Fake snores

Today, when we sang the Good Night song or said the usual goodnight quote, Josie placed her head on the nearest surface, eyes wide open and made snoring sound. Hahaha amazed at the things kids learn. She's so adorable. 

Have a great new year ahead! Happy 2016!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! It's a looooong weekend!

With love, from Dogta Latte. 

XOXO, Babyta Josie 

Christmas eve surprise

Hubby mentioned to stay home in the morning of Christmas eve (I wanted to bring Josie to meet some Looney Tunes characters). I was to expect a delivery. Of course with no direction as what it is.

The hubby told me to open it when the parcel arrived. It's a Kindle. Another gadget added on to my entire collection of gadgets that I seldom use or bring out since I have no time when I'm with my baby or too heavy to bring out another thing (yes, my diaper bag is way too heavy and bully, preparing myself for the worse, only to lug the stuff around without using half of what's inside)

No gift for the hubby. So. I declared the Kindle as a gift for both of us (Since it's way over budget as Christmas gift). Haha. 

I'm sick

Down for the second day. Yesterday I was very giddy and very weak. Today I'm sniffing and coughing. Oh dear. I hope I be well by tomorrow. It's Christmas eve tomorrow. I doubt I would recover that fast. Worst, these two days Josie only napped 30 minutes in the day and waking up every 20mins to 2 hourly at night. 

My cheeky boss rejected my MC application. Haha. Love you baby. 

Ear piercing for Josie

14 months 10 days

Josie's papa just spent $168 for two ear holes, a set of 14k yellow gold ear studs and two bottles of ear care solution. And a 20 second cry from darling. So heartache. 

I had wanted to pierce her ears since she turned one year old, but didn't managed to. Then one day (4days ago), the hubby declared we should do it. However, Josie was very cranky that day, hence we postponed it till today. 

We did some research, and it seems that B*dazzled is highly recommended. So we just went ahead. Here are the outlets:

The staff introduced their services, free piercing with a minimum of $98 stufs purchased. And the one I chose was a pair of $148 (I think so, I was looking at the choices) yellow gold studs. 

Hubby was ok, so we went ahead. 

She was struggling when the staff cleaned her ears. Struggled some more when she marked the ears with a marker. Struggled even more when two of the staffs tried to positioned the earrings, one at each side. I had to pin her down. In a way. 

But luckily it was done in a flash. Josie cried a short loud cry. Louder and longer than injections. But was back to normal quite quickly. 

Congrats darling. Another mission accomplished.  

Christmas on Ion Orchard

After Josie's MyGym trial class, we went for a lunch date with my sister.

She got me this ultra cute Tomica Winnie the Pooh car. This is another poisonous collection. I can't start. Else I can't stop. Lol.

After lunch, we went to take some Christmas photos outside Ion Orchard. Very pretty, fairytale decorations. Too bad Josie is not in a dress but long pants since she had class earlier on. Note to self: bring a dress or another cute outfit when wearing long pants. 

Here's the spam of photos. 

Tired Josie

The past 5 days had been very eventful for baby Josie. Too eventful. I bet she's exhausted. 3 days in Penang (blogpost coming soon, I hope :P) and two gatherings each day on the weekends. Her bedtime had been pulled back late. 

And I still haven't took her 14 months old photos for collage as every evening we were rushing to bath her, milk her and make her sleep the moment we stepped home. Even her flashcards were left untouched. 

Decembers... A month of gatherings and feasting. Darling jiayou. The month is ending soon. And I feel so fat from all the happy feasting. Hahaha...

Happy 14 Months Old

Happy 14 months baby darling! I realise we do not have any nickname for you but we have lots of names like baby, darling, xmm, baobei.... Maybe xmmjosie is considered your special nickname? Haha...

Your 14th month is spent in Penang, with your papa, mama and yeye. And you are drooling, means... You are teething again. Gosh. The last trip you were also drooling. Hopefully it doesn't last as long and you can enjoy more of the trip. Mammy trying to feed you more food too. I feel that you had lost weight. The chubbs are not as chubbs as before. So darling, eat more. 

Mammy and papa love you xoxo

Sun, sand, sea ... and rain

Sunday. The weather looked great, hence the hubby changed our plans from indoor to outdoor. Yesterday we were stuck at home due to the rain in the evening as we had plans for some outdoor activities for the evening. 

Hubby brought us to the beach. It's Josie's and Latte's first time to the beach. We had been wanting to go there at least 4 months ago, but there always had been circumstances like, plans, rain, too sunny, blah...

It was a pretty rushed trip to and fro. To, cos it was pretty last minute. Fro, cos the sky started to turn dark. 

It was real sunny when we reached. Overall, a fun and tiring trip. Josie is scared to stand on the sand, but loves the sea water and water play nearby. Latte loves the sand, but is scared of the sea. Haha. Opposites. 

The weird part was, it rained and stopped 4-5 times when we were at home within 2 hours. Heavy rain, then sunny weather. Real weird. 

Singapore Zoo

It's the Hubby's company's family day today. And it's held at the Singapore Zoo. Josie's second time at the zoo this year. 

Still the same, Josie doesn't have much interest in the animals. Guess she doesn't know what to see. And the koalas are still sleepy...

We went for three shows. First show, she was a little keen as the sea lion moves in and out of the water in huge movements. 

The second show, she was sleepy and got fussy. We didn't stay through the show. We left after the Japanese Spitz performed. 

Third show, Josie slept away half the show. But doesn't know what's going on when she woke up. We were seated pretty far away. 

She wore a pink flamingo top for this zoo visit, and I insisted that she take a photo with the real pink flamingoes. Haha. 

Before leaving the zoo, we went into the souvenir shop and borrowed some props for some photos :P

Great day spent with my loved ones. Happy me. 


The fourth teeth on the bottom of baby's gum emerged. It's the right lateral incisor. The bottom canine gums are swollen too. Gosh. All of them coming at the same time. 

No no

Recently baby likes to shake her finger and say "no no". Sometimes it's just too cute. Sometimes it's just fustrating, especially when getting her to eat or sleep. Argh. She's starting to argue back. Where's my little baby??