Gek sim

Gek sim. Hokkien. Means. Sad and disappointed to a point that the heart literally hurts. 

This is the bottom of my bed. Initially it was a smaller hole and last night, it had gotten to this, a much bigger tear. 

First my glass door, then some cables, then my sofa, now my bed. The thing is, I feel, he knows that it is wrong for him to do all these as he always run to hide whenever we discover what he's up to. But he just want to test us. 

We treated him so well, free roam in the house, play with him, give him treats, clear his pee and poo mess (esp when he decided to not settle those acts in the toilet), give him his bath and dry him up no matter how he attempt to bite us and so much more... It just saddens us that he just want to try our patience. Our limit.

Gek sim ah...
Here's the culprit... 

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