Counting down to CNY

Chinese New Year is coming in another 3 days. And gosh. Nothing is done. House still messy and dirty and messy. I just have no motivation. And it's sooo difficult to clear stuff with two sticky kids. Everything seem so dangerous to the "everything oso wanna touch" kids. Hais.

I must be a little more motivated. Last weekday tomorrow. Jiayou. 

Grocery shopped a little. Yet I bought over $60. Omg. What did I spent on??! My happy little shopper kaki. 

Bought the oranges too. My first time buying. Nope I didn't try. I just bought base on price and gut feelings. 

I'm such an easy customer yet I'm treated like I'm invisible. Sian. Me so bully looking, carrier Josie then with reciept on outstretched hand. Yet no one attend to me. But i saw the shocked reaction when they finally realise this person is here to get orange, not kar jiao jiao for samples. 

Ok. Complain end. Lol. 

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