Wrongly accused. Pissed off.

I was very pissed off this morning. I still am. Hais. And fustrated. 

This morning about 11, my lower level neighbour came up knocking hard on my door. This leds to Latte barking. And Josie waking up crying. 

Why knock? She was angry that "my clothes were dripping water". 

Why am I pissed? My clothes were spun dry by the washing machine and were already in the sun for two hours. So how can they drip water? The dripping water belong to the higher level neighbour. Even my clothes kenna. 

And because of this injustice, she caused my daughter to cry with her hard knocking. And I was wrongfully accused. The one thing I hate most is to be accused of something I never do. 

She went off giving the doubtful face that it wasn't me. She didn't apologise or anything. 

So does that mean that from now on, whenever the higher level neighbour clothes drip water, she will believe that my almost dry clothes are dripping water. Kaos. 

Pissed. Extremely pissed. 

Mopping together with my baby

My first attempt at babywearing while mopping the floor.

Not that bad, just that bending to mop certain areas is impossible. I was sweating like mad. She got bored when I was about 70% done.  

Please pardon my messy attire

She can't have me out of sight while I can't have her fuss non stop. 

Hello Kitty merchandises these 2 months

Is the Hello Kitty craze back? Recently it seems like there are alot merchandises using Hello Kitty.

EZ-Link :: Hello Kitty EZ-Charm

Image from CNA (http://www.channelnewsasia.com/mobile/business/ez-link-to-launch-hello/1797856.html)

I like the idea of the ez-charm. It's very convenient since I always have my phone in hand. And when I babywear, it's a little difficult to dig into my bag for my card. That's why I always ergo as there is a small pocket in front. But I feel bad for my baby for her uncomfy back. 

Anyway, will there be a chance for other designs soon? I'm not a pure Hello Kitty fan. I would like to get a Winnie the Pooh design and also my sister's favourite Stitch. Haha. 


Singtel :: Singtel Prepaid Hello Kitty

Singtel is promoting their prepaid service with Hello Kitty. Simply top up $20 to your prepaid card in the 4 methods listed in their page, and you will be eligible to redeem all 4 designs. One specific design for each method. 

Image from Singtel facebook ad

If you, like me, do not own one, by purchasing a $20 prepaid card, you will be able to redeem a purple 4G Hello Kitty toy. 

The toys are redeemable at their event from 8-10 May 2015 at Marina Square.

But is it just me or does anyone find it a little funny that one has got to top up a total of $80 to get all 4 designs and the credit has to be used in 6 months? Unless the user makes alot of calls in the 6 months before the credit expires. 


** This is not an ad. Just to share information to Hello Kitty fan readers. 

A coin has two sides

Everyday the same stuff happens.

And when I share my stories, experienced people gave me advices. Advices that I tried and they do not work. After some time, I no longer try and just do things my own way, whichever works.

Then people start to comment on my methods, and gave advices, which were what I had tried before. Even with explanation, they just repeated the same stuff of what works for them and not me. 

Soon, I just tune out... Having said that, I'm still bugged by how I was judged. I had really tried best. I betcha even I if I acknowledge that I'm not good enough, I will still be judged. 

There are comments on either sides of a coin. 

I don't like being a coin. I don't like that I'm bugged that I feel like a coin. 

Image from unsplash.com

Baby led weaning - Banana

Banana is very easy to prepare. No need to cook and it's easy to peel and cut. But it's super duper messy. LO jus smash it everywhere. The tray, her fingers, her hair, her face...

I think... She likes banana too. Not too sure. Let her try a few more times. 

6 month old mummy and daughter

Went to dig out some old photos at my parents' place. And did a comparison of 6 month old me and 6 month old Josie. Do we look a wee bit similar now? Previously she's daddy's photocopy.


Today I learnt a new word. Procaffeinating

Image from www

65daigou.com 5th anniversary

To all taobao shopaholics! Are you using 65daigou.com for your buys? Great news!

It's their 5th anniversary and they are celebrating it with us by waiving off the agent fee when we use the "Buy for me" service. Nice eh?

Time for more shopping. I seem to have never ending stuff to buy. Sigh. I have no income and I am spending non stop. What a "good" wife. 

PS. This is not an advertisement. Good stuff must share. 

Baby led weaning - Potatoes

She likes potatoes. But I think I made it too soft the second time. She's cool with either texture.

Lol Latte photobombed. We have to put him in the fence whenever she eats. He's too fast whenever Josie drops her food lol. 

Leopard Crawl

Another amazing milestone. Or development. Or whatever you call that. Haha. I'm a happy mama!

She was trying to reach the toy in front of her. Awww Josie crawling soon!

