Read: Baby Milestones That Make Moms Crazy

OMG this is sooo true.

  • Baby food? Blech!
    But she kinda hates all types food now. Sighs... Not sure how to go about doing this now. A little out of options. I made baby food babier, I made not so baby food, I gave her food to eat by herself, I changed types of food... I either get a tightly shut mouth, a screaming and crying baby, or food thrown on the floor instead of going near her mouth.
  • Look at me stand!
    She just LOVE the dangerous places to attempt her muscle building. Gosh. I have to keep my eyes AND arms glued to her. Then she keep flipping to reach for the rails to stand up, while in her sleep. Not complaining as much as the food. LOL.
  • You strangers are scary!
    Still not that bad, but she doesn't let me put her to play by herself for long. The velcro got stickier. 5 minutes in the playpen or highchair, she wants out. And she means it. With screaming and hot tears pouring out. Then the moment I pick her up... Silence. Gosh. 

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