I am so glad that we went for a quick swim today, despite checking the weather forecast earlier in the day. It is said to rain with thunder in the West area. But when we were there, the weather though dark, there is no rain and no glaring sun, saving my skin from sunburn. Hoho..

The happiest part of the swim is, the pool today is open to public for free. This is part of the program for ActiveSG. Triple happiest. I'm so glad we went swimming today.

Privé Café

Saturday morning with girlfriends at Privé Café. A very nice place, located next to many docked yatches. The Cafe is not as easy to access, as it is located on the Keppel Island, hence, we took a cab in from VivoCity as I'm very lazy to walk in.

Here's what we had.

Homestyle Pancakes- $13.00 - Fluffy pancake stack served with fresh strawberries, bananas, honeycomb & whipped cream. Choice of maple syrup or gula melaka syrup.
My order for the day. I love the plating of the pancakes, especially with the fresh red strawberries on top. The pancakes were fluffy and delicious.

Eggs Benedict - $16.00 - Traditional English muffins topped with smoked leg ham, streaky bacon, gently poached eggs & creamy Hollandaise sauce
With the eggs oozing out onto the muffin, you will wish to start on the food immediately before they turn cold while taking photos.

Privé’s Ultimate Brekkie - $20.00 - 2 eggs (any style), 6-inch chicken Frankfurter, maple-roasted bacon, roasted Roma tomato, sautéed button mushrooms, potato rosti & homemade wholemeal toast
A plate FULL of food. It is really as the dish is named. Ultimate breakfast. The potato rosti, bacon and the sausage taste really delicious.

Check out the menu here:

I would definitely come back here again to try the other mains. Eating while sitting next to the yatches, and watching people getting up from their tables and heading out to their yatches, I also had this feeling that after we filled our tummies, we are heading out to the sea too.

Privé Café
2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore City 098382

Garfield Run

JC shared with us that there's a Garfield Run in Singapore on 19 July 2014 at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. And initially, I was not that keen until ... I went in to see the details. Melted~ I love the cute tshirt and medals that is included in the run. There is also a Limited Edition Garfield Run 2014 plush entitled to all registered runners.

This run is more like a family, fun run, as the distance is at most 5KM. And there are two competitive categories for children. Of course, there are also the non competitive run categories. So active parents, sign up together with your active, sporty children for the cutesy run. Sign up before 18 May 2014 for the Early Bird registration for all the categories.

Here are the categories.
  • 3KM Garfield Fun Run (Open)
  • 3KM Family Package (2 Adult & 2 Children)
  • 5KM Garfield & Arlene Couple Run (Competitive)
  • 2.2KM Garfield Kids Dash (Competitive)  
  • 1.5KMGarfield Run for Kids (Competitive)

This is the Garfield Run Tshirt, and oh my, it is just too cute. Melted. Can you imagine the entire family dressed in Garfield tops? Cute to the MAX.

And the medals! So cute and unique! I just wish to lay my hands on them. I love the medals for the kids runs the most.

Too cute to pass up the run? Register today.

Garfield Run

Redmi is coming home

Today Xiaomi Singapore had another online sale of 7500 sets of the Redmi phones ($169). It was the Nth time they had an online sale. I had failed to place an order from the previous sales. They were all snatched up too quickly, within minutes. And I thought I had been pretty fast.

And... Today, I am one lucky girl. I had managed to place an order for the handset. Yippie. Three cheers for me! Hip hip hurray!

I am SO SO SO happy to see the paypal payment page. And I was even more happy when I got my order confirmation page.

So now, all I have to do, is wait for the handset to be shipped and reach my home. Dang. I wonder how long will it take to reach home.

The phone is actually the hubby's order. I am just the purchaser. Ever since the Redmi is on sale from February 2014, we had been trying our luck but were bumped. The hubby wanted to try out this new phone, especially with the attractive price, and then consider getting it for the FIL (provided we get the luck the next time round). He needs to get away from the old school Nokia phone as he is also interested in smartphones' features but at the same time worry that it may be too high end and complicated for himself.

Anyway, we cannot believe our luck this time and are excited to receive the phone.

Here's the specifications of the Redmi : http://www.mi.com/sg/redmi/#Specs

Interested to get your hands on a set? Follow Xiaomi Singapore Facebook page for more updates: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xiaomi-Singapore/535405486500557

Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste & Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush

How would you like to wake up with a fresh breath and cleaner teeth and gums every morning?

