Sun, sand, sea ... and rain

Sunday. The weather looked great, hence the hubby changed our plans from indoor to outdoor. Yesterday we were stuck at home due to the rain in the evening as we had plans for some outdoor activities for the evening. 

Hubby brought us to the beach. It's Josie's and Latte's first time to the beach. We had been wanting to go there at least 4 months ago, but there always had been circumstances like, plans, rain, too sunny, blah...

It was a pretty rushed trip to and fro. To, cos it was pretty last minute. Fro, cos the sky started to turn dark. 

It was real sunny when we reached. Overall, a fun and tiring trip. Josie is scared to stand on the sand, but loves the sea water and water play nearby. Latte loves the sand, but is scared of the sea. Haha. Opposites. 

The weird part was, it rained and stopped 4-5 times when we were at home within 2 hours. Heavy rain, then sunny weather. Real weird. 

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