Mayday 2017 Life Tour

The whole of this weekend was the Mayday's 2017 LIFE Tour concert.

GFs and I tried our best to get their tickets a few months back when they released their Friday and Saturday concerts, and they were all snatched up while we were still queuing to get into the booking system.

They added another session on Sunday and we managed to get ours. Yippee!! Quite a number of my friends were at the Sunday's concert too.

At the end of the concert, they announced onscreen that they are coming back to Singapore on 2 June 2018, at the Singapore Stadium. Woah... Bigger space bigger crowd. So exciting.

South Korea Surprise Trip

It's the surprise of the year. A shocking surprise. Hubby planned this trip monthsss ago, but only told me about it 4 days before we fly. It's winter there and we have no winter clothes. So we spent the weekend hurriedly buying and borrowing winter stuff.

Finally the day came and off we go. Snow! Cold weather! It's a long journey there. 

We went Seoul-Busan-Seoul. We did alot of touristy things, going to scenic places, eating the expensive reviewed food recommended online, eating like the locals too, standing on the wrong side of the escalator, climbing lots of stairs to take the trains, wearing hanboks, stocking up on facial products (for my sister though), buying lots of snacks home, eating lots of street food, trying souju (don't like).... I had fun. Lots of fun.

I hope we can go again. Maybe during the time when there will be more snow? We only experienced like 5 minutes of raining snow. Ski too, but when our little girl is another few years older.

Having fun in Seoul

Having her favourite street food

Our little girl in hanbok. So cute

Our expensive dinner at the fish market

At the very pretty Nami Island

Love the place. If only there were more snow then. It would be perfect.

Playing the playground. Cold cold butt.

Little sales girl promoting their food.

Back in Myeong Dong. Shopping!

Yay to street food. Fried seafood. 

Ginseng chicken + Abalone porridge for lunch

More street food. Yum pastry

Pretty land of LED roses. Romantic place

Checking out the biggest palace. We didn't go in. There were ALOT of people.

The strawberries were sweet and juicy.

My favourite shopping place was the Lotte Mart. We shopped for snacks like they are free. Happily loading one trolley full of snacks, food and drinks. I didn't really shop on clothings, considering that they are all winter wear and our luggage is already very bulky. I prefer buying more food instead.

Shopping shopping

Our loot!

Having fun in Busan

Taking the train from Seoul to Busan

Pretty installation

Home style diner. It's cheap and good food

Lighthouse. We going down down down to check out the place.

Tired from all the stairs climbing



Delicious seafood pot for KRW 30,000 only.

We really enjoyed this meal. It's delicious and tummy filling and not super expensive.