Fluff Mail

Fluffmail has restocked! And I had been eyeing one of them for a while. It got my heart all itching for it. With approval, I had paid for it. Oh my Autumn~

Can't wait for it to arrive.

Last online shopping done for 2014

Vote for baby Josie

Please help to vote for darling Josie~

Thank you!

Saprinos Pizza for post Christmas gathering

[Rant].. Crap. I accidentally overwrote my almost completed draft with an empty draft. Gotta redo the whole post. Crap. [/Endof Rant]

Finally after 2 hiccups, I'm able to meet up with my gfs. Location, my place.

Ordered Sarpino's Pizza for lunch. 2 large classic pizzas for $35, with $3 delivery fee. They came well within the time frame and very on the dot. Besides pizza, CL topped up the meal with winglets and I airfried fries and chicken nuggets. We were all super full at the end of the meal.

It's my first time having pizzas from Sarpino's. Quite tasty. The crust is thick, but not to a point that we will feel sick of it. Everyone finished the crust. As for the ingredients, maybe I was too hungry cos the two taste pretty similar except I managed to taste pineapple from the Aloha pizzas. Ahh... It must be me being too hungry. Oopss...

SAN REMO - Grilled oregano chicken strips loaded with roasted red peppers, parmesa and mozzarella cheese

ALOHA - Turkey bacon and sweet pineapples topped with mozzarella cheese

Gifts from the girls. Thank you!

XY bought this Popin Cookin (See this video of what it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5jiLWNE9Cw) to try out. Is that popular now? #old #outoftouch #nottrendingafterbeingamom

Here's one of the completed gummy. The rainbow color is pretty. But the girls were saying that the power and coloring powder seems too chemicalish, they dare not eat. 

The baby boss was busy sleeping or eating. The girls didn't get to play much with her. Well, she's still a baby too. In another few months she will be much more receptive to playing. 

Sacha & Sons

Sacha & Sons is Singapore's first New York Delicatessen located in Mandarin Gallery. They offer hand rolled bagels, house cured and smoked pastrami and house cured pickles.

Being one of the new additions in town (based on this link on Burpple), we chose to try out this restaurant for a gathering with my ex colleagues and also thinking it will be more spacious (cos of the boss's stroller) and it accepts reservation. It does has space to put our stroller, but only for those two large tables which are a step up and through a small opening. We have to carry out the boss, keep the stroller, go up the step and open it back. The other smaller tables are just too cramp to place a stroller.

After much deliberation, here's what are mine and the hubs' orders. The others had beef. 

Toasted Bagel with Smoked Salmon and Caramelised Onions Scrambled Egg [S$18.00++]
I like how the scrambled egg with smoked salmon and caramelised onions taste. Really delicious. But the bagel, I'm not too sure whether it's because it had gotten cold (It was left awhile as I was away to nurse my boss) or it is as it is, HARD. The sandwiches the other had were hard too. 

Chicken Schnitzel w Mustard and Coleslaw [S$16.00++]
The chicken is pretty normal for me though. The hubs likes the pickles. The sandwich, as the bagel is, was hard. Too hard to cut through with fork and knife. 

Located on level 3 of Mandarin Gallery, next to the escalator. There are loads of waiting seats outside. Long waiting queue eh? 

Menu on the board. Oh. Ordering and payment is made at the counter. And plain water is served only after we moved our butts to the counter. Haha cos we were all seated down and waiting for all to come. Then we were thinking, why no service for water?

The reservation was made via Chope online. And they have the tablet queuing system at the main entrance. Guess this system is more frequently seen at restaurants nowadays. 

Generally, this will be my only trip there, unless friends specifically request to come here. The hard bread is quite a turn off for me. Our jaws were very overworked.

Sacha & Sons
333A Orchard Road #03-02 Mandarin Gallery Singapore 238897
Opening Hours: 9am – 9pm (Sun-Thurs), 9am – 10pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Boxing Day

Received many presents this Christmas. And I did not prepare much or even any for some. Feel bad. No time to shop retail. Too overwhelmed to shop online. Baby boss gave me lots of projects 24/7. 

Thank you all for the gifts!!

Baby boss received many presents too...

Happy Boxing Day!

Merry Christmas

It's the time of the year of merry making and gatherings.

xoxo with love from lil Josie and us.

Merry Christmas and have a jolly day

Christmas Eve

The hub is on off for the day and out little family went to collect his new IC and passport at ICA. Intended to go Bugis for lunch, but we backtracked back into the train when we saw the almost full train station. 

We ended up in Kallang Wave. I haven't been there before and neither has little Josie. First thing we went to do was to feed little Josie. BUT there wasn't any nursing room in this new (consider new as it's not even like more than 6 months) mall. Omg. We stood in the nappy room to feed. Ouch my back. 

Next was to feed the parents. We went to the Manhattan Fish Market located at level 1. The restaurant's entrance is outside the mall. There wasn't much people dining at that time since it was already 2 plus. We had the set lunches. 

Soup of the day was the Light Beetroot Soup. We had seen homecooks in Masterchef Australia using beetroot but we have never tasted it before. It's quite nice. Sweet and tasty. 

