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I had recently redeemed a sample kit from Etude House. 

I kind of "won" it when I participated in the LINE contest. There are alot of contests happening on LINE and I never seem to be able to win anything. In this case Etude House collaborated with LINE for its giveaway. 

My first ever "Congratulations" after participating in so many contests. I always get a "You're so smart & got it right! But too bad, someone have a better luck & won ...... " Lol. Tough luck. 

For this giveaway, I'm able to choose between these two sample kits. And I chose WONDER PORE pecial WOW Kit. I have very concerning large pores T___T

The WONDER PORE is the range of products on Etude House's highlight, displayed right at the entrance of the shop. This range has very pretty packaging. But then again, korean brand skincare/cosmetics are usually this pretty. 

Here's what are in the Special WOW Kit: WONDER PORE Facial Soap, Freshner and Essence. 

Shall try thi…


9 months 19 days
Baby fell off the bed. Again. 2nd time in 9 months. Sighs.. I feel really bad for not looking after her. 
This time was pretty bad. There's a side table and a weighing machine in the way. I have no idea where she got hit. The nose looks bad. I saw a small cut on the ear lobe. I think her forhead looks alittle protruded. I think her chin is a little red but gone after 30minutes. 

Omg.... What a bad mammy.....

Happy Birthday to ME

Happy Birthday to me! No need for secrets. It's my thirty first birthday. For these two years, I was not as stressed out as the previous years, when I was 28, 29 years young. Back then, I was like, "OMG, I'm gonna be 30 soon. OMG." But when I really hit 30, I'm like... "Ok. 30 years young, so... It's just another day, just another year. Fact: I'm getting younger each year."
For today, hubby was busy for work, hence I took baby to the Zoo and River Safari since we both enter free. Free entry for birthday person and children below 3 years old. My mom and dad went together with us.

Hello Zoo. Hello River Safari. 

Though baby doesn't know what is happening, what to see, where to look, I had fun. Posing with a pony. 

The main highlights of the Zoo, the Koalas, were all asleep when we were there. There were so many visitors, and chatters, they just continued to sleep on. Lol. 

We joined in the other visitors with a wefie with the koala. 

The main hi…

Hello Kitty Trishaw Uncle

McDonalds has just launched the set of SG50 Hello Kitty plush toys online last week. The set, priced at S$80, consist of 6 Hello Kitty soft toys, one limited edition Singapore landscape booklet and 6 S$5 Extra Value Meal vouchers. GST and delivery fee included. The 6 Hello Kitty are namely, the Trishaw Uncle, SG50 Parade, McDonald's Crew, Orchid Lover, Durian Lover and Samsui Woman.

I'm only interested in the Trishaw Uncle, SG50 Parade and Samsui Woman. So I did not get the set online, but to attempt to get in-store, provided that the queue is not that horribly scary. 

Today is the first day of sale in-store for the Hello Kitty Trishaw Uncle. When I reached at 10.59am, there was a queue outside the outlet. I went to take a look and it's about 20 people long. With 4 to 5 counters inside, I decided to queue and get my lunch. 

In the queue, we were issued the order form (the staff will mark our order on the form) and a collectible ticket. 

After about 15 minutes, it's my …

Happy shopping with the mummies

A date with the mummies to get some groceries. Fresh sashimi, oysters and frozen meat. I had fun shopping. Gotten pretty much food to make dinner for a few days, including today's. 

First stop, FarOcean. You can find all sorts of meat here. Fish, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, lamb... Love the lady, Laureen. She introduced us to their products, and I got the codfish after she recommended me as a bb food. 

All our baskets were at least half filled. At least. Haha.. 

Here's my loot from FarOcean. $70.30 for these. The most expensive item here is the 1kg cod fish at S$53, which is a great value buy. And we got 5% off the total bill. Cool eh?

FarOcean 15 Fishery Port Road Singapore 619735 Free delivery with S$150 purchase from their online shop. 
2nd stop, Snorre Food. Just a turn away from FarOcean. I didn't get any other stuff, except those that I had pre ordered. (Forgot the store photos as the guy there was a little grumpy, kinda affected my mood lol)
My loot …

Read: Baby Milestones That Make Moms Crazy

OMG this is sooo true.

Baby food? Blech!
But she kinda hates all types food now. Sighs... Not sure how to go about doing this now. A little out of options. I made baby food babier, I made not so baby food, I gave her food to eat by herself, I changed types of food... I either get a tightly shut mouth, a screaming and crying baby, or food thrown on the floor instead of going near her mouth.Look at me stand!
She just LOVE the dangerous places to attempt her muscle building. Gosh. I have to keep my eyes AND arms glued to her. Then she keep flipping to reach for the rails to stand up, while in her sleep. Not complaining as much as the food. LOL.You strangers are scary!
Still not that bad, but she doesn't let me put her to play by herself for long. The velcro got stickier. 5 minutes in the playpen or highchair, she wants out. And she means it. With screaming and hot tears pouring out. Then the moment I pick her up... Sile…

Baby sits up by herself

9 months 11 days
I was on the phone (on speaker) with my Dad, while baby rolls around on the bed, when suddenly she got from lying down to be sitting up. I was like.. "She JUST SAT UP" LOL.