Young Living Essential Oil

YL essential oil seems like one of the must have things, other than a tula, among most of the mothers' chitchat nowadays. I had heard mothers raving about its "powers".

By chance, a mummy introduced me to this Facebook page, Young Living Wellness Enthusiasts (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Living-Wellness-Enthusiasts/905460672848545). It seemed like a new startup page. And there were holding giveaways. 

By luck, I won their first giveaways. Hohoho.. Lucky me.

The prize was a 5ml Lemon EO. Here are some of the benefits of using the Lemon essential oil listed on their page.
  • Stomach - For stomach disorder or diarrhea, *use 1 drop in water.
  • Memory - Diffuse or inhale while studying to retain information.
  • Driving - Diffuse or inhale when driving at night; promotes clarity of mind. 
  • Phlegm - *Gargle 1 drop in water, retain in mouth for 3 minutes and spit.
  • Heartburn - *Use 1 drop in water to relieve heartburn by neutralising the acid. 

More about the Lemon Essential Oil on the official SG website. https://www.youngliving.com/en_SG/products/essential-oils/singles/lemon-essential-oil

Good for the hubs. I shall use this when he studies for his exams, which is soon... Hope that it helps him remember more stuff.

Young Living Wellness Enthusiasts is still having giveaways. Do like their page to stand a chance to win!

See more Young Living Essential Oils here.

** This is not an advertisement. Just to share my win and to jot down some information as I learn more about EO. I'm learning everything and anything for my LO.

Baby led weaning - Carrot, Apple

Baby started eating solid food when she turned 6 months old. We chose to let her eat via baby led weaning. 

We only attempt once to twice a day. She still hasn't shown much interest in eating. Mostly gumming and sucking. So I wonder if we're doing it right. I hope so. 

Boiled carrots (10-13 April, 4days) - she was more interested in it, gumming more on the last day. 

Boiled apples (from 14 april for 4 days) - less interest as compared to carrots. I wonder why. Boiled apples actually taste really nice. Very sweet. 
// Update (17 Apr 2015) - we think she doesn't like boiled apples. Most of the apples end up on the floor than in her mouth :( Next up: Avocado. 

Here's what baby led weaning means in summary. 

And since she started on solids, it's time to introduce water. Drinking from a sippy cup. She can hold. She can put to her mouth. But unable to hold it high enough for the water to flow out. And she keep licking with her tongue. 

And babies below 6 months should not drink water. It's intoxicating for their small body. Even formula fed babies should not drink milk that is diluted, more water than the milk powder ratio. 

Back to LO's BLW. Hopefully she has more patience to eating and drinking by herself. I'm worried that I would give up soon. Peer pressure from family and friends T_T

"Why no feed her food?" 
"Why let her eat such hard food? Later choke how?" 
"She know how to eat meh?"
"Should start puree first"

Broken Singlish

Recently I feel that my grammer is rather bad. No not grammer, but more of phrasing. I believe is the intense use of messenging. Singlish mixed with short forms, and inappropriate use of grammer. Sometimes I do not understand what I had just sent out. Sighs... 

Josie hates car vacumn

Earlier in the evening, I brought baby Josie down to the car. Placed her in the carseat while I tried the new car vacumn. 

Ok. The vacumn sucks. It doesn't suck up Latte's fur at all zzzz... That's my main purpose of getting the vacumn. Anyway review of it is not the purpose of this post. 

Darling baby was in the car seat behind the driver seat. I was at the driver seat plugging in the vacumn and testing out the vacumn. Baby cried. At first I thought was the noise. But when I off it, her crying didn't stop. So I went over to her. 

She saw me, she laughed. Alamak. Her eyes and eyebrows were red. I tried another two times, the same thing happened. I guess she was scared and I wasn't in her sight. 

Darling oh darling. I dunno whether to laugh or cry. Mammy loves you. Mammy only wanna vacumn the dirty car while Deardy comes over. Mammy didn't mean to scare you. Mammy am sorry. 

Instagram - New edit functions

Instagram has new updates on 9th April 2015. There are 2 new editing function, Color and Fade.

Not really useful for me yet. Maybe when I do use them, I'll share again. Haha. 

^ What I had for dinner just now. It has been a while... A pretty long while since we went to eat this. Haha... Luckily baby Josie was ok throughout the meal

Happy 6 months old

Darling you've grown so much so fast. Mummy loves you. Love mummy too ok? Try not to bully mummy so much. 

Harsh critics everywhere

It's tough being a mother. 

I'm a stay at home mother, means 24/7 I'm with my baby. Everything and anything is done with my baby along. Not that I'm complaining. I love every minute with my baby, good and not so good moments. 

