Pumpkin Oats cookies

Made these today. And also some puff size and some stick shaped. She was keen to bite the stick ones after some persuasion. The puff shaped ones, she attempted, but it was too hard, and she threw down for Latte. She was bored by the time I gave her the rabbit shaped. I shall test it again later. 

Sigh. I'm a little at my wits end. She's not keen to eat anything. Spoonfed, self fed, or i feed with my hand. 

Anyway, the puff shaped taste really nice. Lol. I like it. Maybe it's small, hence crunchier, and in the end, too hard for her. Next time must try short timing for the puffs. 

- Pumpkins
- Baby Oats

1. Steamed the pumpkin
2. Mixed both together
3. Bake at 170 degrees for about 12 mins

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