Low level apartment


When you have a baby, it is quite irritating to be staying so low level (6th floor and below) or have a carpark directly below. 

The loud revving engine of a motorcycle for more than a minute wakes a sleeping baby. Worse is, if you have just painfully just put the baby to sleep. The horning of cars for a wedding gatecrash scares a baby awake from her sleep. 

Congrats (heartfelt congrats and not being sarcastic) to the wedding couple whose gatecrashing is happening downstairs. 

Here's my sunshine when she's not grumpy. 

Smile smile

Our little one is starting to smile in response and is also starting to coo and communicate with us once in a while. 

Love you Josie. 

Weird dreams

These few days I had been having WEIRD dreams. I remember bits and pieces when I wake up, but I try not to keep them in my memory as they are just TOO weird. I wonder if it is because I have not been resting enough? .. though lately dear LO has been giving me more time to rest at night than before.

Image from unsplash.com

Update on the eye

Update on my swollen eye. These two days had been this bad. But I believe the sty is healing. Sighs. Sleepy night feeds are far from over. Guess they will keep reappearing until I'm well rested. 

I know I look scary. 

6 weeks

Yesterday we brought little Josie for her jaundice check, one month checkup (1 week late due to some miscommunications) and Hep B2 vaccination. 

For jaundice, the level is coming down, but still not low enough. Sigh. I foresee another month of blood test and followup. Quite sick of going to the polyclinic weekly and having my little girl suffer the drawing blood process and hearing the same result "going down but very slowly". 

For the one month check, I think she's growing well. Height is acceptable, but weight, the nurse is unable to accept the first measurement and we went to weigh again. I guess the milk that she drinks is too nutritious. But not that we can do anything about it. Maybe I have to be careful of what I eat >.<

When we were going through the one month check, she started telling us that she was hungry. And by the time the needle went in for the vaccination, we could not differentiate whether she was crying from hunger (by the way it was not meal time yet, but needed a snack) or from the injection. The hubby and I thinks it was from wanting milk. Haha. 

She's 6 weeks old now. 

Married at First Sight

Just watched an episode of Married at First Sight. It's a series on Lifetime channel on a social experiment of six indivduals, marrying at first sight, matchmake by 4 experts. 

They are so brave to do this. Marrying a stranger, a stranger that they meet for the first time walking down the aisle. And they have to make the decision on the spot whether they want to go through with the ceremony. Scary. But it's interesting to watch.

Sidetrack... My current favourite channel is Lifetime channel 514. I don't watch alot of TV shows as I'm pretty occupied watching my own real time show. There's Masterchef Australia and a few of these social experiements show. 


Today her BCG burst. Dried skin came off. Pus ooze out. And bled. The bump got bigger two days ago. So for little Josie, her body reaction to BCG is about 6weeks. 

Nothing to be worried about, just have to keep the area clean and dry. 

Swollen eyes part 2

Haiyo. My swollen eyes from last week got better and about to recover two days ago. But today, another bump popped up and my right eye is swelling up again. Haiyo haiyo...

Growth Spurt?

Read this article earlier on. I understand and feel what the author went through. I'm always at loss when the LO cries inconsolably. And I always try to give her whatever she wants and needs to make her feel better. My heart aches whenever she cries nonstop, sounding like she's in pain.

However I'm not too sure if my LO is going through a growth spurt too. She's 6 weeks old tomorrow. 

Swollen eyes

Have been busy with the LO. My eyes got the effect from being sleep deprived. Swollen and red. It was the worst yesterday. It feels tiring to even open my eyes. Luckily it is a little better today. Less swollen, less red. 

Today and tomorrow we will be holding my girl's full month celebration. So I am glad I can open my eyes. Haha...

My lifesaver for these few days. 

Worry 1: Cleared.

At birth, LO was given an appointment to return to the hospital for an ultrascan and doctor's review as there was some concern regarding the size of her kidneys. 

And she is cleared for the concern today. Yippie. Love you lots my precious. 

