Happy Horse Year

Greetings from our little fox and us. Happy lunar new year. 

Chinese New Year Eve

How did the day went? 

Breakfast with the hubby and the in-laws at Marsiling hawker centre. Lots of the stalls were not open and alot of seats were available. Usually it's pretty difficult to find seats. And we decided to eat from the vegetarian stall that usually has a long queue and the queue maintain even today. 

A wrong choice... As it took us one hour to buy T.T and the mifen was pretty bland. 

After we got home, the hubby and I did one more round of vacuuming and mopping the floors. It's really dusting staying near MRT and LRT tracks. 

Then it's time for Latte's bath. He didn't run away as much as the other two times. Hopefully he enjoys bathing. 

Then we towelled dry him. And blow dry his fur. And combed his fur. It usually takes us 1 to 1.5 hours for the whole session including bathing. At least he looks like he enjoyed this home grooming session today. Today I combed out a bigger ball of fur compared to yesterday. He looks like some malnutrition unloved dog when he's shedding. Hopefully this phase passes by quickly. I prefer him looking like a big ball of fur. Haha

He looks cleaner and neater after the shower. 

And he's exhausted. 

We had our reunion dinner at my parents' place. It's a huge spread. We were all so full. Too much meat though. But the prawn was HUGE. And no eggs this year T.T

Even Latte also wants an angpow

Back home, prepared myself for tomorrow. Done my pastel coloured nails. Spent almost 2hours on it. Tsk. Slow..  

How to Teach Your Dog to Lie Down

Now.. to teach Latte how to lie down.. Jiayou!

Preference for metal

The teething notti boy bites almost everything. Fingers, arms, legs, paper boxes, newspaper, pee pad, pillows, legs of my chair, legs of my shelf and more...

His latest favourite is metal stuff. Legs of the table, the metal key hole on my shelves, zips.... Licks them nonstop no matter how we try to stop him. 

Latte vs Xiaopooh

Did this comic at the danger of my Pooh bear being snatch away. 

Latte's one month stay

Today marks a month since the day Latte came to our home. Ahh how I miss the cute little shy Latte. He's growing up to be a playful little puppy. 

Here's Latte when he just came home with us. Sleepy little pup. 

Latte's bath

Latte took a shower today. Smells sooooo much nicer. After his vaccination, he can't bathe for 5 days. So to all noobie pet owners like me, remember to bathe him before he goes for his vaccination so that he won't stink so badly. 

He looks so much bigger than before. The first time we bathe him, he's a scrawny little thing. 

Towelling and blow drying him is a challenge. He keeps struggling away and keeps playing with the air dryer, trying to eat the air blowing at him. 

Here's the nice smelling, fluffy little Latte. Hopefully he doesn't mess up his pee and poo so quickly to smell stinky again. 

My little fox smells so nice now...

Love - defined by Winnie the Pooh

Piglet - "How do you spell 'love'?"
Pooh -  "You don't spell it... You feel it."

Latte's 2nd vaccination

Brought Latte to The Joyous Vet for his second vaccination. He was scared the moment we went in. Had to open the carrier from the top to get him to the weighing machine. He's 1.6kg already. 

Upon entering the consultation room, he also struggled a little to hide in the carrier. And putting him on the cold metal table, he started shivering. Poor boy. 

The vaccination went quite smoothly. He did not struggle during the injection. He cried a little though, after the injection was done. Haha delayed reaction. 

Besides his vaccination, the vet also prescribed a cleansing solution for his outer ear and the back of the neck, for a suspected case of bacteria infection. 

On top of that, three stringes of syrup medication for deworming. We have to do this every month until when he's older. 

Ahh.. All the things that has to be done on him. Revolution monthly, Frontline monthly, deworming monthly, one more vaccination and all the other unknowns. Having a dog as a pet is a physical, psychological, and financial commitment. XOXO Latte, our little fox. 

The Joyous Vet
475 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3
#01-30A Sunshine Place
Singapore 680475

Gift to my family

Remember the gift that Groupon gave last month? See post. Mine came last night! Yippie! And it does look good. I had this done for my family. Hope they will like it. It's like a memory book in 2013.

