Singapore Zoo

It's the Hubby's company's family day today. And it's held at the Singapore Zoo. Josie's second time at the zoo this year. 

Still the same, Josie doesn't have much interest in the animals. Guess she doesn't know what to see. And the koalas are still sleepy...

We went for three shows. First show, she was a little keen as the sea lion moves in and out of the water in huge movements. 

The second show, she was sleepy and got fussy. We didn't stay through the show. We left after the Japanese Spitz performed. 

Third show, Josie slept away half the show. But doesn't know what's going on when she woke up. We were seated pretty far away. 

She wore a pink flamingo top for this zoo visit, and I insisted that she take a photo with the real pink flamingoes. Haha. 

Before leaving the zoo, we went into the souvenir shop and borrowed some props for some photos :P

Great day spent with my loved ones. Happy me. 

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