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Steamed Corn Cake Cups (version 2)

After my first attempt of making Steamed Corn Cake Cups, I had decided to try again, this time with another recipe from The Corn Cups looks really good in her recipe. I had hoped mine is just as good.

This second version of Steamed Corn Cake Cups definitely taste better. Hmm.. I should try the creamy corn as used in the recipe. I had leftover corn kernels, so I just use it. And the recipe requires 2 eggs, but I realised I only left one in the fridge. OMG. Maybe that's why the Steamed Corn Cake Cups looks so... rough? Oops..


Prep time
15 minsCook time
30 minsTotal time
45 minsServes
Makes 6 steam cakes
1 egg70g sugar100g corn125g plain flour1 tsp baking powder40g melted butterMethod:
Whip eggs and sugar until light and fluffy. Add in creamy corn, mix until well-blended.Fold in plain flour and baking powder, mix until well blended. Add in butter, mix u…

Magnolia Tropical Sling

Who doesn't love ice cream? Especially in such a hot, sunny Singapore where eating ice cream is such a refreshing enjoyment. I do!

Magnolia Tropical Sling Jolly, the cold lime wrapped vanilla ice cream, has two other new fruity flavours. The newly launched Magnolia Tropical Sling Apple Burst and Tropical Sling Berry Blast gives you more fruity choices to choose from.

Light and refreshing Magnolia Tropical Sling Apple Burst is a delightful pineapple and apple flavoured ice cream with real pineapple bits enveloped by a cold burst of apple ice cream.

Magnolia Tropical Sline Berry Blast's burst of flavour comes from a mouth-watering mix of mulberry, strawberry, raspberry and blueberry ice cream which envelops the pineapple flavoured ice cream with real pineapple bits centre.

After trying all three flavours, I love the Magnolia Tropical Sling Jolly and the Tropical Sling Berry Blast the most. Magnolia Tropical Sling Jolly for it's cool, refreshing taste and the Tropical Sling Ber…

Traditional Black Sesame Lotus Mooncakes

I was doing some online shopping a few months back, and I thought that, since the next festival is the Mid-Autumn Festival, why not get some mooncake moulds and make some mooncakes?

Here are our mooncakes after resting for about 3 days.

Here is the mould and the changeable designs that I had bought from online. The two character patterns are not really suitable for baked mooncakes as the imprinted design on the mooncake looks faded after baking. The rest are pretty.

Roped in my little sister in for this project and we got most of the ingredients from Phoon Huat.

It took us quite a long time to complete two batches. Why two? I didn't really want to keep the filling, hence suggested to use finish the fillings. And we were both rookies is wrapping and sealing the fillings in the dough. The dough was quite thin and some parts of the dough keep breaking. Overall it was pretty fun, and VERY oily. The dou…

Confinement Food Trial - RichFood Catering

Hubby and I decided to try out another confinement food. We ordered the trial dinner at $29 from RichFood Catering. Here's what we received. The food came about 5pm.

Black Beans & Red Dates Pork Ribs Soup 黑豆,红枣排骨汤
* Black beans promote blood circulation and has detoxification effect.
Pretty nice tasting soup. But the herbal taste is not very strong. I wonder will this be strong enough for my confinement.

Stir Fried Kai Lan w/ Mushroom 芥兰炒香菇
* Kai Lan is rich in iron, calcium, manganese & potassium.

Steam Fish w/ Sliced Ginger & Qi Zi 姜丝,杞子蒸鱼
Even though the fish slices look very little in the container, the quantity seems quite alot while eating. Enough to eat for two.

Red Date drink and a portion of rice is part of the meal.

For 2 meals a day for 28 days, the price is S$1 379.00. With Early Bird Discount of S$59.00, the amount would be S$1320.

Still alittle unsure of which to go for. Hmm...

