Happy April's Fool

It's April's Fool's day today. Has anyone been pranked yet? There were two different sets of viral videos that had been circulating on the internet the past few days. And both were just marketing tactics.

First, Ikea "leaked "a footage of someone actually staying and "living" on the premises of its showrooms, together with photos taken from their CCTV.

Image from http://news.insing.com/feature/woman-treats-ikea-showroom-like-her-home/id-703e3101

Here's the article: http://news.insing.com/feature/woman-treats-ikea-showroom-like-her-home/id-703e3101
And here's the Ikea revealing that the video was an April Fool's gag:

Next, the new season of The Noose. There are three videos of a woman in sunglasses berating her husband for cheating on her with a younger woman in public.

Were you pranked?

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