Baby's itchy neck

It's 1 am in the morning. Raining heavily. I was awaken by the rain. Next, by Josie's neck scratching. Sigh. I don't why she keep scratching her neck. It only happens when we uses fan to sleep for the night. She is usually ok with aircon. Too hot? But I have two fans turned on and one near to her.

I gave her milk and she's a little better now. But I can't sleep. Gosh. I better sleep before she ask for milk in another 2 hours time. 

Yes. Josie, now 13 months old, still wakes for milk every 1 to 3 hourly at night... And through the day. And I had many raised eyebrows. Hey. When a baby gotta drink, a baby GOTTA drink.  Haha

Back to sleep... I'll try...

Manekineko Karaoke

My first time off in 6 months. Today I went out with my girlfriends for a short two hour ktv session, without my baby, at Manekineko Karaoke, a revamped of the old Kbox in Safra Jurong. Cute kitty mascot. 

A very bright ambience for this new concept. White and colored walls, with many mirror segments. Very different from the previous Kbox concept. 

We bought Groupon deals at $9 nett per pax for 2 hours, while the usual price is $16 nett per pax for 3 hours. Freeflow drinks and snacks. There are lots of drinks to choose from, hot drinks, tea, milo, cold soft drinks, and slushies. 

The song selection system is easy to use too. Gosh. It's been a long time I went KTV or listen to any new Mandarin songs.  All the songs I chose were older songs from my favourite singers. 

With my kitty friends

Very important thing to remember. Bring jacket. Or like a couple I saw earlier, bring blanket. Haha. Get cosy and comfortable while singing your favourite songs. The place is soooooooo cold that we were freezing. It's so cold that when I stepped out of the outlet, my glasses fogged up, my phone screen had condensation. It's so cold that the interior of Safra actually feels hot when it's of normal coolness. Haha you get what I mean. Go prepared. 

I had a great time spent to do my things without baby, but I missed her soooo much. She was having a great time with the Daddy and I was actually envious. I'm such a funny Mammy. Thank you hubby.

Not sure when will the next time I can go out without baby. Maybe when she's older? But till then, I don't mind having her with me 24/7. Love my darling. 

Meiji Warehouse Sale

First day of this weekend, we had no plans yet. Many events and places that we wished to go, but we were kinda worried about crowd, timing and weather. After much thinking, we decided to go for the Meiji Warehouse Sale, located on 36 Quality Road. 

Till 5pm today. 

The place was packed! My first time to Meiji's warehouse sale and I was alittle lost, though I got orientated fairly quickly. Aunty's sale + kiasu-ism power hahaha... 

Hubby waited for a parking lot while Josie and I headed in first. I just followed suit and grabbed a big box. And after filling up with maybe 4 boxes of Hello Panda goodies, my arms were tired, so I placed the box on the ground. Lol. A Meiji staff laughed at me. Carry baby still wanna carry big box. Haha oopss aunty-me. Most of the goodies had 20% discount or more (those I didn't really check out, like the collagen and beauty drinks).

The queue for payment was LONG. But it was fairly quick for this snaking queue. About 30 minutes till our turn. 

My Miss Cheekiness queuing with us. 

On top of snacks/biscuits, we also bought two 450ml of milk and 12 yoghurt for $12. Like cheap. Lol. The hubby doing all the carrying. Happy loot!

Back home, the kids inspect the loots. 

Then the parents had their Meiji-ful teabreak. Burps. Very full. 

Happy buys. Great start to our Saturday!

SG50 folders for every household

Have you guys collected the SG50 commerative notes folder (2sets) for every household? It's like the final three days. And I just collected them today. Lol. 

The whole process from passing the card and collection, took me 5 seconds. Only. And I took more that 100 times of that time to go there lol! 

Glad for the quick and easy redemption. 

Remember to collect yours soon!

Baby Tooth Chart

Found this super CUTE baby tooth chart to note down Josie's tooth development. HOWEVER, I realise, the first molar is supposed to come before the cuspid tooth. Hmm... I can't feel the first molar, and can't see, especially since she won't open her mouth at all. Nvm. Everyone is different.

