one.

Earlier on in the day, the hubs sent us to the MRT station and we said our byes. And baby started waving after entering the gantry. She knows!

Then after dinner, the hubs left for school. Baby waved bye again.

Aww.. Heart melts

Teeth #5 and #6

11 months 7 days

I saw two white dots at the top gum on either side of her front teeth. Hello teeth #5 and #6. Darling kept drooling (very wet lips) the past few weeks and biting her thumb. Teething is painful. 

Passing things

11 months 5 days 

Baby learns to pass things to me and accepts when I pass it back to her. With her favourite bathing balls and duck.

Baby says "Bear"

11 months 5 days

Baby repeated "Bear" after me when she was playing with my Pooh Bear soft toy. Aww.. and she said it with such a sweet voice. My little darling. Mammy heart melts.

Haha baby's at her throwing everything out stage. Poor Poohbear. Poor Nila. 

Happy 11 Months Old

Happy 11 months young! 
Omg in another month you will be one year old. Too fast! Mammy not ready! I still remember... %insert grandmama story% ... XOXO Daddy and Mammy love you 😘❤️❤️

Playdate with the twin friends

Impromptu playdate with twin brothers Sean and Joel. Glad to see baby playing well with others even though she is 6 months younger than them.

She even promoted a walking Joel to crawl with her. Lol. Mummy Janice says that Sean, who doesn't like to drink water from the straw cup, saw Josie drinking, started to drink from one that day. 

Playdates are all about learning together, growing together and having fun!

Latte goes grooming

Hubby sent Latte to his grooming before we went on our Saturdate. Then I went with Baby to fetch him when Latte is done while hubby gets our dinner. 

Latte was placed at the display area. Baby and I walked up to him, waved and called him, but he had no reaction until much later. Sigh. Poor boy. I think he's over stimulated from too much people watching. He was all excited when I went in and fetch him. 

He was dragging us to go home asap. 

Back home, he was so so so tired. My poor boy. Does over stimulation occur in dogs just like babies? 


Baby eats yoghurt for the first time. And I think she likes it. Haha. Not blw, but spoonfed.

She finished half of this. Mundella banana yoghurt for babies and toddlers. I wonder if she can eat the normal plain yoghurt that we adults eat? Hmm.. Think no right? 

Little Diner

Hubby initiated a Saturdate for today. He went searching for a nice place for us to have lunch. His initial choice was met with some hiccups, and found an even better choice, and made a reservation days before. 

So! Our big date (today is our 154 by the way) was at Little Diner, located at 789 Bukit Timah Road. Parking was a little difficult outside the restaurant. Many parked huge cars, and squeezy lots space. We parked at Guthrie House, about 5 minutes walking. 

Preview of our lunch. Yum yum. 

Little Dinner looks like a space restricted place from the outside. Inside, it's still small, but not as small as what I imagined. Cozy place, friendly people. Lovely. 

On every reserved table, there's a tiny handwritten note with the name of the person the table is reserved to, time and number of people. Lovely gesture. When we were seated, we were served almost immediately with water. Even baby gets her cup of water in a plastic cup and and shorter (than the adults') straw. 

Little Diner's promotions are listed at a glance on the wall. 

Ok.. The dog's portrait is cute. Our Latte at this point of time, is having his grooming session, being served like a king. 

My order: Omelette of the Day (Smoked Salmon) ... S$15.50
Served with Thick Brioche Toast & Mix Greens.

Lol. The description said to have toast? But my order doesn't come with toast. Made me feel not totally satisfied (in terms of full). However, the omelette is very thick, and it wrapped a very thick layer of smoked salmon. Delicious. Though a little too salty. But worth the value. 

Hubby's order: The Italian Benedict ... S$19.50
Parma Ham Slices, Roasted Red Bell Peppers, Sautéed Mushrooms, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise Sauce on Toasted Brioche. Side of Baby Green Salad.

Oh I love his. Delicious poached eggs with hallamdaise sauce. When eggs are nicely done, it's a winner. Did I ever mention I love eating eggs?

Our coffees. Hubby's Mocha S$5.50 and my small cup of Cappuccino S$4.80 (there are two sizes to choose for Cappuccino). Delicious coffee. Little Diner serve coffee from Toby's Estate. What more need I say?

Overall, love the food, love the people. Baby friendly too, with high chairs and child cutlery. We'll be back to try the other food that we saw served to other tables (greedy us lol).  

Little Diner
789 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 269763
Make your reservations via Chope! http://book.chope.co/mr/booking?rid=littlediner1210ldra-4

Happy news

Tha happiest news for today. This morning. Baby pooped!! Like finally. She had not pooped for 4 days. Today is the 5th day. Luckily and finally she did. We had her drink water mixed with a sachet of probiotics yesterday morning and today.

This is the probiotics she takes whenever this situation happens. 

Happy for the small yet important things in life. #lifeofamother #lifeofafather 

Popular book buffet

Baby and I journeyed to the far far east for a Book Buffet by Popular Bookshop. It's held in Singapore Expo from 3rd September to 6th September.

More information (from a friend's sms): 
<ADV>POPULAR BOOK BUFFET@EXPO 3-6 Sep Hall 6B.Closed-Door 3Sep. Buy 15 books @ $30; 30 books @ $50. POSB EverydayCard 10% rebate.T&C. http://bit.ly/1N6kotO

It's indeed far for me. A 3-hour journey to and fro on the MRT. At the end of the day, it's pretty worth it though. 

A mummy friend mentioned that it was Teacher's day. Meaning there will be loads of parents and students. Why didn't I think of that. Hmm.. There really are alot of people. It was pretty difficult navigating through the tight lanes lined with people and their trolleys with my trolley, my baby in front and my backpack on my back. I'm glad I didn't bring my pram. Not sure how to navigate through with my lousy skills and having so many things. Plus, high chance, baby will be pulling stuff down. Lol. 

There were at least 8 areas of children books for the books buffet. There are adults fiction and recipe books too. But they didn't get my interest. 

Mid way, baby fell asleep. Envious of my little angel as I was feeling sleepy and giddy at scanning through the books. 

The red trolley provided by Popular for carting out is not full. But I can feel and hear it complaining on the weight it's carrying. Haha... 

The amazing thing about this trip is, I babywear my little one throughout the whole shopping trip while I comb through tables and tables of books and travelled home with two heavy bags of books. Hurray to babywearing. Luckily I had 10 months of practising babywearing out my baby by myself, going to near or far places for long period of time and of course like this day, with heavy stuff. I'm amazed by my strength. 

Two big bags. Very very heavy. I had to stop to take breaks in between. 

My loot of the day. All baby books. All board books. Some are duplicates, to gift my friends' kids. Majority are darling's. Haha. Need to wipe them clean. They are all too dusty. 

Side note, I didn't know about this nursing area near the entrance to Expo from the MRT. Pretty cool. There are four cubicles, one of which I tried entering but the door was unable to close. Two changing counters. One sink.