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Curry Chicken

I was on my way home and I walked past many restaurants. One of the restaurants was serving curry. It made me crave to eat curry almost immediately. And to satisfy this sudden craving, I had curry chicken for dinner at the Food Junction in Lot One.

Maison Ikkoku

"A lifestyle boutique combining mid-high end international menswear retail, a café centered on quality coffee and the perfect semi-alfresco cocktail bar."

Lunch with my colleagues at the Cafe of Maison Ikkoku. My colleagues love the coffee and cakes here. They have an ongoing promotion
"1 Complimentary drink worth $5 or less from 1130am-230pm (bottled drinks add $0.50)"

SALAD NICOISE  - Mixed greens + tuna chunks + truss cherry tomatoes + black olives + baby potatoes + hard boiled egg + French beans + purple onions + anchovies + French vinaigrette

Colleague's latte. Pretty drawing on the latte.

PARISIEN TUNA - Tuna mayonnaise + black olives + red radish + spanish onions + fresh tomatoes + baby spinach + boiled egg + red wine vinaigrette

CAESAR SALAD - Romaine lettuce + ciabatta croutons + hard boiled egg + caesar dressing + shredded parmesan. This is my order. Very cheesy, very fresh. Love this. Love the crispy ciabatta croutons. I was not able to finish it, as it…

MDF January 2013

I submitted my SMS ever since the start of announcing this month's Must Drink Friday. Actually it was until the day before, to try my luck again by sending out another, then did I realise, my first sms was not sent out at all. Up till Friday morning itself, only then did I receive the sms invitation to the event. And I was not dressed to the theme, Bikinis and Boardshorts. To be honest, I was not even dressed for beach.

January's Must Drink Friday is held in the newly opened Mambo Beach Club. It is located in Sentosa, along Siloso Beach, previously Cafe De Mar. I managed to scout for 3 other friends to go with me (I have the invitation to bring 3 friends), and we all were in office attire.

Must Drink Friday's never changing custom, is the free flow of drinks. At Mambo Beach Club, we were given a choice of Vodka, Tequila and Carlsberg beer.

At around 9pm, the HOT FM DJs started playing games with the invitees. They made use of the club's foam pool (and smell is kinda st…

Au Chocolat

Au Chocolat is located on the first level, at a corner of The Shoppes of Marina Bay Sands. From the Bistro to pastries and chocolates to gifts and souvenirs, Au Chocolat spreads along that corner of MBS.

What brought us here was the cute outlook of it. The pretty red signature ribbon and the cute characters.

The kitchen is in the same open area as the dining place. Our thoughts were that our hair will stink from the cooking smoke. The place, from the ceiling, to the lights, wall, tables, chairs, the whole place looks very sweet. A place girls will like.

Truffle Fries - strips of crispy potatoes drizzled with fragrant white truffle oil & seasoned with truffle sea salt, served with mayonnaise & BBQ sauce.

Both of us don't really like the taste or even the smell of it. It tastes and smells like burning plastic. But the serving is huge. Great for group sharing. Next time, we'll just order the normal fries at $12.

Handmade Mini Crab Cakes Slider -  specially seasoned crab ca…

Taipei Station

Skimmed through the store directory some time back when my friend wanted to eat at Bugis+ and it's one of my "want-to-try" places for Taiwan's light meal or light bite snacking.

We were in Bugis yesterday and I remembered this place. We gotten a set to share as it seems more worth it. A set includes one main, one side and one drink, to choose between milk green tea with pearls or jasmine green tea with pearls.

The small cafe is designed in white and red. White for the tables and triangle motifs on the bright red wall. The counter and the chair are red in color too. The place is quite small, similar to a normal Yakun cafe. Lots of tables and stools, sharing the long detachable tables with others. Squeezy. But the dining concept should be to eat and go, not for chill and chitchat.

After ordering, we were given a reciept with a number. The counter will then buzz the number when the order is ready. We had cold noodles with peanut sauce, sweet potato fries and a milk g…

Manhattan Fish Market

Almost every dining place in Plaza Singapura has a queue on a Thursday evening. We went to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner as it has a shorter queue and the big board outside the restaurant printed the latest promotion is very big and quite appealing (although we only saw it after we joined the queue as the board was blocked by the queue).

And yep, we ordered the promotion meal. It's quite a deal. Each meal costs only $14.95++, it comes with a main course, soup of the day and a cup of iced tea. There are three types of main course to choose from: Small Grill, Scallops Mussels Skewers (SMS) or Scallops Fish Chicken.

Each of main course consists three mains(depends on your choice of main course), Garlic Herb rice, fries and broccoli.

We were both feeling very full mid way into the meal. I truly think it's possible to share one set if two ladies were to decide to eat this Triple Treats meal. Oh... MFM is really a market. Everyone in the restaurant seems to be shouting? My ears h…

Vote for AJ

My friend submitted a photo that I took of her son, AJ, to an online contest. Please help to vote. Liking the page also entitles you a chance to win one iPhone5.
Like the photo to vote

RWS: USS Hollywood After Party

Big thanks to CF for inviting me to join her at this event. 
The Hollywood After Party is a parade event in Universal Studios Singapore. It is a weekly event happening every Saturday night from 3rd November 2012 to 5th January 2013, starting from 7pm till late. There are two types of ticket sales. The $20 ticket entitles you entry to the park, not including the park's shows and attractions, and a cup of complimentary drink. The $33 ticket entitles the entry to the park, also not including the shows and attractions and free flow of drinks. 
CF's tickets were worth $20. The ticketing office told her that we are able to enjoy the free flow of drinks too if we purchase the $13 topup in the park.

We entered the park a little past 7pm, and there were some characters still around for photo taking. And at the entrance, was Kungfu Panda. I was so excited. I wanted to take photos with him. I was not able to catch him for a photo the last time I was in USS.

We toured abit of the park, …

Happy New Year

It's a new year again. It's year 2013. Time to make new resolutions, set new targets. What are your new year resolutions this year? High percentage that some 2012 resolutions are brought forward? Mine are. Haha...

Wishing everyone a happy new year and 2013 be a great and smooth sailing year for everyone.