Word of the day - Star and Milk

16 months 13days

Yesterday's morning, after her shower, I dressed her in this little Star romper and taught her the word "star". She caught on pretty quickly. Here's a instavid of her saying star. She pronounced it without the s.

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That evening, during grocery shopping, the hubby taught her to say milk when we at the milk aisle. She followed with a "mok". Haha. Here's an instavid of her just now before going to sleep.

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Great progress. "tar~ mok~"

Last day of CNY 2016

Today marks the fifteenth day of this year Chinese New Year. This year's celebration of the Chinese New Year is officially over. It's opening angbao day.

Last year we did the same too. It was much easier taking her photos then. It took me over a hundred photos for just this one photo (above) this year. Hahaa

Last year's 元宵節

Tula hoodie - Pink bear

Her new Tula carrier hood. A pink bear. 

I don't have the buttons for Tula hood, so I had "flaps" to button it in place at the drool pad area. 

No tutorial, no pattern. Just argaration. Lol. Took me a month+, with lots of breaks in between lol.

Kiasu mammy

跟不完, 追不完

The stress level of this generation parents is high. Everything is so competitive. Even though I didn't do much, teach much, I feel exhausted. Lol. There's so much in my to do list to prepare for her. But I'm just too lazy. Oops. 

Hopefully she won't grow up hating me, why I never let her learn this learn that, why I never teach her this and that, why I never bring her here and there...

Kiasu parents. I am too. I feel the need. The urgency. But I dunno where to start. 

Let's take many many breaks. Hahaha

Josie wears mammy's shoes

Josie attempted to wear my shoes. First time. I was attending to my plants and when I turned back to head in, her little stunt caught my attention. Oh my baby. There's more than enough time to grow up. Take your time. 

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day. Happy birthday. Happy frienship day. Happy Sunday. So many special day in one day. And it's sure a happy day for me. 

Hubby bought his young valentine and old valentine a gift. 

Kitty for the young valentine. Heart for the old valentine. But it's way too big for Josie.

Everyday with my love ones is a happy day! This is so old aunty (see next picture) 


Josie is having a fever since last night. It topped 39.7 degrees. So worrying. She wanted to sleep. So I can't really wipe her, as she will feel irritated. 

This morning after a bath, her temperature stayed around 38 degrees. Hopefully her fever goes away soon. My poor baby. 

Happy 16 Months Old

Josie is sixteen months old today. One year four months. So fast!!

Darling, continue to be the happy, cheerful you. Let's sing, dance, play as much as we can. Just some teeny weeny stuff, we hope that you stop tripping yourself with yourself, eat more and sleep more... Mammy heartache whenever you fall, geksim when you don't eat, and I dun mind being the panda but you shouldn't have panda eyes at this age. Jiayou ok?

Mammy and daddy love you lots. 

Sorry for the lousy quality. Somehow the phone camera, the lights and the subject don't work well together today. 

Counting down to CNY

Chinese New Year is coming in another 3 days. And gosh. Nothing is done. House still messy and dirty and messy. I just have no motivation. And it's sooo difficult to clear stuff with two sticky kids. Everything seem so dangerous to the "everything oso wanna touch" kids. Hais.

I must be a little more motivated. Last weekday tomorrow. Jiayou. 

Grocery shopped a little. Yet I bought over $60. Omg. What did I spent on??! My happy little shopper kaki. 

Bought the oranges too. My first time buying. Nope I didn't try. I just bought base on price and gut feelings. 

I'm such an easy customer yet I'm treated like I'm invisible. Sian. Me so bully looking, carrier Josie then with reciept on outstretched hand. Yet no one attend to me. But i saw the shocked reaction when they finally realise this person is here to get orange, not kar jiao jiao for samples. 

Ok. Complain end. Lol. 

Word of the day - Cat

Josie recognised Hello Kitty from her bib. Or at least when I ask her where's Hello Kitty, she points to her bib. Our usual Q&A during mealtime. Where the nose, ear, table, clock, fan, chair, head, toes, blah...

Today she somehow managed a sound near cat. Kat maybe? Still far from basic understanding by anyone. But a good start~ 

Photo while we had lunch after gym. She's having bread for lunch. This girl, she loves bread and biscuits... I really must work harder in expanding her food varieties. But she must be in an eating mood first. I'm soooo dejected in this topic T__T