Little fists in action

Our little girl sometimes looks for something to grab onto while feeding now. 

Mummy loves you. 

End of my 28 days confinement

Finally ended my 28 days of confinement with no confinement lady, just 13 days of day time help from my lovely mummy. And throughout the whole confinement, I did not strictly do or not do what I am supposed to.

Staying home and rest
New mummies are tired and weak from the labour and loss of blood (scarily ALOT), hence they have to confine at home to rest. However, I do not have such benefit. Baby has jaundice and I had been going out so very often since day 4. To the polyclinic and to the hospital. She's still has jaundice even till now. Going back for another blood test this coming Monday. 

No showering/washing hair
Showering and washing of hair is said to cause wind in the body. I showered and washed my hair everyday since day 2. I was too weak and giddy on day 1, if not, I would have showered. I was so hot, sticky and stinky especially after all the heaty confinement meals. And I only started showering with the herbs (大风艾) from week 2. Oops. 

No drinking of water
Water causes water retention from pregnancy to remain in the boody. But I had medication and supplements to eat. So I had to swallow with water. Just that. I only drink herbal soups, red date drinks, milo and holick for fluid intake. 

No direct blowing from fans
Another reason for causing wind in the body, For the whole month, the aircon was on (Ouch..the bill is going to be very scary). And sometimes it wasn't cool enough. Hence the fan. Oops. And the living room is without aircon, so when I have my heaty confinement meals, the fan is sometimes turned on. Even so, I would still sweat like nobody's business. 

No touching of water
Everytime after I change my girl's diaper, after meals, after using the toilet, after touching Latte (our Japanese Spitz), I have to wash my hands. I have to touch water to bathe my girl too. Oh and washing the pump and sterilizing needs water. Some mentioned to try to use hot water for washing of hands, but our tap does not have hot water outlet for washing hands. 

Everything Ginger
To the Chinese, ginger is good for expelling wind in the body. Almost every dish in the confinement meals has ginger in it. But after knowing LO has jaundice, I picked out the ginger slices in the dishes. I doubt there is much help by doing that since all the dishes has been ginger-fied. 

My last confinement meal from Rich Food Confinement

I hope that even though I skipped alot of these Chinese old wives tales, my body will somehow not be weak as nagged by the elders. Good luck to me.

4 weeks

She's four weeks old today. Time passes so fast. 28 days has passed. My dear LO has become so different. I missed how she felt like when she was just born. But love how she is able to react a little to us now.

Love her to bits. 

I'm getting the hang of breastfeeding. And she's getting the hang of day and night (fingers crossed). We are finishing all the newborn diapers and moving on to S size. Time really passes by so quickly.

My dear, grow up strong and healthy. XOXO

Happy 12 Years Anniversary

It's our twelveth year together. So many years has passed. We went through so many things together. Hope that we have more sweet happenings together than sour ones while we continue to count the years together.

The hubby got me this neck massager, Tinkle Touch from Ogawa. It has 6 vibrations to choose from and has this stereo speakers that you can plug in your mp3 player or phone to play your favourite music.

Personally I find the vibrations very itchy. Haha. Vibrates my fats too much.. Have yet to try the speakers. But it's a great neck support when I feed the LO. Eased my neck muscles. 

Thank you hubby for the gift. Hope you like my final piece of the 4-part toy collection.

Cranky night baby

It's 7am in the morning. And I've been up since 1.30am. The girl just went to sleep. Not sure why but she has been like this for days. She sleeps through the day and very awake and cranky at night. 

She struggles and cries all the way at night. Nothing seems to pacify her. She is more calm when being carried but cries and struggles just a while later. I can't put her down, she cries even more. I'm feeding on demand and yet it doesn't seem to satisfy her. After every feed, both of us get to rest for 10-20 minutes before the crankiness start again. 

I'm tired. Don't think I had sleep more than 4 hours each day. Sigh. How?

But I still love her alot. My patience for her is greater than my patience for anyone else. Lol. 

Baby at Day 23. XOXO