Choice of words

One day, I was waiting around at the entrance after Josie went into her class. Looking on as she did her routine things from removing her shoes to storing her bag to sitting at her spot. The parents/grandparents in her school will stay on, looking till the teacher closes the door.

Then one of her classmate, whom I know the mummy before this school starts, came. The mummy was telling her child that after going into class, can look for Josie to play, reassuring her child (first time to a school, still clingy at the door).

Then..... some mummies got curious, which child is Josie. We still are in the stage where we are unable to identify all the children. One described her with the two ponytails. Another described her with the "big face".

There goes my heart. Sensitive I know. But if the parents uses this description, what would happen when she is older, going to school with older kids who are taught up this way? Will bullying starts? I do remember I have a classmate who was always called a "big head" in a jeering manner.

I'm worried...

But she's the best as she is. Mammy loves Josie.

Singapore's winter

Rain. It has been raining the whole week. The clouds only took short breaks in between.

It's cooling like natural air conditioning. It feels nice. I like it.

It's like a Singapore style winter. Wet and cold. I miss the winter from our last holiday.

My clothes haven't been out in the sun for a few days.
My plants haven't been watered for a few days.
Just saying...


Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

Being honest is a virtue. It's one of the values my little girl learns in school. It shows how important it is to be honest.

However, being honest may not work 100% in the adult world. It may cause friction at work, between friends, and forbade new friendship.

Positively, the word is honesty. Negatively, it's just being blunt.

It is indeed a complicated world out there.