Homecook Prawn and Sausage Penne with Tomato-Mushroom sauce

"Inspired" by GF, who was going home to make dinner, I went along to get some groceries to make dinner too. Doing a wee bit duty as a wife (Psst. I'm quite a lazy wife and cooking for two is a chore, especially with so much leftover ingredients unused.)

Simple dinner: Prawn and Sausage Penne with Tomato-Mushroom sauce.

Serves 2
Total Time 30 minutes

  • 2 sausages
  • 1 small canned mushroom
  • 8 pieces of prawns
  • 1 canned tomato 
  • 300g Penne pasta (It's a little more than for 2 pax as hubby was hungry)
  • 1 egg (Thinking back, it was very redundant)
  • Some oil
  • Some salt
  • Slice the sausages into small slices
  • Dice the mushroom into smaller pieces
  • Deshell the prawns and toss for a little while in salt

  • Pan fry the sausage slices in oil till the edges turn a little brownish
  • Pan fry the prawns in oil
  • Boil the penne pasta in water for 11 minutes. Stirring it frequently
  • Heat up the tomato sauce and add in the diced mushroom. 
  • Then plate up and dinner is ready

I had the intention to make the tomato sauce from scratch, but GF told me to just get the can. Which I'm glad I did. It is quite a hassle to do it from scratch. Haha..

At the end of the meal, Hubby says it's pretty tasty, though I feel that I should take out the penne a little earlier. I had tasted the pasta and felt it would be better if it cooked for another minute or two, but I should had just kept to 11 minutes. Oh and the egg is pretty redundant.

Successful attempt! Woohoo.. Kind of boosted my confidence, so maybe another meal soon? We'll see...

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