Having tried the Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste and the Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush for more than a week, I can feel the difference from the moment I used them. On my first brush with the Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste, my entire mouth feels all freshened up. It is my first time using a toothpaste with a hygienic pump, which ensures longer lasting quality. So there's no worry about losing the refreshing taste after some time. My teeth and gums felt very clean and refreshed when I first used the Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush. The innovative ionic action of the toothbrush allows the teeth to let go of plaque easily like turning off a magnet.

I wake up to a fresher breath and cleaner teeth and gums every morning, and I like that feeling.

Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste - $10.00/100g

Why Dentiste’? 
  • Regular toothpastes are not able to effectively control oral bacteria; therefore, we still have bad breath though we already brush our teeth well. 
  • The only effective Night-time Toothpaste that you can feel the difference within the first night of use.
  • Controls oral Bacteria effectively and gives the fresh morning breath 
  • Active ingredients and hygienic pump from Germany, thus, the quality can be kept longer. 
  • 14 Natural extracts which are naturally antiseptic and antibacteria.
  • Xylitol – Natural taste enhancer, creating unwelcome environment for bacteria
  • CDX (Cyclodextrin Complex) - Traps up bad breath effectively
  • Stable Vitamin C from Switzerland - Helps increase Antibodies for healthy Gums
  • Micronized Silica Complex - Clinically proven to be effective on soothing sensitive teeth 

Who is Dentiste’ for?
  • Those having bad breath in the morning
  • Executives in high-pressure businesses 
  • Those having minimal rest 
  • Frequent travelers
  • Smokers, Tea, cofee and alcohol drinkers
  • Those who want to enhance confidence with clean teeth & fresh breath
  • Those who went through dental treatments requiring extensive oral care
  • Those who require extensive oral care such as pregnant women, patients with respiratory diseases
  • Those who have diabetes, heart diseases requiring extensive care for their oral 

Where to buy Dentiste Plus White: 
Guardian, Watsons, SaSa, Unity and various major departmental stores

Redeem the Dentiste Plus White sample on SampleStore.com here: https://www.samplestore.com/product/details/2819/0/name-dentiste-plus-white-nighttime-toothpaste

Kiss You Ionic Toothbrush - $25/pc

Makes Your Teeth Repel Plaque Easily
KISS YOU Ionic Toothbrush is probably the most advanced toothbrush in the world. This is not a regular or electric toothbrush that forces plaque off the teeth by friction, hence causing abrasive action on the teeth and gums. The innovative ionic action of the toothbrush allows the teeth to let go of plaque easily like turning off a magnet. It is clinically proven to be more effective in cleaning the teeth than regular toothbrush. Daily usage of ionic toothbrush will make your teeth brighter with little or no plaque at all the next time you visit a dentist.

Many health-conscious consumers prefer the Ionic toothbrush over an electric toothbrush: silent, small and ready-to-use anywhere - it doesn't need a charger or adapter. The battery can be last for a year plus.

Where to buy Kiss You Toothbrush: 

Skechers Electric Run Singapore

The Skechers Electric Run is finally in Singapore. It has been very much anticipated by my sister and I since December. We wanted to go for the run for the sake of fun, although the race is pretty much on the pricey side. We had signed up for the Standard Registration Package ($68) that includes Runners’ Pack of an Electric Run® T-shirt, Skechers Bag, race bib, LED bracelet and pair of glow glasses.

On the day the registration opened, the online system created much disappointment and bad experience. The system was down for hours due to the high traffic and pretty soon, the early bird registration has been all snapped up. We could only register under the normal price of $78. And I was also shocked that we had to pay an additional $3 per person on registration. Sighs... This run is really very pricey.

Luckily Skechers Electric Run announced that due to the system being overloaded, people who registered on the first day get to enjoy the early bird price and will be crediting back the difference back to us.

Skechers Electric Run has brought magic to the Pit Building/F1 Track on 11 and 12 April, 2014 with pre-race Festival starting each night around 5:00 pm. The first wave released around 8:00 pm, and the post-race Celebration rocking until 12:00 am. The course is a little under 5km as the course design priority is the experience rather than precise distance.
Us at the beginning of the run/walk
Some of the light installations

We really had fun that day. My sister bought additional light sticks from Daiso, hence we were all more lighted up colourfully. It was a pretty long wait for waves and waves of people to be flagged off. I think we waited more than 30 minutes for our turn. It was tiring, hot and squeezy, but the atmosphere was great.

