Marriott Cafe - Hi Tea Buffet

A late post. 

The hubbs saw this promotion ( and immediately made a reservation. 

Quote from Lady Iron Chef's page
We are dying to share this promotion with you! Only S$20++ for High Tea (usual price: S$39++/adult) at Marriott Cafe from 4 May to 31 July; this is yet another special of Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. Incredible! This is a deal too good to be true. This promotion is limited to the first 20 reservations per day, so make sure you make your booking ASAP and at least 2-day reservation required. Fastest fingers first, guys!

Lucky hubbs. He managed to make a reservation for last friday. 

Due to our parents-commitments earlier in the day, we only managed to reach the restaurant at 4. One hour lost. Lol. Kiasuism. And the buffet ends at 5.30pm. 

Yet again, I had a very rushed meal. Plus baby wasn't really cooperative. Milk and hugs were her demands. 

Nevertheless, I had a happy meal. The food taste delicious. Time spent with my love ones.

Drinking from spout cup

We had been giving darling the cup since she turned 6 months old. She was pretty good at handling it from the very first day, just that she didn't know how to swallow.

Now, she drinks water like... Drinking water. Haha.. She's better at holding, and swallowing. She just need some more practices at aiming (she keeps hitting her mouth with the spout) and not drink so much. I'm pretty worried if there's any harm in drinking too much water. She's still mostly on breastmilk. 

Baby teeth

7months 17days

For the past few days, baby had been drooling and sucking her thumb. Today, she had started doing this tongue licking upwards action. I can't see anything. Then my mother (I was there for dinner) told me to feel her lower gum. 

I reached for the hanky after washing my hands to try to feel her gums. My mum told me not to use the hanky as I won't be able to feel anything with the hanky. True enough, I felt something sharp on her lower right gum. 

My baby is teething!

No wonder she keep moving her lips/mouth as if she's eating something. 

Back home, as she was latching to sleep, at a point, she kept biting me. It hurts. Alot. I wonder how other mummies survive teething latches. 

More new toys.. and books

Just received my loot from Amazon. Spend US$125 (T&Cs applies) and above and it's free shipping~ The entire loot, only one item belongs to Josie's Papa and one item belongs to Josie's Mammy. The rest are all hers. Hahaha..

Latte's Happy Day

Playful boy was so happy he can go to the park for an unleash run this morning.

Then he was treated to a full groom where he looks very different from his natural messy look.

He looks neater after grooming, but I miss his thick neck "scarf". And after dinner, he got treats too for looking neat. LOL.

For all the hardwork he had put in today, he got a rub rub session with baby meimei.

Latte grooms at Pet's Lagoon
Limbang Shopping Center
534 Choa Chu Kang St 51 #01-47
Singapore 680534

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

It's our 7th year wedding anniversary. The traditional wedding date. Like so confusing to have two dates. One ROM one traditional wedding. So it's like 7 years or 7.5 years? Nevertheless, it's still a day to celebrate. 

The hubbs booked us a buffet lunch at the hotel we held our wedding dinner. Some credit cards, like Maybank, offers 1 for 1 promotion. 

We reached about 12, and the carpark was pretty full. We had to go all the way up to level 6. Giddy me. That's another reason I should not learn driving. Lol. Anyway, the restaurant, Square @ Furama was pretty full too. Seems like the others are also there for the promotion. 

The spread, I find is so so. Not really a huge spread. And the crowded restaurant makes me feel alittle giddy. We were lucky we got a table at a corner. Our cosy corner. But the bad thing is that our plates clear slower. Food wise, pretty tasty. Maybe I was't feeling that well at the start, the nicest was the ice cream. Hahah! As by then, alot of the guests left and the cold ice cream cooled my head. 

We then went shopping at Vivocity. Baby missed her nap earlier, hence slept through the entire time until we got back to the car. Then we went to fetch Latte home from his grooming. 

Supper was a Nutella Chocolate Cake, made specially by the hubbs. Such a special gift. I like. Very delicious. Very touched :D 

Happy anniversary my dear.

Pushing up the butt

7 months 13 days

Before ending her day and goes to sleep, she was rolling around on our bed, wanting to latch. She suddenly pushes her feet against the bed and doing a mini inverted v. It was a very short while and isn't very high. I guess she's preparing herself to learn to crawl soon? 

She landed on her knees and now it looks really like a crawling position. 

My baby is growing up so quickly. Mammy is feeling happy and sad at the same time. 

Pear Pork Wedges

Tonight's dinner highlight is Pear Pork Wedges. Done using the airfryer. A very simple yet tasty dish. Recipe is from the Airfryer recipe book that the hubs bought for me.. us.. haha.. He cooks too... Way better than me.

The ingredients are simple too.
  • 1x Chinese Pear
  • 8x Pork Belly Slices
  • Some salt
  • Some pepper
  • Core and peel the pear. Cut into 8 pieces
  • Wrap the pork belly around each piece of pear. Hold with a toothpick.
  • Sprinkle with salt and pepper (I FORGOT to do this. OMG)
  • Airfry the pear pork wedges at 200 degree Celsius for about 8 minutes. Flip the wedges midway.