I was told by some (family and friends) that some methods I do are not so ideal. 

1. Breastfeeding
Beastfeeding my baby makes her clingey to me. 
Sorry. I only wants to give her the best. And if I can still provide her, why not. Doesn't matter if she's clingey anot. How many more years will I have her all to myself before she doesn't want mummy and wants to hang out with her friends. 

At 6 months, my breastmilk is diminishing and I should supplement with formula milk. 
Really? You made this comment when you didn't even ask me how much I feed her or you've seen her starving. I'm sure you can see how well she's growing then and now. She has always been on the 97 percentile in weight. And even though my breasts have always been small size from pre to post pregnancy, that doesn't mean that my supply is diminishing. Right?

Formula milk is better when baby is 6 months and older. 
No comments. I just want to breastfeed her till she weaned by herself. And it is free yet rich in all the antibodies and nutrients that formula milk marketed to provide. 

Give formula milk at night to make her feel fuller so that she sleeps through the nigh. 
Before every sleep, she does drink alot of breastmilk. So she is already full. Her stomach is only that big. And there are studies circulating on social media platforms showing the differences between babies and adults in terms of sleep. It's my bad that she latches to sleep and for comfort only because she needs comfort. Not because she is hungry. It's bad because I can't rest well. That's all. It's my responsibility to give her what she needs. No?

2. Babywearing
Babywearing makes baby clingey to me. Don't always wear her. 
Yet another comment about clingey. She is a baby. And she craves for comfort. And I want to give her that comfort. What's wrong with that?

Babywearing will make baby addicted to being carried. 
She's a baby. Who doesn't carry a baby? Which baby doesn't like to be carried? And she's not addicted. She knows that she feels safe in my carrier or wrap. She feels safe even when my hubs babywear her. 

Baby is so hot in there. 
Baby is not complaining. She should be ok. 

Don't babywear baby to sleep. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures. 'Nuff said. 

And to top it off. Babywearing is safer than hand carrying especially when baby starts to struggle. And it eases the tiredness on our arms. And it's handsfree. I can carry stuff or do things with my hands. And how long more can I carry her before she doesn't want me to carry her as she can walk and run. 

3. Crying
Don't let baby keep crying (3mins maybe?). Quickly carry her. 
But you said to not carry her so much else it will be a bad habit. 

Don't carry her immediately when she cry. It's ok to let her cry abit, else it will be a bad habit.
Erm. Yah. See above point. 

4. Baby led weaning (BLW)
Don't give her solid food. Give her purees/porridge. 
But it defeats the purpose of blw right?

What if she chokes?
You do mean gagging right? Doesn't babies learn how to swallow food with abit of gagging? This too happens with spoonfeeding right? 

Better give her soft food first. 
(Give up) Ok.. Will do. When I'm unsuccessful at BLW. 


It's a roti prata world out there. No matter what I say or do, there will still be comments from the opposite side. I am unable to satisfy everyone. I wish to learn and bring up my baby my own way. If I need help, I will ask. Try not to force your methods onto me. You and I are different. Your child(ren) and my baby are different. 

And don't judge me. That hurts me. It makes me feel that I fail as a mother. That I am unable to provide the love and care for my baby. You don't know how much I went through, how much I love my baby and how much I'm willing to go for her. So please... Don't judge. 

Bang table. Pat pat

These few days, LO like to bang her hand on whatever that's in the path. Be it, table top, tray table, bed, chest, my leg, my arm, my face.. Haha it's so cute when she does that with her mini fat hand. Especially on my arm after milk. It's like saying, "Well done mummy". Haha. Love.

Hang Out Cafe

Hi everyone! It has been a while since there's any update. I have been busied by the LO. It's really a full time career. I can't seem to find time for anything else. She's a mummy's girl. Nevertheless, I still love her loads. Ok. I digressed. 

Yesterday was our 149 monthniversary. Nothing special, went to his relative's place to pray to the ancestors. While on our way home, I was telling the hubby that I wish get some cakes and coffee.   

So hubby got us to this cafe, Hang Out Cafe in Ang Mo Kio. Sadly there's no decaf coffee on the menu, hence I had a rootbeer while he had Macha Latte and 2 slices of cakes for sharing. A sea salt caramel cake and a caramel cheesecake.

Hang Out Cafe is a pretty small cafe in the outskirts of Ang Mo Kio. It caters to students too, as they have promotions for them and saw a group of youngsters chit chatting while enjoying their desserts. 

Good to try, but we'll move on to some other cafes next. Not my kind of place. Or food.