Happy Mother's Day (part 2)

Early dinner at The Clementi Mall's Soup Restaurant. The hubby made reservations, hence we got a mini room (real mini as it was pretty squeezy), no waiting queue and we have to order their set menu. It's a must since we made a reservation. Wow. 

There are 6 of us (and of course the baby, but she's unable to eat table food yet), so we ordered the set for 4 and topped up with two ala carte dishes.

Here's the set menu we ordered. We chose the Celebration Menu (S$123++). The cheapest of all. Lol.

Baby very happy. She kept talking. But most probably she's tired yet excited. 

The food was pretty tasty. I like all of the dishes. Most of the dishes are not our usual we-will-order kind of food. So it's thanks to this must-order-set-menu, we got to taste different food. 

Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mummy. 

My sister got me a gift and a flower too. Thanks dear sister. 

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