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Welcome to The Dainty Mummy

Welcome. This is a spin off from my existing blog, The Dainty Candy. This new blog will hold all my blog posts on being a mummy-to-be, a mummy. Yep, I am going to be a mummy in another 11 weeks time and I cannot wait for my Little One to be part of our lives.

The first thing I have to do after setting up this blog is... beautify the blog template. Haha.. This is going to take some time. But most probably, the template will be pretty similar to my personal blog, The Dainty Candy. So for the time being, do be patient with this work-in-progress template.

I will still be posting while designing is in progress. Do stick around. Thank you.

Nutella Brownies

Inspired by a GF who made Nutella muffins with a simple recipe, I went online and found this:

Here's my end results. Not very nice looking. It needs more tweaking in timing.

Since it is my first attempt, I decided to cut the ingredients by half to try out.

Serves: 5

140g Nutella1 egg31g flourDirections:
Put it in a bowl. Mash it up. Pour into muffin cups.  Bake at 180°C for around 15 minutes 

At 15 minutes, my Nutella brownies look... overbaked. Haha..

After trying, it taste quite nice. It is soft on the inside, and a little crispy on the outside. Hubby also thinks that it taste nice.

I would have to lower the temperature and increase the timing the next time I attempt this.

Tonkatsu By Ma Maison (Westgate)

Located on the 4th level in Westgate, one of the newest shopping mall in Jurong East, Tonkatsu By Ma Maison offers mostly indoor seatings and some outdoor seatings.

Hubby and I were there about 8plus in the evening and there were still some tables available. Excited to try out the tonkatsu.

Rosu Katsu Set 120g [S$18.80++]
Deep Fried Pork Loin
The Rosu Katsu Set is available in 120g and 150g. I had opted for the smaller portion. And by right I had ordered the Hire Katsu Set (Deep Fried Pork Fillet) instead of this. Guess the waiter heard wrongly. I was ok to try out, hence, did not point out the mistake. But mid way, I kind of hoped that it was the right order instead. I do not like the texture of pork loin, and the fried surface came apart from the meat, making looking clumsy with food dropping off my chopsticks.

Mameton Set [S$23.80++]
Deep Fried Prawn, Pork Loin and Pork Fillet
The hubby's order has a combination of different meat. Though I feel it is quite little for the price. Hub…

Another blogsite or no?

I'm contemplating. Should I set up another blog or just post everything in this blog? Hmm... 


The hubby had me decide on the lunch location, since I rejected his buffet idea. And after reviewing online for a cafe that is opened on a Monday (lots of nice cafes were closed on Monday), we finally found Symmetry. I like the food photos posted by previous customers. Check out Symmetry on Burpple:

Online reservations is available. Head to their website,, and click on the top right most button to reserve. However, the reserved time slot may not be given on time if there are just too many customers. We waited 25 minutes for our table to be available and ready. The place was already very crowded when we reached (10 minutes before our reserved timing, so in total we waited under the hot sun for 35 minutes) and there were many still waiting for their table.

They have this app by the door where you can get your queue number and take in your requirements, eg, table for how many pax, preferred seating location (indoors, outdoor…

Kaohsiung : Food and more food

Besides eating at Night Markets, we also went to some recommended places online and on TV. These places are not that near from the KRT and need some working out on feet.

BO 雪球餅乾咖啡館 BO Schneebälle Cafe 新光三越高雄左營店3F | Shin Kong Mitsukoshi (Zuoying) level 3

We had accidentally went past this cafe in Zuoying Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 星光三越. The hubby saw a TV show recommending this special biscuit ball where you need to hammer it to eat in smaller pieces. We tried it as it was quite fun. We had the chocolate flavoured one.

The huge wooden hammer in shop to break the biscuit ball into pieces.

I think we hammered too much... Haha the ball became overly small pieces. It's delicious.

You can buy as gifts. If I remember correctly, three balls into one container.

I am pretty regretful that I did not buy more to bring home. I like the taste of it a lot. And I am missing it so much. Ahh.. Delicious.

臺鐵便當 Railway Bento Hubby's one of the must eat whenever we are …