Alive Museum Singapore

Compliments of, I got to visit Alive Museum Singapore with one guest for free. And I got the hubby, who luckily is free, to go with me. He is more ON in posing lamely than me. Haha..

Alive Museum Singapore, newly opened in June this year, is a 3D illusionary museum in Singapore that offers a sensory experience that tricks one/s visual, physical and environmental perceptions. It is located in Suntec City Mall Level 3.
Alive Museum first started in Korea as Trick Art Museum in Seong-eup, Jeju Island, and changed its name to “Alive Museum” in 2012. Since then, there are 15 branches of Alive Museum globally, making it the largest chain of 3D interactive illusionary art museum in the world. Outside South Korea, Alive Museum is also in Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China and now (from June 2014), in Singapore.

Alive Museum Singapore has over 80 masterpieces and 9 of which are themed locally and unique to Singapore. The museum has plans to engage local communities from various walks of life to create artworks that they think define the essence of Singapore. Hence, by year-end, the total number of artworks in the museum will be more than 100 pieces.

Art installations (Trick Art, Digital Art, Object Art and Experimental Art) that interact with visitors, change their perceptions, wrap their physical world, all captured as fun photo memories.

Collected our tickets, and off we go into the world of illusionary art.

Some of the artworks that we didn't pose with. Either too many people, too many photobombs or simply just.. didn't pose.

The dragon in the tunnel that looks very real life.
Steve Jobs catching "you" looking at seductive photos on a Samsung/Apple laptop?
I just find it too horrible to pull the ah pek's teeth =(
Hook your shirt near the baby's hand and you will be easily "lifted" up by the strong baby
Mischievous Elephant sniffing you or your butt.
If only there were three of us. One in each eye and a photographer.
Ever dreamed of being saved by Superman?

We had fun posing at the lesser crowded artworks at the point of time. It got pretty irritating at one or two areas where there are bigger groups of visitors and they take turns posing and REposing in the small area, and making us feel as if we were being extras there and blocking their way x_X

Mouse caught by the cat
Ouch! Hammered on the head
Punched by Superman
Love this shot. A high jump attack!
Look! I'm so flexible.
Home representative! Cheers cheers!

This cute little girl is simply just too cute. When her mummy asked her to hold and save the penguins then smile, she happily stomped her feet and smile and laughed. She is so adorable.

Check out this scene in Heartstings.

Learn about Alive Museum Singapore's current promotion here:

Purchase your tickets online with promotional code "aliveopen" to receive 20% discount.

Free WiFi access inside the museum is available for visitors to upload and share their fun snapshots immediately with friends and family.

Check out the photo point photo sticker on the floor to see where your camera should be pointing to get the best effect in your photographs.

Advised to go in a group of three as some of the artworks require a third person around to take the photo. Try not to go in too huge a group as the place, even though spacious, but when there are too many other groups, the place simply just got too cramp.

And don't wear a skirt. There's this mirror room, that you would not want to go into when wearing a skirt. The room is hard to get in too due to the number of people waiting to get the room to their selves and there is no alternative route to go pass it if you do not want to wait. Patience...

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City, Tower 3, #03-372
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily (Last Admission at 9pm)
Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)

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