Latte the Japanese Spitz

Meet Latte, a male puppy, Japanese Spitz, and our boy.

Latte came to our family on Christmas Eve. We got him from Super Puppies. When we were there, Latte was with his sister. Awhile after we met Latte, his sister was also taken home by another family.

Since then, Latte has been giving us lots of headache, pee and poo all over the house, and of course love and laughter. It is fun to see how he sleep, trips over himself, eagerness to eat, and playing with his toys. Some of his toys were bought, some were diy. He like hard knots since he is still teething. He like our fingers and palms more, but we will try to discourage that as it is painful. We also got him a colourful tent for him, which was intended for him to sleep inside, but he prefer to sleep near us, under our beds. Sometimes nearer to me, sometimes nearer to the hubby.

We hope for Latte to grow up strong and healthy. He still has 2 vaccinations to go.

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