The hub's Scallop Americana. Spicy. Nay for me. Hub didn't really enjoy his meal as little Josie was fussing so he had to entertain our little boss. 

My Costa Baked Seafood with rice. There's fish, sotong and scallop (i think). Quite worth for the mix of seafood and it's filling.

Dessert that came with one of the topup. The Super Fruit Crumble. I love it. It's a double scoop vanilla icecream with cranberry bits on top, apple sauce by the sides and lots of crispy crumble on top, middle and bottom. I really love this dessert. And it's only $4.90 ala carte or extra $2 for the topup set lunch. Worth. 

This is the set lunch promotion the mfm is offering. We had one with drink and soup and another with drink, soup and dessert. The dessert is totally worth it. Haha..

After touring a little in the mall, we went to ubi to buy one roast duck home for dinner. Our annual roast duck feast for Christmas Eve. Just for the two of us. 

And not to forget, a year ago today, we bought and brought Latte home. He was so tiny and cute then. Now he's so mischievous. 

Before we went to bed, the hubby gave me a pink jacket Pooh for Christmas. Thank you *muacks*

Good night and Merry Christmas!

10 weeks

Before today, the bub has slept from 1 to 2 to 3, 4, 5, 6 hours. Today, she had reached a new record of 7 hours. Which means we slept through the night together! Yippie! 

However, since she's only 10weeks old today, I can't help but be a little worried that she did not feed enough. She's still an infant and needs her milk. Maybe she is going through a growth spurt and currently she needs more sleep than milk? 

Downside is... Both my boobs were leaking. Yup. I was woken up by them instead of my little snoozing alarm. Haha...


I had been considering getting a ringsling for my LO for a while now. I'm thinking that it will be much cooler (for both LO and myself) and easier (to dine outside) with a ringsling. Girlfriend had loaned me hers, but I have not had succeeded in wearing my baby. I'm not sure whether it's because LO doesn't like it or I'm too ganjiong and she can feel it or the material is too slippery or because whenever I try it, she suddenly decided she wants to snack.

Then, recently there's this video circulating on Facebook. It shows a mummy using a stretchy wrap to wear her baby. And it got me thinking whether I should get that instead. I was looking at a Boba Wrap.

Boba Wrap from Amazon.com

THEN... I joined the Babywearing Singapore group to learn more. Advised the "seniors", a woven wrap is better than a stretchy wrap in terms of longer lifespan. Babies grow, so being stretchy will lead to baby slipping downwards and have to keep readjusting. So, stretchy wrap, out.

Now I'm considering between a woven ring sling or a woven wrap. And there are sooo many choices. There are many very pretty designs and so are the prices. And also, another thing to consider is the learning curve. Sling seems difficult as I have difficulty with my girlfriend's loan. Wrap seems to have a steeper learning curve but has more versatility. My head is getting bigger and bigger by the day.

And MGG had me thinking... Really thinking... Should I get a MGG mei tai instead?

Here are some finds that I LOVE or deciding...

Madame Googoo (MGG for short) - I love the fabric designs!! LOVE! Her Mei Tais are very unique and pretty!

MADAME GOOGOO ® is a Polish brand designing safe carriers and slings for carrying children. They are made from excellent quality fabrics, rich in designs and bright colors.

Lenny Lamb - A more affordable brand with a Singapore distributor, http://www.fluffmail.com.sg/, but for those I like, Fluffmail either don't carry or it is out of stock.

LennyLamb Company is a family business and initiative of people that are fascinated by the phenomenon of babywearing.

Little Frog - A more affordable brand that has really nice fabric color. But I have not yet figure out how to buy from here.

Little Frog is a 100% Polish brand of high quality baby wraps, designed and created by Marzena and Patryk - the proud parents of two daughters, Nela and Pola.

** Update 19 December 2014. 
I have decided. My next buy will be a Mei Tai. Time to save up. 

Instagram new filters

I had just updated Instagram on my phone and there are 5 new filters to choose from for future postings. Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. I kinda like Ludwig. 

I like how each filter is represented by a "preview" though it's too blur to see anything. It's nice.

Worry 2: Cleared

Finally. After two long months of visiting the hospital (inital 1 week) and polyclinic, little Josie's jaundice is finally below 100. And we do not need to go back again to check. Hip hip hurray!! No more poking to draw blood. Her small little feet has so many holes now. Heartpain. 

I'm glad. I'm happy. Really very happy. 


Baby Pooh and Baby Stitch

Little Josie's aunt just bought her more kawaii clothes. This time there is a Pooh and a Stitch onesie. Super cute. It will look like carrying/hugging a pooh or stitch. But she's not really keen on modelling them. I've only managed to take some photos, since her attention span is too short. 

Little Pooh bear

Little Stitch (this onesie is of a bigger size, L than Pooh's M size)

Thank you, Josie's aunt. 

Brizo Restaurant & Bar

Ok.. This is a very backdated post. Took me awhile to finish the entire post. Seldom get the chance to sit in front of the computer for more than 2 hours.

