A photo a day : Healthy homecooked lunch


Daddy was here to help me with the tap problem. Hubby was on leave made lunch for three. Healthy meal with zero oil. Hubby don't like porridge, so he had noodles instead

A photo a day : Homecooked dinner

Made dinner today. Broccoli, prawns, pork, soup. 

Lace Braid and Ladder Braid

For about 3 and a half hours, I was braiding and braiding. Trying out a few times to get the hang of it and also the final hairstyle required. The final hairstyle that we settled on was the Lace Braid with Ladder Braid. I like what I did. Luckily so did my sister.

This was the 2nd try. Braid till the middle of the head. Intended to do the same on the other side and tie then them at the back of the head. But it looks pretty plain from the front.

So we decided to use back the idea from the first trial. Braid from the right side to the left.

The braid is not really defined though. My first attempt braiding such complicated styles, with the help of the tutorial video on youtube.com. Here's the video I had referenced.

A photo a day : Desserts after lunch

We had pretty tarts after lunch. @ Fruit Paradise, Plaza Singapura. 

A photo a day: Feeding the sharkies

A snacks hunt. Looted quite a fair bit of snacks for the surviving sharkies. 

Braided Hairstyles

I have been doing a few researches lately for hairstyles for long hair. Just got an assignment for this Saturday. Hopefully it will be successful. Hahaha..

Here are some of the nice hairstyles. Great for wedding, dinner, even for everyday look (provided you are up for having tired arms). I really like the waterfall braid. But it seems so difficult.

Happy Tuesday

Dear all, hope you a great day ahead!! 

Dynamic Favicon

What's a favicon? It's the little icon representing a website. A favicon appears in your browser tab left to the page's title, the address bar left of the URL and bookmarks or favourites.

Would you like a visual representation for the notification of new emails, unread messages, etc? Saw an article quite some time back with this option to create a dynamic favicon. Not yet tried out though. Saved and shared (with you guys).

Here are 3 existing jQuery plugins that you can use to create a dynamic favicon.

Favico.js [http://lab.ejci.net/favico.js/]
favico.js lets you animate your dynamic favicon, create favicon from an image and html5 video. However, there are issues with Safari browser and Internet Explorer.

Tinycon [http://blog.tommoor.com/tinycon/]
Tinycon allows the addition of alert bubbles and changing of the favicon image. It will gracefully fall back to a number in title for browsers that don't support canvas or dynamic favicons.

Notify Better [http://www.thepetedesign.com/demos/notify_better_demo.html]
A jQuery plugin for notification using favicon, browser title and more

A photo a day : Red shrimp

Today we added custom soil for the shrimps. $9 for a pack. And a fake $1.50 tree. And three new fishes at $3 each. And 2 $1 shrimps. So many addons. Hmm...

ONE Fighting Championship - Total Domination - Singapore

ONE Fighting Championship - Total Domination was held in the Singapore Indoor Stadium at 7pm on Friday.

We were there late and the first match was already over and sad to say, the stadium was still quite empty. Though the place was filled up pretty soon after. Thanks to friend, LH, we were able to go for the event.

There were lots of fans for the ring girls. Whistles and cheers were loud. haha..

The highly anticipated match by the two MMA female fighters were good. They were both going for the offensive and were persistent for their win. And the winner of the match was our local Singaporean fighter, Sherilyn Lim.

Lots of fans for Eddie Ng (Hong Kong). Cheers and applause were loud. He's making an entrance, but I'm too far away...

And Eddie "The Magician" Ng won and is a contender for the ONE FC Lightweight World Championship title. He's amazingly fast and won via (Armbar) Submission in just 1min 46sec of Round 1. Applaud.

For the co-main event, Shinya Aoki defeated Cody Stevens by Judges unanimous decision. He was hindered in the first round when Cody Stevens strike his groin area. Shinya looks in pain, but it was kind of funny when the big screen replayed the scene, everyone's reaction was the same. And they replayed at least thrice. Luckily he still won.

The last match, the main event, was quite boring. I guess everyone's hoping for a fast win or straightforward win. This event has 5 rounds, and the winner, Bibiano Fernandes (Brazil) was declared by Judges unanimous decision.

Here are the first three matches of the night.

** Please pardon my bad photography


ONE Fighting Championship - Total Domination - Official Weigh In

This weekend was a hype for MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). First off is the Official Weigh In on Thursday evening. It was held at Chijmes on. The event started at 8pm with the pretty show girls kicking off the event with a photo session with OneFC fans.

The cute guys contesting to be a contender for the ONE FC Lightweight World Championship title - Eddie Ng (Hong Kong) vs Peter Davis (Malaysia)

The two fighters of the co-main event - Shinya Aoki (Japan) vs Cody Stevens (America)

The two fighters of the main event: ONE FC BANTAMWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT - Bibiano Fernandes (Brazil) vs Soo Chul Kim (Korean)

Being there early, I got my hands on an Everlast Tee and a poster. Had a chat with friend, LH and even managed to meet the CEO of OneFC. LOL. He's a funny person.

** Please pardon the bad photographs.


A photo a day : New pets

The hubby got his wish for a few new pets. 

Exercise at Punggol Waterway Park then Chill at Frienzie Bar & Bistro

A girl's day out at Sengkang/Punggol.

Girlfriend X was suggesting to go for a jog at Punggol Waterway Park for some exercise instead of our usual eat or sing or shopping gathering. Before the walk-a-jog session, we unloaded our stuff at girlfriend C's place and we went a little off track playing with Baobao, C's 9 month old poodle. So cute. She kept barking at us when we were at the door. Guess she's scared of us, but she got better after a while.

