Popular book buffet

Baby and I journeyed to the far far east for a Book Buffet by Popular Bookshop. It's held in Singapore Expo from 3rd September to 6th September.

More information (from a friend's sms): 
<ADV>POPULAR BOOK BUFFET@EXPO 3-6 Sep Hall 6B.Closed-Door 3Sep. Buy 15 books @ $30; 30 books @ $50. POSB EverydayCard 10% rebate.T&C. http://bit.ly/1N6kotO

It's indeed far for me. A 3-hour journey to and fro on the MRT. At the end of the day, it's pretty worth it though. 

A mummy friend mentioned that it was Teacher's day. Meaning there will be loads of parents and students. Why didn't I think of that. Hmm.. There really are alot of people. It was pretty difficult navigating through the tight lanes lined with people and their trolleys with my trolley, my baby in front and my backpack on my back. I'm glad I didn't bring my pram. Not sure how to navigate through with my lousy skills and having so many things. Plus, high chance, baby will be pulling stuff down. Lol. 

There were at least 8 areas of children books for the books buffet. There are adults fiction and recipe books too. But they didn't get my interest. 

Mid way, baby fell asleep. Envious of my little angel as I was feeling sleepy and giddy at scanning through the books. 

The red trolley provided by Popular for carting out is not full. But I can feel and hear it complaining on the weight it's carrying. Haha... 

The amazing thing about this trip is, I babywear my little one throughout the whole shopping trip while I comb through tables and tables of books and travelled home with two heavy bags of books. Hurray to babywearing. Luckily I had 10 months of practising babywearing out my baby by myself, going to near or far places for long period of time and of course like this day, with heavy stuff. I'm amazed by my strength. 

Two big bags. Very very heavy. I had to stop to take breaks in between. 

My loot of the day. All baby books. All board books. Some are duplicates, to gift my friends' kids. Majority are darling's. Haha. Need to wipe them clean. They are all too dusty. 

Side note, I didn't know about this nursing area near the entrance to Expo from the MRT. Pretty cool. There are four cubicles, one of which I tried entering but the door was unable to close. Two changing counters. One sink. 

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