A coin has two sides

Everyday the same stuff happens.

And when I share my stories, experienced people gave me advices. Advices that I tried and they do not work. After some time, I no longer try and just do things my own way, whichever works.

Then people start to comment on my methods, and gave advices, which were what I had tried before. Even with explanation, they just repeated the same stuff of what works for them and not me. 

Soon, I just tune out... Having said that, I'm still bugged by how I was judged. I had really tried best. I betcha even I if I acknowledge that I'm not good enough, I will still be judged. 

There are comments on either sides of a coin. 

I don't like being a coin. I don't like that I'm bugged that I feel like a coin. 

Image from unsplash.com

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