The hubby planned and had us head to Brizo Restaurant & Bar two weeks after my confinement. I have no idea what Brizo offers. All I know that we were going to have buffet. And did not do any homework prior to the dinner, except for the location so that I can help navigate with the GPS. Haha...

Here is what is online (checked them out only when blogging this post)
Crazier About 26 Types of Seafood and Crabs
Experience multiple bursts of ecstasy from September to November as Brizo Restaurant & Bar reels in the most succulent catch of the sea and prepares a magnificent feast of more than 26 seafood and crab creations, coupled with cold selections, pizzas and desserts that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Lip smacking highlights include Boston Lobsters, Alaskan Crabs, Brizo’s Signature Heavenly Fragrance Crabs, Salted Egg Crabs, Steamed XO Crabs, Chilli Crabs, Pepper Crabs, Oysters, Chilean Scallops, Sashimi, Sugarcane Prawns and Har Lok Tiger Prawns, Baked Mussels with Herbs Crust, Scallops & Potato Au Gratin, Seafood Paella, Frutti Di Mari Pizza, Whole Baked Sambal Snapper, and more.

Buffet Dinner with complimentary parking:
(Thursdays to Sundays, 6.30pm to 10.30pm)

$60++ per person
$90++ per person (inclusive of wine, beer and soft drinks)
$100++ per person (inclusive of champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks)
Children under 12 years old enjoy 50% off.

We got there a little before 6.30pm and there were not almost nobody. After we settled down, a waitress came over and told us that we can start. So I started with photo taking. Just when I was done with photos, customers started streaming in, and before we know it, the place (indoors) was almost full. They have outdoor seatings too, though very few chose to sit outdoors.

We started with the cold food first. Yum yum at the sashimi, crabs and prawns. Little Josie started to want attention then, so it was quite a rush rush meal from then on.

Had a few mouthfuls of this Seafood Paella that hubby took for me. Quite nice and it's a little spicy.

They have four crabs for us that night. Looks pretty majestic right? All the crab dishes is laid out there for the customers to take.

Steamed XO Crabs are in the steaming basket, which, we kinda missed out. Blur us. But we did see many of the customers eating it.

Brizo’s Signature Heavenly Fragrance Crabs ... Sorry.. we did not try too. I was too busy with Little Josie and hubby was already disappointed with the freshness of the crabs to try this.

Butter Crabs is just crabs in butter. If only they serve salted egg crabs.... Ahh... My second favourite kind of crabs.

Chilli Crabs, alittle disappointing for me. I love chilli crabs among all the different kinds of crabs available in Singapore. The gravy is spicy, but not tasty enough. I love have fried buns dip in the grav, but that day I actually prefer to eat the bun without the gravy.

XO Fried Rice, is fried rice with huge prawns fried in XO sauce. I love fried rice. This is not too bad, but I did not went for a second.

The side dishes consists of two selection of pizzas, Whole Baked Sambal Snapper, Sugarcane Prawns and so on.

I think I had more desserts than mains. I love this Chocolate cake. Really. LOVE. Ever since I was pregnant, I love Chocolate stuff even more. Even hubby also agreed that this chocolate cake is GOOD. The marble cake was average, and the strawberry cake is quite nice too.

And this durian SHOT. YUMS. Very durian-ish. Haha.. I know it's a weird description, but it's a right adjective. Every mouthful is full of the rich durian taste. Great for durian lovers. (I'm recently converted Hahaha)

The service was ok. No real good or bad stuff to comment. If we really gotta nit grit, it would be refilling of our warm water and they forgot to give us the complimentary carpark coupon.

As to whether we will return, we would not. The highlights are seafood, and mostly are the crabs. And yet the crabs can be improved so much. It's not just our thoughts. Hubby heard from neighboring tables, whom are veteran crab eaters, commented on the freshness and the taste of the crabs available.

Brizo Restaurant & Bar
Park Hotel Clarke Quay
1 Unity St, Singapore 237983
6593 8899

8 weeks

Cheers to my happy, smiley 8 week old Josie. It has been a week full of new developments. She has been lip-tongue-smacking the whole evening today. 

My dear Josie. Hope that you be strong and healthy. And always be a smiling, happy girl. 

Colic go far far away from my LO. 


Baby talk

Little Josie has been talking alittle more. Though yesterday she didn't call "maaa", she did today. These two days have been ang guee-ing, ahhh-ing and smiling more. Oh and smiling while in her sleep. Sometimes it's laughter. Aww sweet little Josie. 



Little Josie called out "maaa" today. Once. Yesterday she maaa too. But we were not sure. Today I'm sure. Haha. With the roll over and the maaa. Bliss..

Lotte Binch

Hubby's colleague just got back from his Korea holiday with some biscuit snacks as souvenir. And I got to sample it. Yay~ *sneaky sneaky* Yums.. The biscuit is delicious~

It's a round biscuit with milk chocolate coated on one side. A vintage vehicle is embossed on the chocolate. 

The side of the crispy biscuit that is not coated. I'm a fan of anything chocolate. Love this biscuit.

I did a generic search of the biscuit and it is available in Singapore too. Haha..