Happy shopping with the mummies

A date with the mummies to get some groceries. Fresh sashimi, oysters and frozen meat. I had fun shopping. Gotten pretty much food to make dinner for a few days, including today's. 

First stop, FarOcean. You can find all sorts of meat here. Fish, seafood, chicken, pork, beef, lamb... Love the lady, Laureen. She introduced us to their products, and I got the codfish after she recommended me as a bb food. 

All our baskets were at least half filled. At least. Haha.. 

Here's my loot from FarOcean. $70.30 for these. The most expensive item here is the 1kg cod fish at S$53, which is a great value buy. And we got 5% off the total bill. Cool eh?

15 Fishery Port Road Singapore 619735
Free delivery with S$150 purchase from their online shop. 

2nd stop, Snorre Food. Just a turn away from FarOcean. I didn't get any other stuff, except those that I had pre ordered. (Forgot the store photos as the guy there was a little grumpy, kinda affected my mood lol)

My loot from Snorre Food. 600g of salmon sashimi at $28. 6 pieces of live oysters at $2.40 each. Yums. 

Enjoying my feast. 

Hubb's late home from school, so he had his for supper, with the oysters. He said they were FRESH. Haha. I know nothing about oysters. Glad he liked it. 

** We had some trouble shucking the oysters. The guy didn't wanna do it for (some) us, saying that it will be fresher if we shuck it just before eating. True but ouch, my hands. 

Snorre Food
25 Fishery Port Road, Jurong, Singapore 619739

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