Very tasty dish. Even though the photo is not that tasty looking. I was messy and hence the photo looks messy too LOL. The hubs gave a thumbs up, even though I forgot about the salt and pepper. Sighs. Silly me.

Sitting up

Slowly and steadily, my little baby is learning to sit up when placed her in the sitting position. Not for long though. But happy that she can sit more than 1 second before toppling over. My baby is growing up steadily. Mummy loves you.

Photo taken at 7 months 4 days old. 

Happy 7 Months Old

My little baby is 7 months old today. No longer as little as when she was just born as she grows taller and rounder each day. Her growth amazes me. She amazes me. My growing little pepper... Mummy loves you. 

Happy Mother's Day (part 2)

Early dinner at The Clementi Mall's Soup Restaurant. The hubby made reservations, hence we got a mini room (real mini as it was pretty squeezy), no waiting queue and we have to order their set menu. It's a must since we made a reservation. Wow. 

There are 6 of us (and of course the baby, but she's unable to eat table food yet), so we ordered the set for 4 and topped up with two ala carte dishes.

Here's the set menu we ordered. We chose the Celebration Menu (S$123++). The cheapest of all. Lol.

Baby very happy. She kept talking. But most probably she's tired yet excited. 

The food was pretty tasty. I like all of the dishes. Most of the dishes are not our usual we-will-order kind of food. So it's thanks to this must-order-set-menu, we got to taste different food. 

Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mummy. 

My sister got me a gift and a flower too. Thanks dear sister. 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all mothers and mother-to-bes. It's a commercialised day where mothers get appreciated. Lol! 

Hubs got me this. Loreal RevitalLift anti-wrinkle and firming day cream. With a fine print that he doesn't mean that I am full of wrinkles or that my skin is sagging. Lol. 

Thank you hubby. I know I do look pretty bad sometimes.. Or most of the time. Haha.. Don't worry. I know myself. 

On this special day, I requested for Macdonalds breakfast. Yay. Happy food. 

Then I made marble cake with intention to bring over for my mum. But it failed. Terribly. Ouch. 

Then I made us lunch. Not that bad not that bad. 

Then I made porridge for baby's dinner. And I burnt them. Sigh. What a klutz. 

That's 50% of my first mother's day. 

Happy Mother's Day

Happy mother's day to all mothers and mother-to-bes. It's a commercialised day where mothers get appreciated. Lol! 

Hubs got me this. Loreal RevitalLift anti-wrinkle and firming day cream. With a fine print that he doesn't mean that I am full of wrinkles or that my skin is sagging. Lol. 

Thank you hubby. I know I do look pretty bad sometimes.. Or most of the time. Haha.. Don't worry. I know myself. 

Interaction with Latte

Latte, male Japanese Spitz, who is a year older (360 days to be exact) than Josie, is our dear family dog. Her older dogbro. 

Ever since she was born, we separated them, with no physical interaction except seeing each other from a distance until 6.5 months old. Which is recently... 

The reason for separating them is mainly because of his nails. Even though we do cut, his nails somehow are very sharp. Maybe because he's still young and easily excited. He always puts alot of pressure when he claws. My family member always get lines on the arms and legs. On serious occasions, the lines take days to heal. I did not dare to put my newborn to that test. 


I would carry Josie and sit near him.. She would touch him, he would come near and smell her. Her sudden actions scare him though, especially when she got excited and kick her feet or waves her hands around. 

Today, 2 days shy of 7 months old, I let them interaction. She touch him. He lay down to let her touch, nose her, lick her. I am touched by their actions. They look so loving, so sweet. All along they were very interested in each other. Today I know, they love each other. My heart melts. 

This photo is taken a few days later. 

Baby Blisscard @ South West

From the October 2014 Mummies group, I got to know about this baby blisscard for newborns in the South West constituency. Successful applications will get to enjoy the following.
  • A free EZ-link card with $38 in stored value;
  • Limited edition customised design including baby's name and photo in celebration of SG50; and
  • Discounts and promotions by participating family-friendly merchants.
Here's the criteria to apply.
  • Reside in the South West District;
  • At least one parent must be a Singaporean Citizen; and
  • Birth date of newborn must be within one year from the date of application. 

Learn more and apply yours here:

I have just received mine this evening. Yippie. There's even a $20 Melissa vouchers. Double yippie!!

My.. I applied this card together with her passport in late February. Her photo.. Omg. She look so different now. 

My baby is growing up so quickly. 

Bangkok holiday with Baby

We just went for a short holiday over the Mayday long weekend with our baby. I will be updating and sharing about what we did over there. May take a while... as... my darling doesn't like me to touch my phone haha.. She just wants me X__x


This morning I woke up to a shock. I was still feeling super tired from our holiday therefore I thought I had seen wrongly.

There's this article about water intoxication for babies below 6 months old. And the photo they use. I thought ot was Josie. When I showed my parents the photo, they thought it's my baby. Haha..

Here's the article

Then I tried to take a photo with a similar pose for comparison. But didn't quite work out. I took loads of them. Omg. 

Then I gave up. Not really able to replicate as baby was getting bored.
Here's the feeble attempt.