Two Meet and Greet sessions today

Today was a very busy, fun and tiring day. I had arranged to go for two Meet and Greet sessions for Josie to have fun. 

First was Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip live Christmas concert, held in The Centrepoint, Level 1. It was raining heavily at that time, so I was alittle surprised at the turnout. Quite a number of enthusiasts. 

We are issued a photo pass for photo taking at the end of the concert. 

30 minutes of singing and dancing. Happy Josie. Very enjoyable. But at some point, there's dance along. The older kids stood up to dance along, Josie got blocked. Haha..

Our photo with the Chipmunks. Happy Josie = Happy mammy. 

After the photo taking with Alvin and the Chipmunks, we headed to Marina Square. There's a meet and greet session with Pororo Park's characters. 

I joined the queue 30 minutes earlier. Kiasu I know. Same, we were issued a photo pass. 

Waiting patiently. 

And boy, was I disappointed. There's no sing and dance. It's a pure Meet and Greet photo session. There I was, thinking, more live performance for the no-TV Josie. 

But the plus point is, the photo pass has a number on it. And the photo queue is based on the number. Because.... When the characters arrived, the mummies just rushed and cut in front of me. Hey. It doesn't mean that there are only two of us, you can bully us with your village. Very angry. One of the queue cutters, she WOKE my napping Josie while in the queue. What ugly actions. Lol but the timid me, just kept quiet all the way. 

Anyway, my photo with Pororo Park characters. 45 minutes of waiting for 3 minutes on stage. Haha...

Unsatisfied with the programme, we went upstairs to take another photo of them. So far away lol

Overall, Josie is happy. Mammy will be happy. I will not let these ugly actions spoil my day. So thank you to the Pororo Park's photo taking queue number system. 

Yes and No

Yesterday Josie said Yes to milk before her milk session. 

Today Josie said No to milk after her milk session. 

Baby really knows what is Yes and No at 13 months 12 days old. (After many times of confirmation)

Leticia's baby shower

We went to Leticia's baby shower today. As the first to reach, Josie is able to play with meimei for a while. Cf had done up the place beautifully. But I was too engrossed with the two little ladies, I forgot to take some photos. 

Don't you find them so so sweet? Josie even called her mei mei all the way. 

Then we had buffet lunch. Lol hungry me only eat and didn't take food photos. I think I need to get more blogging vibes back and take more photos on top of Josie's photos. 

JC had some tins of cereal that are expiring next year. He passed Josie a tin to try. 

Then we left in the mid of the party as CF's place was getting crowded, so we left first to give more space to the newcomers. 

Happy one month old baby Leticia! May you grow up strong and healthy!

PS... Josie had been calling "meimei" the whole day. I wonder if meimei = sister or meimei = pretty or meimei = milkmilk. Haha...

Crochet - Baby Tiara

Some last minute craft since 2 days ago and redo ing at least 4 times, using 3 different youtube tutorials. Finally something that looks presentable is done. Haha.. I got pretty confused from the first two. 

I thought of making a baby tiara for baby Leticia as a gift for her full month baby shower. Hope it fits. 

Here's the youtube tutorial 

My Blog, My Life

I have combined both and into this blog. I shall focus my blog on my life, all the big and small things that happened to me, my baby, my Latte boy and my dearest love.

Image from Unsplash -

I shall re introduce myself.

I am a SAHM (Stay at home mum). I chose to stay at home to look after my child. My hubby is able to take care of the household with his income as long as we spend wisely. When the time comes for me to head back to work, I will. But for now, I will do my best to take care of our home and our kids.

I blog leisurely. I love to eat. I bake once in a while. I try my best to cook everyday so that my dearest love can come home to homecooked meals. I do some freelance but not always as I prefer to commit my time to my baby. I craft leisurely, be it sewing, crochet, or anything that comes to mind.

Alright. I'll stop here for now. Spent quite a bit of time merging the blogs and cleaning up.

