What are your dreams?

Dreams. What are dreams? What were your dreams?

We passed by this set of 3D typo while hunting for Pokémons and it got me thinking.

I cannot remember what were my dreams when I was young. Maybe because I'm a very fickled minded person, my dreams changed to suit the current situation and environment as I grow up. 

Back when I was swimming, I did dream of becoming a swimmer. Haha. I was good, but far from excellent. So it got thrown away. Especially after I hit an obstacle. 

Then I dreamed of simpler dreams. I hope to settle down and have my own family. And yes I did. 

Now in my current state, my dream, is to see my little girl grow up happily and healthily and the family to bask in love for each other. 

Simple dreams for a simple minded woman. 

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  1. Good to have simple dreams. And dreams that can be fulfilled.