Here's the photobook online version that I did =D

If you are interested in getting a photobook for yourself, friends or family, head on to http://photobooksingapore.com/. They have many types of photobooks, photocards and poster prints.

King's Grand Ice Cream

Guess what arrived on my door step. King's Grand Ice Cream! Thanks to King's, FNN Singapore and IMSG. And of course, Dannelia for delivering the ice cream.

I love eating ice cream. I had tried the King's Grand Crème Brûlée Ice Cream, and is delicious. Not too sweet, and with the caramelized compound chips and caramelized sugar sauce, the ice cream is even more flavourful. While the promotion is still on, get two tubs of King's Grand Ice Cream and share the delicious ice cream with your friends and family for desserts after your reunion meal.

There is Always Room for King’s Grand Ice Cream

Savour the Heavenly Goodness of its Two Newest Offerings, Crème Brûlée and the Soothing Green Tea!

There is no end to the quest for the sweeter things in life. Be it an artisan gourmet dessert or a scoop of ice-cream, desserts have become increasingly ubiquitous as a must-have sweet course to end a meal with a smile. In keeping with King’s Grand Ice Cream’s popular exquisite range of continental-flavoured ice-creams for the pure enjoyment of all, King’s Grand Ice Cream presents two new additions to their extensive range - Crème Brûlée and Green Tea.

King’s Grand Ice Cream is bringing this decadent dessert closer to home with the new King’s Grand Crème Brûlée Ice Cream. This variant emulates the classic velvety goodness of Crème Brûlée with caramelized compound chips for an added crunchy sensation, drizzled with caramelized sugar sauce, it is so devilishly yummy that even the calorie-conscious will find it hard to resist.

King's Grand Ice Cream - Crème Brûlée

Want something refreshing? King’s Grand Green Tea Ice Cream is a creamy indulgence brimming with the goodness of Japanese Sencha green tea. Savour it on its own or garnish it with a dollop of red-bean paste, this intensely smooth and soothing ice cream is the perfect treat to end your meal or simply to beat the perennial hot weather ahead!

King's Grand Ice Cream - Green Tea

Share the pure enjoyment of King’s Grand rich and creamy ice cream this Chinese New Year and give your family and friends an additional reason to stay on after the reunion dinner! The new elegant-red packaging of King’s Grand Ice Cream will resonate well with many this Chinese New Year as red symbolizes happiness in the Chinese culture.


Buy two tubs of any 1 litre King's Grand Ice Cream at a special price if S$8.88 (Usual Price S$6.75 per tub or S$13.50 for two tubs) and stand a chance to win one of the three S$888 red packets! To participate, send the contest forms and proof of purchase via:
  • Mail
    F&N Creameries (S) Pte Ltd
    51 Quality Road, Singapore 618813
  • SMS
    GRAND<space>Name<space>NRIC<space>Tel No<space>Receipt No<space>Purchase Amount to 9095 7676
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Promotion ends on February 8, 2014, while stocks lasts, at participating retailers, FairPrice, FairPriceXtra, FairPrice Finest and Giant.

King's Grand Ice Cream Flavours 

  • Tin Roof Brownie
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Macadamia
  • Cappuccino Chips
  • Caramel Almond Fudge
  • Tiramisu
  • Green Tea [NEW]
  • Crème Brûlée [NEW]

Latte the Japanese Spitz

Meet Latte, a male puppy, Japanese Spitz, and our boy.

Latte came to our family on Christmas Eve. We got him from Super Puppies. When we were there, Latte was with his sister. Awhile after we met Latte, his sister was also taken home by another family.

Since then, Latte has been giving us lots of headache, pee and poo all over the house, and of course love and laughter. It is fun to see how he sleep, trips over himself, eagerness to eat, and playing with his toys. Some of his toys were bought, some were diy. He like hard knots since he is still teething. He like our fingers and palms more, but we will try to discourage that as it is painful. We also got him a colourful tent for him, which was intended for him to sleep inside, but he prefer to sleep near us, under our beds. Sometimes nearer to me, sometimes nearer to the hubby.