And off we go, running all the way from C's place to the Sengkang park to Punggol Waterway Park. We stopped running after a few hundred metres into PWP. Tired. Especially me, as I'm like the heaviest among all. Oh my knees....

The view's pretty

The park is very big. I doubt I can run finish the entire park. Maybe in future, but definitely not now.

Love this mural.

Feeling tired, we detoured and took a LRT from Damai station to Riviera station instead of walking. X suggested dinner at Tebing Lane. And boy, was I surprised to see Frienzie Bar & Bistro, the place misslittlepatches frequents and I have yet to go after so long. And this place is surprisingly near to a LRT station. So I got my girlfriends let us to have our dinner there. Haha...

The place was still not packed when we reached. We were the only group attired in our sports wear.

Happy hour promotion. Everyday. We got one Heineken and one Erdinger. Total four for the price of two. Happy.

Cobb Salad [S$16.90++] - Mesclun salad, watercress, grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, egg & roquefort cheese top with avocado pulp - We wanted to try something different from the usual Caesar Salad, hence we ordered this. Overall looks ok, tastes ok too, but the cheese, the roquefort cheese, is a little too unique for our tastebuds.

Hawaii 5-0 [S$16.90++] - Baked Ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese - We love this. The thin crispy crust is like a biscuit. One won't really feel sick or duper full from eating loads of this as compared to the normal crust pizza.

Crispy Wings [S$13.90++] 6 pieces - Shrimp paste coated wings fried till golden brown -

Pretty view. Comfortable breeze. Cosy ambience. I like the place. Only problem was that during 7pm till 9pm, the place was playing Chinese/Tibetian Orchestra kind of music. Very weird.

Punggol Waterway Park is a nice place for family walks, picnics with loved ones, or a jog with your dog. The only drawback for me is, I have to travel about 1 hour 30 minutes on a public transport to reach.

As for Frienzie, same drawback, but it's really a good place to chill for the North-Easterners. Love the food and ambience.

Punggol Waterway Park

Frienzie Bar & Bistro
10 Tebing Lane #01-02 Punggol, Singapore 828836
Tel: 6441-0966 / 8318-8850

A photo a day : Double-boiled black chicken soup

Dinner included a bowl of nourishing Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Cordycep Flowers and Chinese Herbs. I like. The hubby don't like. 

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan - Vivocity

A date night with the hubby at Vivocity. We could not decide what to eat as there were queues everywhere. Hubby is a more asian food lover, so I suggested Crystal Jade Jiang Nan. I went to eat this a year ago for the first time. And I wanted to eat a more nourishing soup.

After about 40minutes of waiting, our table was finally ready. 

[Chef Specialty] Double-boiled Black Chicken Soup with Cordyceps Flower & Chinese Herbs 虫草花药材炖乌鸡汤 [S$12.80++]
Hubby does not like the soup as he's not really a fan of herbs. His face was all scrunched up with drinking. I quite like it. Thick and rich. Though the black chicken is a little scary, cos it's black haha..

Original Xiao Long Bao 鲜肉小笼包 [S$1.20++ per pc]
Foie Gras Xiao Long Bao 鹅肝鲜肉小笼包 [S$2.30++ per pc]
Shrimp Xiao Long Bao 鲜虾小笼包 [S$2.20++ per pc]
We are able to mix and match a minimum of 6 xiao long baos. They have a total of 8 flavours to choose from. We find them too salty. The shrimp ones are the saltiest. The five other flavours that we didn't order are: Cheese, Spicy Beef, Spicy Chicken, Vegetable & Dried Beancurd and Black Truffle.

Deepfried Spinach Beancurd with Assorted Mushroom 珍菌菠菜豆腐 [S$12.80++]
This is the second time I ordered this. And I do like it as there are many varieties in this dish.

I guess next time we have to order the rice and noodles mains to try. As for the xiao long baos, we will be sticking to the DTF or PD =P

Crystal Jade Jiang Nan 
VivoCity #01-52


I had heard lots about VeganBurg from a friend, but has yet to try it. She was raving with positive feedback. So today while we were being a little lost in getting a parking lot, we went past VeganBurg. And we have to try them today.
At VeganBurg, every ingredient is bursting with wholesome and natural, real flavour; every bite is not just a set of nutritional value numbers – it’s a step towards an environmentally sustainable diet; every meal is a contribution to Mother Earth in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.
Healthy, tasty vegan food.

Here's their menu online: http://www.veganburg.com/menu/

An environmental friendly concept

Our dinner. Hubby swapped the fries for broccoli. But the portion is too little.

HAWAIIAN TERIYAKI [Burger:$6.90 | Meal:$10.80] (High in Vitamin C & potassium) - This classic Hawaiian burger features the brilliant combination of a pan-grilled luscious pineapple slice and a soya patty glazed with teriyaki sauce, to offer you a delightfully tangy treat that’s just perfect for our summer weather.

Hubby's burger. The difference between his and mine, the patty is grilled and there is a slice of pineapple. And of course the sauce is different. Nice, but I'm not really a fan of the sauce.

CRACKED PEPPER MAYO [Burger: $5.90 | Meal: $9.80] (Contains Omega 3 & 6, Zinc) - Savour the robust flavour of our Cracked Pepper Mayo Burger! With a wonderfully crispy, yet moist Vegan patty, accompanied by fresh lettuce, our Cracked Pepper burger will entice you with its alluring aroma, and keep you hooked with its bold flavour.

I like my burger. Crispy vegan patty. No need for more words. Simple and delicious.

I like their table. And chairs. I like the feeling of the place.

They do toy swap too. There are toys for children to play while parents eat.

44 Jalan Eunos Singapore 419502
12 Marina Boulevard #02-05 Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 Singapore 018982
200 Turf Club Road #01-32 Singapore 287994