The light installations along the route were very colourful and interesting. I did not managed to take all, as I was just tired and hoped to finish the walk. Oh yes, we walked, not run. The route was crowded with people walking and taking photos for any safe running in the dark.

We were just glad that we had reached the end of the walk. The after party area was very happening too. But we didn't really stay on for long as we were just too tired. I think I was the worst in the group. Haha.. With an aching back and jelly legs.

Skechers Electric Run Singapore

JWEL, a Royal Treat

A worthy dessert is an indulgence fit for royals. Ice cream lovers can now enjoy the taste of royalty with JWEL, The Ice Cream Empire, created by F&N Creameries Singapore. JWEL introduces five fascinating nobles, each representing a distinctively delicious, premium ice cream treat. Decadently coated in thick, almond-flecked chocolate, every stick exudes its own indulgent twist to the classic flavours of Vanilla, Tiramisu, Double Chocolate, Caramel and Black Forest. Each regal stick of JWEL ice cream offers a luxurious, immersive experience of delicious decadence and intriguing imagination.

Our Story

The legend of JWEL is a tale as old as time, with plots and twists as thick and delicious as each creamy bite. The depth and complexity of each royalty mirrors the intensely sophisticated taste of the JWEL royal ice cream. Each vividly patterned ice cream wrapper bears a golden crown, the title of its creator and unique motifs that hold subtle clues to their flavours and places of origin.

Meet The Decadent Duke of Vanilla, The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu, The Delectable Duchess of Double Chocolate, The Extravagant Earl of Caramel and The Brazen Baron of the Black Forest. Each member of the ice cream aristocracy is unique in his or her right, having their own quirky personalities and curious idiosyncrasies.

Announcing the Arrival of JWEL: Entertaining Your Tastebuds

The JWEL royals are well-loved because they know how to satiate their subjects. With the help of their mischievous, fun-loving and ever resourceful Jesters, the perfected sweet creations from the wondrous range are now available for everyone to savour.

Look out for the JWEL Royal Booth when they make their appearances at hyper/supermarkets and selected 7-Eleven stores for the public to sample the JWEL Vanilla flavoured ice cream. Ride in luxury, courtesy of the JWEL royalties, on a free shuttle service along Orchard Road on Saturdays and Sundays for 4 weekends starting from 12 April 2014, 2pm to 6pm. The special rides are decked with golden fabric and designed to look like a grand hall, complete with Class 95 DJs and JWEL Jesters on deck to entertain the crowd.

Win a Trip to Stay in a Castle!

Last but certainly not least, a lucky consumer will win the opportunity to live in a castle. Between July and August 2014, F&N Creameries Singapore will hold a lucky draw contest affording the top winner a once-in-a-lifetime experience of staying in a real life, medieval castle. Specifics of the contests will be announced shortly.

Where to Find JWEL Ice Cream Sticks

The JWEL royal range is available at a suggested retail price of S$2.95 per stick in selected 7-Eleven stores. These enjoyable treats are also available in four-stick multipacks in all hyper/supermarkets for a suggested retail price of S$9.80.

Having tried all the flavors of the JWEL royal range ice cream sticks, I love the The Curvaceous Countess of Tiramisu and The Extravagant Earl of Caramel the most. Get your royal indulgent today.

Happy April's Fool

It's April's Fool's day today. Has anyone been pranked yet? There were two different sets of viral videos that had been circulating on the internet the past few days. And both were just marketing tactics.

First, Ikea "leaked "a footage of someone actually staying and "living" on the premises of its showrooms, together with photos taken from their CCTV.

Image from http://news.insing.com/feature/woman-treats-ikea-showroom-like-her-home/id-703e3101

Here's the article: http://news.insing.com/feature/woman-treats-ikea-showroom-like-her-home/id-703e3101
And here's the Ikea revealing that the video was an April Fool's gag:

Next, the new season of The Noose. There are three videos of a woman in sunglasses berating her husband for cheating on her with a younger woman in public.

Were you pranked?