We hope for Latte to grow up strong and healthy. He still has 2 vaccinations to go.

Like Latte's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/lattethejapanesespitz
Or follow him on Instagram: @lattethejapanesespitz

Gifts from Europe

My sister just came back from her Europe holiday this weekend. She saw the lock bridge that was a scene in the Hong Kong drama, 沖上雲霄。She was in Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Vienna and many others. Envious much. And she got me these fabulous gifts. 

Vintage style earrings made in Holland, gold plated. I love. Very pretty. 

And these three bottles of liqour. The bottles are in the shape of a violin. Very special. But I doubt I would drink them. Haha.. They are now in my alcohol display cabinet. 

Thank you dear sister.

Mayday 五月天 - 步步

空無一人的大街 闖入無人婚紗店 為你披上雪白誓言
世界已灰飛煙滅 而愛矗立高樓間 你是真的或是我的 幻覺

時光遺忘的背面 獨坐殘破的臺階 哪個亂世沒有離別
天空和我的中間 只剩傾盆的思念
如果相識 不能相戀 是不是還不如擦肩

在失去你的風景裡面 你卻佔據了每一條街
一步步曾經 一步步想念 在腳下蔓延
在充滿你的回憶裡面 我獨自流浪海角天邊
一步步走過 當時心願

格林威治大鐘前 歸零超載的傷悲 背著我和我的諾言
一起計畫的路線 對照孤單的旅店 一聲晚安 卻又喚醒 淚腺

時代廣場的跨年 頤和花季的藍天 數著願望在你指尖
當時有多少心願 就有多少的殘缺
如果後悔 不能後退 是不是就只能往前

更多更詳盡歌詞 在
在失去你的風景裡面 你卻佔據了每一條街
一步步曾經 一步步想念 在腳下蔓延
在充滿你的回憶裡面 我獨自流浪海角天邊
一步步走過 當時心願

生如浮萍般卑微 愛卻蒼穹般壯烈
在失去你的風景裡面 你卻佔據了整個世界
每一張相片 每一個房間 每一滴眼淚
在充滿你的回憶裡面 我獨自一人和眼淚周旋
一步步走向 孤單的明天

也許在來生的某個明天 我們能再寫新的情節
一步步完成 當時心願
一步步完成 最美殘缺

Countdown to New Year 2014

It's the New Year Eve. Some are not working today, some are given half day off, some are able to go off a few hours earlier, and for some, New Year eve is like any other day. They work till their official knock off time. I spent my time at home with the two boys.

The hubby managed to get a pair of tickets to Rain and the 9 muses concert at Marina Bay Sands for New Year Eve. All thanks to his friend. 

Before heading for the concert, we had dinner. A pretty unromantic dinner though. Haha.. I realise being a student has great benefits. His meal is $1.95 cheaper than mine, but with additional fries and a healthier drink.

We went on our virgin trip on the Downtown line. 

We were early and took a walk around Marina Bay Sands. Many people were there. Camped for the countdown and fireworks. And the ladies queue is horribly long. Scary. And this is not the full queue.

The ballroom was still pretty empty when we reached. Our tickets are for the Cat 2 seats. Not very near to the stage. $288 for this view. Hmmm. 

There are light stick, 2014 glasses, light stuff in the goodie bag provided. 

Did not wear the glasses as they were too uncomfortable. 

The concert kicked off with the 9 Muses performing. 

After 30 minutes of 9 Muses, Rain came on. Screams all over.

The crowd went wild in the middle when Rain decided to go from stage to floor. People all ran up to the stage area. Thus blocking everyone's view. After a while, I can't see him on stage except through the big screen. Initially we thought the concert will go past 12 midnight, but it ended around 11.30pm.

With some time before 12 midnight, we went, along with alot of the others from the concert, from the Expo ballroom to the shopping mall. And the place is packed. Can't really see the fireworks, so we left before the fireworks ended.

Hungry us went for supper at Chinatown. Our first meal in 2014.

Happy 2014. May this new year be a much better year for all of us.

** Psst.. It seems like I'm not alone in wishing for a way better year than 2013.