Saprinos Pizza for post Christmas gathering

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Finally after 2 hiccups, I'm able to meet up with my gfs. Location, my place.

Ordered Sarpino's Pizza for lunch. 2 large classic pizzas for $35, with $3 delivery fee. They came well within the time frame and very on the dot. Besides pizza, CL topped up the meal with winglets and I airfried fries and chicken nuggets. We were all super full at the end of the meal.

It's my first time having pizzas from Sarpino's. Quite tasty. The crust is thick, but not to a point that we will feel sick of it. Everyone finished the crust. As for the ingredients, maybe I was too hungry cos the two taste pretty similar except I managed to taste pineapple from the Aloha pizzas. Ahh... It must be me being too hungry. Oopss...

SAN REMO - Grilled oregano chicken strips loaded with roasted red peppers, parmesa and mozzarella cheese

ALOHA - Turkey bacon and sweet pineapples topped with mozzarella cheese

Gifts from the girls. Thank you!

XY bought this Popin Cookin (See this video of what it is: to try out. Is that popular now? #old #outoftouch #nottrendingafterbeingamom

Here's one of the completed gummy. The rainbow color is pretty. But the girls were saying that the power and coloring powder seems too chemicalish, they dare not eat. 

The baby boss was busy sleeping or eating. The girls didn't get to play much with her. Well, she's still a baby too. In another few months she will be much more receptive to playing. 

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