Next, cleaning up my labels (headache!) and a new blog template (soon).

Thanks for spending time to read my ramblings. Haha..

Blogging headache: Decisions

I have decided. I will combine both blogs. The Dainty Candy and The Dainty Mummy. The remaining blog of course will be here, my main blog.

It will take awhile for the posts from The Dainty Mummy to show up here. 

Sighs. Why I so itchy butt go create two blogs and now need to combine...... Headache.

After combining, it's time for a new blog skin. It's getting stale here. I'll wait for a day when hubby completed his exams and free to help me look after baby. 

Till then... Good night for now. 

OMG 2014 Onederful Birthday Party - Design Collateral

When I was pregnant, I had joined the Facebook group for MTB whose EDDs are in October 2014. A place where mummies-to-be shared pregnancy woes, worries, then proceeded to sharing about our LOs as they grow. 

The group suggested on having a first birthday celebration together for our LOs. I find it very meaningful. All the cute one year old babies gathering together. 

I took up the design role in the committee for the "October Mummies Group (OMG) 2014 Onederful Birthday Party". 

First, the OMG logo. To create our identity. Heart for the O to signify our love to our LOs. 

Cake design. Lol I even designed the cake, and it's my first time. It looks so amateur but Swee Heng, our sponsor was able to replicate. 

Initially the committee suggested to print rompers or bibs, but the idea was scrapped in the end. 

A 2m x 0.8m banner for the event

Frame design for the photo booth that was hired. 

Cute little badges designed for the LOs

Quite a number of collaterals done. Happy to say, the event was a success. All thanks to the other mummies on the committee, our sponsors and of course all out LOs who enjoyed themselves on that day. 

Blogging headache

For a few blog posts. I have this issue with which blog should I post to and I ended up posting in both of the blogs. Which... I think Google is gonna blacklist me soon for duplicate content. 

So should I merge my blogs into one? In a way, it's also easier to manage just one blog. Right? 

Mickey and friends

Christmas is coming. School holidays has started. The malls in Singapore have started the holiday spirits with Christmas decoration and shows. The mummy groups had kindly shared loads of malls' shows in the group. Ok I'm the leech. Haha oh well, I'm still a new learning mum, there's still loads to learn. 

First up, Mickey and friends meet and greet at Takashimaya. Dressed up my baby in her new shoes that we bought last friday. Only to realise that 20 minutes into our journey to town, she had became a Cinderella. I swore I would had cried, if baby's not in my arms. I really love that pair of sneakers. ALOT. And she was dressed to matched the sneakers. So did I. T_T

Baby's left foot is only left with her bunny socks without her cute pink bunny ear sneaker. T_T

When we reached Takashimaya, the stage front was empty, but the queue for the meet and greet was already snaking. Ok, 5 groups of families in front of me. And we were 30minutes early. Soon the queue got longer. 

Finally we were ushered in. And there were some question games for the older children. Then, Donald, Mickey and Minnie came dancing out. 

Baby was engrossed in their singing and dancing. Initially she wouldn't sit still and kept crawling away (for the question game part). But she was fixated at them, pointing and eh-ing at them throughout. Happy baby = happy mammy. 

One song later and it's time for photos! Baby was overwhelmed. She don't know who to look at... She turned left and right to look at the characters and not once at the camera. Haha...

After the photo taking, I went and bought her a new pair of shoes. Frozen sandals from the fair. It's just a sort of a redemption for my aching heart. Sighs. Not as nice as the bunny sneakers though. 

Lesson learnt. CHECK the shoes eveytime. Sighs... 

Cousin's Wedding Lunch

It's my cousin's wedding today and the banquet lunch is held in Orchid Country Club. He hired live music services from Sparkle Music. It's really a huge difference in ambience between live music and CD music. Baby loves the music. Shaking (dancing) all the way in her high chair. 

Blessings to the newlyweds and hopefully Josie will have baby cousins to play with soon! 

Baby and I with the Christmas tree in OCC.