Mickey and friends

Christmas is coming. School holidays has started. The malls in Singapore have started the holiday spirits with Christmas decoration and shows. The mummy groups had kindly shared loads of malls' shows in the group. Ok I'm the leech. Haha oh well, I'm still a new learning mum, there's still loads to learn. 

First up, Mickey and friends meet and greet at Takashimaya. Dressed up my baby in her new shoes that we bought last friday. Only to realise that 20 minutes into our journey to town, she had became a Cinderella. I swore I would had cried, if baby's not in my arms. I really love that pair of sneakers. ALOT. And she was dressed to matched the sneakers. So did I. T_T

Baby's left foot is only left with her bunny socks without her cute pink bunny ear sneaker. T_T

When we reached Takashimaya, the stage front was empty, but the queue for the meet and greet was already snaking. Ok, 5 groups of families in front of me. And we were 30minutes early. Soon the queue got longer. 

Finally we were ushered in. And there were some question games for the older children. Then, Donald, Mickey and Minnie came dancing out. 

Baby was engrossed in their singing and dancing. Initially she wouldn't sit still and kept crawling away (for the question game part). But she was fixated at them, pointing and eh-ing at them throughout. Happy baby = happy mammy. 

One song later and it's time for photos! Baby was overwhelmed. She don't know who to look at... She turned left and right to look at the characters and not once at the camera. Haha...

After the photo taking, I went and bought her a new pair of shoes. Frozen sandals from the fair. It's just a sort of a redemption for my aching heart. Sighs. Not as nice as the bunny sneakers though. 

Lesson learnt. CHECK the shoes eveytime. Sighs... 

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