RichFood Catering

Bio-essence - Hydra Tri-Action - Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask

I had recently received the Bio-essence's Hydra Tri-Action - Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask (S$33.90/80g). The Aqua Droplet Sleeping Beauty Mask focuses on the 3X HYDRATION. Their hydration philosophy stems from their improved 3X Hydration System, and at the same time offering total hydration: Hydrate, Nourish, and Protect.

What does the Hydra Tri-Action includes?
Hydrate: 3X HYDRATION POWER: Power Nano Hyaluronic Acid: With an average nano molecular size of 15-25nm, it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin, making skin instantly hydrated and moisturizedSuperior moisture retention capability to keep skin firm, plumped and moisturized Hyaluronic Acid: Forms a large water-locked network to effectively lock in moisture, keeping the skin moist and soft. Cranberry Extract: Works as a great moisturizer and aids in moisture retention, improving skin elasticity and suppleness. Nourish Cranberry Extract provides excellent conditioning of the skin for a healthy glow. With Bio Energy Flu…

Hello Kitty is not a cat

Shocking news of the day: Hello Kitty is not a cat. 

O_o Hello Kitty is a third grader human British girl name Kitty White.

News Source:

Later in the evening, there are news clarifying that Hello Kitty is indeed a cat. Now I am really confused...........


I haven't been blogging in a while due to ongoing projects and deadlines. And I will be away for a short holiday this week. But I will be back soon to share some of the events that happened recently (quite a fair bit :P). Stay tuned. Xoxo

Missing the greedy boy too...... 

Baby's First Month

I know it is still super duper early, but we had already started thinking what we could do for our baby's full month celebration. Initially we intended to just have a intimate, immediate family only occasion. But due to certain expectations, we have to do it in a bigger scale celebration to announce our LO's arrival.

And the hubby thinks I thinks too much... Haha... What to do? So many expectations to meet.

HomeProsEverything I have is at homeDo not need to travel so far (for us and for most relatives and friends)Latte can join us in the celebrationDecorations can be done earlierConsPlace too small to accommodate all guestsClean up mess before and after - tiringSome guests may not like LatteChoicesHold the celebration in one session in one daya few sessions in one dayNeighborhood multi purpose hall ProsNear home.Do not need to travel so far (for us and for most relatives and friends)Latte can join us in the celebrationNot very expensive for venue rental (S$50)One session…

Steamed Corn Cake Cups

After all that baking and feeling sinful, I had decided to try a less sinful way of making cakes. Steamed cakes.

Referencing this recipe,, I steamed my first batch of Steamed Corn Cake Cups.

Prep time
12 minsCook time
8 minsTotal time
20 minsServes
Makes 4 steam cakes
½ cup (75g) all purpose flour1 tsp. baking powder1 egg2 Tbsp. milk2 Tbsp. sugar1 Tbsp. vegetable oil¼ cup corn kernels¼ cup shredded cheeseMethod
In a medium bowl, combine flour and baking powderWhisk them about 20 times (This is a shortcut method for sifting).In a small bowl, whisk egg, milk, sugar, and vegetable oil together until combined.Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and mix until smooth.Add corn & cheese and mix until combined.Pour the mixture into the cupcake liners.Place the glass ramekins in steamer and cook covered on medium heat for 8 minutes. They're done when a skewer comes out clean without wet batter.Turn off the heat and rem…

Being "in control"

Feels nice to be "in control" again. Humans are such contradictory creatures. I guess that everyone has that little (or for some people, big) ego or pride somewhere. Being useful makes me feel a little more confident. I guess...

Work hard while enjoying life =D

[Update 11:45PM]
After 12 hours of work, my right wrist is breaking. Tired...
Tomorrow is another long day........

Apple Cinnamon Infused (Detox) Water

The hubby saw a list of detox water ( and asked me to prepare for him. Thing was, I already did that once and he kinda think that it's just water, even though I told him it's good for health.

I guess the keyword was detox water and not infused water. =.=|||

So today... I made Apple Cinnamon Infused (Detox) Water.


