RWS: USS Hollywood After Party

Big thanks to CF for inviting me to join her at this event. 

The Hollywood After Party is a parade event in Universal Studios Singapore. It is a weekly event happening every Saturday night from 3rd November 2012 to 5th January 2013, starting from 7pm till late. There are two types of ticket sales. The $20 ticket entitles you entry to the park, not including the park's shows and attractions, and a cup of complimentary drink. The $33 ticket entitles the entry to the park, also not including the shows and attractions and free flow of drinks. 

CF's tickets were worth $20. The ticketing office told her that we are able to enjoy the free flow of drinks too if we purchase the $13 topup in the park.

Our Tickets

We entered the park a little past 7pm, and there were some characters still around for photo taking. And at the entrance, was Kungfu Panda. I was so excited. I wanted to take photos with him. I was not able to catch him for a photo the last time I was in USS.

Walking out from the Malaysian Food Street. The sky looks so pretty
Entering the park.
Photo with Kungfu Panda~ Photo © CF

We toured abit of the park, but most of the areas were closed off. Well, the event does not include entry to the shows and attractions. But we were able to move around in that T zone, starting from the main entrance. 

The sky looks so pretty today. A gradient of yellow, orange, red, purple, blue.....
Far far away land looks even more dreamy with the pinkish clouds.
Took a photo with the Sesame Street characters. Photo © CF

As the event started from 7pm, the street was filled with excitement. There's last minute photo taking with some characters, some performers in stilts, the local live band was already playing, and projector tv showing the ongoing football match. We immerse ourselves in the bustling street, listening and people watching... And just about 8pm, almost everyone were in "front". And *boomed*. Fireworks!! I love fireworks. The fireworks display is not very long, but it's pretty~

Fireworks. Photo © CF

After the fireworks display, the DJ-MC is back to work. Spinning music and later played games with the little kids, giving out USS keychains, tshirts and more.. It's fun watching the kids play. When they are immersed in playing, they really play. They are cute.

DJ-MC spinning
The little ones are adorable.

We queued and redeemed the drinks. It's a very hot day.

The complimentary drink voucher
The difference between one time complimentary drink vs free flow drink. 

The local live band performing, Goodfellas, were SUPERB. I love their music. Their choice of songs, their playing, their singing. The band is a resident band playing in Timbre.

Big thanks again to CF for inviting me. I had a really really great time~ Thank you~
*Borrowed some photos from your blog too. Thank you~

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