Baby actually did sit up by herself once before this. Just once. And it's in the middle of the night when she wakes for milk. I was shocked. Next morning I ask hubby if I dreamt it all up. Hahah..

Aiyo... See her chubbiness. Her tummy. My baby. 

Update on the fever

9 months 10 days

4th day since her fever. Baby's temperature is back to normal. 

But her cough is worse. There is phlegm. Sounds very thick and uncomfortable. She had vomited out milk (loads of milk) when she just fell asleep for the night after a coughing fit. 
Sighs. My poor baby. She feels so uncomfortable and yet I can't do anything to help.

Baby is sick

Baby fell sick today. Fever at 39.6 degrees when she woke up. Gave me a scare of my life. Bathed her, sponged her, gave her the cooling pad and even gave her medication, Then it even went up to 40.4 degrees. Scary! That's when the hubbs decided to bring her to the hospital when she started to look lethargic.

She was 39.8 degrees when admitted. But at the end of the day, the doctor mentioned that it's ok even when temperature reaches 40 degrees if she still can eat/drink at least half of her usual intake, smile and play when her temperature dips, and her diaper output is the same.

Okay... Yes. I am still skeptical. But I will listen. It's just the number 40 scared me..


9 months 7 days

It's Friday. It's Hari Raya, a public holiday for our Malay friends to celebrate their new year. Selamat Hari Raya! It's a long weekend. 
And baby woke up with a fever. Sigh. I'm not too sure when she had fever. When she woke up this morning, she was grumpy and when I touched her. Woah.. Burning. I quickly grabbed the ear thermometer. Omg. 39.6 degrees. Scared me!
I quickly prepared her bath in room temperature water and bathe her. Hoping to bring down her temperature. Then pasted a cooling pad on her forehead. 
Then we fed her paracetamol. Temperature fluctuating between 38 and 40. Worried. 
At a point, she vomited out all the milk. Sigh. My poor baby. I kept sponging her. But it kinda disrupted her sleep. She's coughing a little too. 
Worried. Then her fever hit 40.4 and she started to look restless and lethargic. Hubby got worried and we took her to the hospital. She was 39.8 degrees when registered. 

Then the doctor went through the examination, then g…

Neutrogena Deep Clean Cleansing Oil

Everyday we put on skincare products and makeup on our skin. Especially to protect our skin from the harsh sun and environment. At the end of the day, we also need to take care of our skin when we remove all the makeup and skin care, letting our skin take a breather.

How about a one step cleansing oil that removes makeup, cleanse and nourishes the skin, for us busy bees?

Neutrogena recently launched two new deep clean cleansing oils to the Deep Clean range of cleansers, that removes makeup and deep cleans with skin hydrating and brightening benefits. They are the Deep Clean Brightening Cleansing Oil and the Deep Clean Hydrating Cleansing Oil.

It is scientifically proven that the cleansing oils not only remove 100% makeup (even the most stubborn waterproof ones), it takes away 99% of dirt and impurities and nourish the skin while cleansing. The impressive thing about the new Deep Clean Cleansing Oil is that it accomplishes all these three tasks in one easy step.

These two new cleansing …

IN & OUT Cafe at Big Box

Dinner out today. I suggested to go down to Jurong East, for some shopping and dinner.

We decided to settle our dinner at IN & OUT Cafe. It is newly open in Big Box, level 2 (Behind Hip Box). Their concept is very Ikea restaurant (sorry I can only relate to that).

Hubby had the Lamb set meal with soup and cakes, while I had the chicken. The set does not come with drinks, hence we topped up $1.80 each for free flow of soft drink. $19.80 for everything in the picture.

Overall not that bad. And I love the place as everything is so new. Haha. They have a children area too, where the children can dine together. Their highchair though... does not have safety belt. Not too good for babies who just learn or just learnt to sit in high chair. It seems so dangerous for baby to sit in it.

We'll definitely go back for the spacious seatings, cheap and nice food and the cold air-conditioning. Haha...

Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel

Protecting our skin from the strong UV rays is a necessity, especially with all the skin problems like sun spots, wrinkles, freckles and aging skin. Sunscreen one of the things that we cannot leave the house without. Finding a good sunblock with high SPF and PA is important, getting one that suits your skin is just as important.

I'm sure everyone wish to get a daily high level sun protection that is not heavy, greasy and sticky and would love to apply a sunscreen that feels like water, weightless and cooling on our face and body for sun protection.

How about trying this weightless, maximum level of sun protection: Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel

The Bioré UV AQUA Rich Watery Gel came just in time for me to use on such a hot and sunny day, especially I will be out and about under the sun most of the time today.

The sunscreen feels so light and watery when applying. It is absorbs almost instantly. There is no trails of the white sunscreen, like what the other sunscreen usually does. T…