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Amigurumi - Bear

My second attempt in amigurumi. Made a bear. Looks good, though he looks alittle devilish. Haha. Took me four retries on the head. Counting is very important. 

Amigurumi - Rabbit

My first attempt at making an amigurumi. This interest (maybe shortlive) is sparked by gf xy. She was interested in making thus, and we were at her place on Saturday trying out. I left with only the head done. Spent all Sunday to fix up the rest. I'm so glad that hubby is around. He helped take care of darling while I play with my stuff.

This was 50% done... It looks like a pink pikachu. Lol. 

Here's the youtube video we learned from.

Happy 2nd barkday Latte

My dear naughty yet loveable boy. Happy barkday! Hope you like the cakes mommie baked. 

Happy First Birthday!

Today darling turns one year old. How time flies. It has already been 12 months after she was born. Feeding her liquid gold for 12 months. Waking up a few times every night for 12 months. Spending every minute and seconds with her for 12 months. Gosh. Time really flew...

Her birthday falls on a Saturday. We had a mini celebration at home with family only. Setup the decoration for the party two days before. Slowly doing up the decoration by myself. Hubby is busy with his ongoing course this month. So I just did my part as a goody wife (self claim) and wonderful mammy (self claim) hahaha..

We ordered a Prima Deli rainbow cake with a groupon voucher (some savings yay!). No words were requested to be written on it as the cake "topper" and the candle says it all. The cake topper is a Pooh bear model from my collection. Looks not too bad right?

The celebration is a family only event, with about 10 adults. We catered food from Stamford Catering.

Here's what we ordered. 

Self feed with a preloaded spoon

11 months 28 days
Today attempted to let baby self feed with a spoon. It's not the first time. But it's the first time she managed with accuracy and first time I allow her to scoop from the bowl. Scooping wasn't successful. Still, I'm a happy mama. 

Slip knot tulle skirt

Following the other two handmade wear, here's my third piece. Slip knot tulle skirtin pink and white. 

I had intended to make a yellow tulle skirt for her birthday party, but the yellow tulle is beige instead. Very... Sian...

Looks good, but my little model is pretty destructive. I hope it will survive.