1 Apple thinly sliced1 Cinnamon Stick Half pitcher of iceWater to fill up the rest of the pitcher
Drop apple slices to the bottom of the pitcher and place in the cinnamon stick.Cover with ice about 1/2 way through and fill the rest with water. Cool in the fridge for about an hour before serving.
Apple Cinnamon Water lasts for 24 hours in the fridge.

Okie.. the cinnamom is a little too strong and overpowered the apple. Guess I will not soak the cinnamom in the water for too long the next time.

Next to try, the Cucumber Lemo…

Thank you for the hand-me-downs

I am very grateful to two mummies who had passed me their preloved and/or brand new items from their babies who had already outgrown them. From maternity clothings, to baby wear, to baby gears and to confinement food. Quite a number of items.

I do not mind preloved items, since they are still in good, working conditions. Some may think that, it's the first child, everything must be new new new. But we are happy and grateful for their generosity.

Thank you.

Happy Birthday Singapore

Today's is my country's 49th birthday. She gained her independence on 9th August 1965. Happy Birthday Singapore!

At 30 weeks 2 days

Hubby and I went for our appointment at 30 weeks 2 days in KK Hospital. As usual, be it Clinic B or The Private Suite, the waiting time was pretty long. But TPS is a a little faster (it was our first time there after all this time as our available dates and timings always do not match with the clinic's).

Dr Khoo, our dedicated gynae, look pretty tired when we saw him. Guess it was very long day at work today. It was almost 8:30pm then. He did the scan and we saw our LO on screen. Doc showed us the head, which was downwards in the correct position. Hope our LO stay that way all the way till delivery date. Next was the heart's four chambers that looks great on screen. He also measured the body circumference to measure the LO's weight. 
First measurement scared all of us. The LO was about 1.7kg. Doc was saying, woah... too big... and had asked me to cut down on durians, burgers, kfc and icecream. Guiltily, I had McDonalds twice this week, but usually I don't eat it that oft…

Alive Museum Singapore

Compliments of, I got to visit Alive Museum Singapore with one guest for free. And I got the hubby, who luckily is free, to go with me. He is more ON in posing lamely than me. Haha..

Alive Museum Singapore, newly opened in June this year, is a 3D illusionary museum in Singapore that offers a sensory experience that tricks one/s visual, physical and environmental perceptions. It is located in Suntec City Mall Level 3.
Alive Museum first started in Korea as Trick Art Museum in Seong-eup, Jeju Island, and changed its name to “Alive Museum” in 2012. Since then, there are 15 branches of Alive Museum globally, making it the largest chain of 3D interactive illusionary art museum in the world. Outside South Korea, Alive Museum is also in Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China and now (from June 2014), in Singapore.

Alive Museum Singapore has over 80 masterpieces and 9 of which are themed locally and unique to Singapore. The museum has plans to engage local communities from various walks of l…

Homecook Prawn and Sausage Penne with Tomato-Mushroom sauce

"Inspired" by GF, who was going home to make dinner, I went along to get some groceries to make dinner too. Doing a wee bit duty as a wife (Psst. I'm quite a lazy wife and cooking for two is a chore, especially with so much leftover ingredients unused.)

Simple dinner: Prawn and Sausage Penne with Tomato-Mushroom sauce.

Serves 2
Total Time 30 minutes

2 sausages1 small canned mushroom8 pieces of prawns1 canned tomato 300g Penne pasta (It's a little more than for 2 pax as hubby was hungry)1 egg (Thinking back, it was very redundant)Some oilSome saltPreparation
Slice the sausages into small slicesDice the mushroom into smaller piecesDeshell the prawns and toss for a little while in salt

Pan fry the sausage slices in oil till the edges turn a little brownishPan fry the prawns in oilBoil the penne pasta in water for 11 minutes. Stirring it frequentlyHeat up the tomato sauce and add in the diced mushroom. Then plate up and dinner is ready

I had the intention t…