Tonkatsu By Ma Maison (Westgate)

Located on the 4th level in Westgate, one of the newest shopping mall in Jurong East, Tonkatsu By Ma Maison offers mostly indoor seatings and some outdoor seatings.

Hubby and I were there about 8plus in the evening and there were still some tables available. Excited to try out the tonkatsu.

Rosu Katsu Set 120g [S$18.80++]
Deep Fried Pork Loin
The Rosu Katsu Set is available in 120g and 150g. I had opted for the smaller portion. And by right I had ordered the Hire Katsu Set (Deep Fried Pork Fillet) instead of this. Guess the waiter heard wrongly. I was ok to try out, hence, did not point out the mistake. But mid way, I kind of hoped that it was the right order instead. I do not like the texture of pork loin, and the fried surface came apart from the meat, making looking clumsy with food dropping off my chopsticks.

Mameton Set [S$23.80++]
Deep Fried Prawn, Pork Loin and Pork Fillet
The hubby's order has a combination of different meat. Though I feel it is quite little for the price. Hubby feels that the food does not taste as fantastic as expected.

On the table, they have this instructions on how to enjoy their tonkatsu with the additional seasoning and sauces available on each table.

The three compartment saucer came together with the food. From the left, Sweet sauce, Spicy sauce and Salt. On top of the sweet and spicy sauce, it is recommended to add grounded roasted sesame seed for additional flavour. Hubby and I both feel that the salt indeed adds additional flavour, but it's a tad too salty for us. I prefer the spicy sauce over the sweet sauce, though I don't really taste the sesame seeds. Maybe we did not put enough. Haha..

The kitchen is within view and they have quite the usual japanese setting. They have some cute piggie cartoons around the place.

Our total bill came up to $50.14, inclusive of 7% GST and 10% Service Charge.

I prefer eating at Tonkichi though. It is the place where I first discover this delicious Japanese deep fried food.

Tonkatsu By Ma Maison (Westgate)
#04-06, Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive
Opening Hours: Daily 10:00 - 22:00

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